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5 Reasons To Send Flowers April ’16

There are plenty of reasons to send flowers each month! Whether it be just because, to celebrate a birthday, to congratulate someone, the reasons are truly endless! Below is a list of holidays in April to inspire the giving heart in you. Flowers are a fantastic gift for any age, a big smile is always guaranteed!

1. Siblings Day – April 10th
This is a day to celebrate the incredible bond between siblings. Surprise your crazy sister and/or protective brother with flowers! If you really think about it, the relationship between siblings is the longest relationship in a person’s life. A beautiful bouquet of colorful blooms is perfect for your sister, exotic flowers or a bamboo plant are a great gift for your brother!

2. Walk On Your Wild Side – April 12th
This is your chance to be unpredictable! Walk to your nearest local florist and buy a beautiful flower arrangement for your lover or relative. The greatest gift is that which no one expects!

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Flower Spotlight: Daffodils

Spring marks the rebirth of nature! It is the season in which we see bright colored blooms, like daffodils, come to life once again. Let’s start the season by learning more about the beautiful flower of March!

Origins and Symbolism
Daffodils are native to North America, the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. They are some of the first flowers to bloom in spring, therefore symbolize “rebirth.” Other meanings are uncertainty, respect, unrequited love, regard, chivalry, modesty and faithfulness.

There is a Greek myth that talks about a beautiful boy named Narcissus. As you may know or for those who don’t, narcissus is another name widely used for this flower instead of daffodil. The myth says that this boy was so in love with himself that he just didn’t care about anyone else, he was indifferent to their emotions. The rejection to connect with people angered the gods, so they cursed him to one day fall in love and not have that love returned. The curse was fulfilled when one day, Narcissus, walked by a pool and unexpectedly saw an image looking back at him. It was his own reflection he saw but failed to recognize it. Lost in grief for not being able to fulfill his love, it’s been said, Narcissus laid next to the pool and “disappeared into the underworld.” People looked for him but all they found was a yellow flower, a daffodil, next to the pool where he last laid.

To Consider
The ASPCA says that daffodils are toxic to dogs, cats and horses. According to them the bulbs are the most poisonous part. If ingested by any of your pets they could cause vomit, diarrhea, low blood pressure and even convulsions.

Daffodils are most commonly found in the color yellow, other varieties have accents in colors white, lime green, pink and orange. They make beautiful hand-tied bouquets! Put some daffodils in a clear glass vase with other “spring looking” flowers to make a beautiful arrangement to brighten your home. The narcissus bloom usually grows from March to May, take advantage of the season and get your hands on this beauty!

Visit your local florist, you will find not only daffodils but many more astonishing blooms! If undecided as to what arrangement or flower to gift, ask for advice! The best part of dealing with your local florist is the personalized attention.  Check out our Bloomin’ Blog for more tips and ideas!

Card Messages March 2016

Another round of messages is here for the month of March! Along with flowers, these card messages are sure to make the recipient extra happy!

International Women’s Day

For all your hard work and unconditional love, I’ll forever be grateful. Enjoy your day!

Unbreakable and strong, yet delicate and gentle as a rose.
Wonder Woman is nothing next to you!!!

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5 Reasons To Send Flowers March ’16

Can you believe it’s already March? It seems like every year that passes goes by faster and faster! This month is full of great and unique holidays, even gives us the opportunity to create our own. Keep on reading if you’re looking for reasons to send flowers this month!

1. International Women’s Day – March 8th
Today we celebrate all the hard working ladies in our lives! Flowers show appreciation, a red rose symbolizes love and respect. Share a bit of sunshine in the form of flowers with all those wonderful ladies in your life!

2. Day of Awesomeness – March 10th
The title of this holiday says it all! Make this day an awesome experience for your lover, family or friends. Fill their day with little things like compliments, chocolates and flowers!

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Flower Spotlight: Violets

Violets are beautiful and symbolize love! Here is a brief history of this month’s flower, learn more about this stunning bloom!

Origins & Symbolism
The word “Violet” derives from the Latin word “Viola.” True violets are native to the Northern Hemisphere and distributed in Hawaii, the Andes in South America and Australasia. Some varieties of violets are plants and others shrubs.

In ancient times, Greeks cultivated Violets and considered them a symbol of love and fertility. Other meanings of this flower are modesty, humility, possible happiness, faithfulness and virtue. A Roman legend says that goddess Venus had maidens, better looking than her, “battered and bruised until they turned into blue violets.” Yikes! Didn’t know that about Venus!

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Card Messages February 2016

February, the month of love, gives us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the way we feel about the people in our lives. Below are some ideas you can use as messages when sending flowers. Be inspired by these card messages or use them to surprise the ones you love!

I Love You
No one can escape time, not you, not me.
But I don’t mind aging if it’s with you,
always by my side,
forever my beloved wife.

I liked you yesterday,
adore you today,
love you…forever.

Thank You
Friendship is easily said, not easily found.
Thank you for being my friend!

You do more than I ever I ask for. Thank you for being a huge part of my life!

Be Happy
Happiness is a choice that must be made a soon as you wake.
My wish is that when you look at these flowers, the choice to be happy comes easy and effortless.

These flowers are a reflection of your stunning beauty.
Smile when you see them, because I know I did.

Need more inspiration? Head to our Bloomin’ Blog for other card message ideas and more.

5 Reasons To Send Flowers February ’16

There are many holidays to celebrate each month, some of which are very…different. If you want to surprise a lover, family or friend, keep on reading. February is packed with reasons for you to send flowers!

1. Send A Card To A Friend Day – Feb. 7th
This day is perfect for getting in touch with long lost friends. Write a heartfelt message on a card and along with that message send a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Everyone likes the delicate aroma and sight of beautiful blooms. A single rose is perfect for this occasion, it is not about quantity but quality.

2. Madly In Love With Me Day  – Feb. 13th
In order to love others we must first learn to love ourselves. Treat yourself with chocolates and, why not, flowers! Colorful blooms are great stress relievers and boost our mood, making us feel happy and energized. Take it easy, relax, take this as an opportunity for getting to know yourself better. Loving yourself unconditionally is the key to true happiness.

3. Valentine’s Day/World Marriage Day – Feb. 14th
Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day and  World Marriage Day! It is a time to celebrate love and for all those married couples, a day to celebrate the beautiful bond that comes with marriage. Flowers and chocolates are today’s most popular gifts! Flowers in shades of pink or red are perfect for this occasion.

4. Do A Grouch A Favor – Feb. 16th
This is definitely a very unique holiday! Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in a position that puts us in a grouchy mood. What usually makes us feel better is other people’s attention, we like the reason for our grouchiness to be understood. If you know someone that is not looking too happy, send them flowers! Flowers are extremely therapeutic, specially bright and colorful blooms.

5. Floral Design Day – Feb. 28th
This is a great day to let your imagination loose! Maybe you missed Valentine’s Day and want to make it up to your lover, friend, relative. Head to your local florist and have them bring your imagination to life! Be creative or let the floral designer showcase his/her creativity!

Celebrate the “month of love” with all those who matter most! Visit our Bloomin’ Blog for ideas and tips to help with all your floral needs.


Flower Spotlight: Carnations

Today we will focus on January’s flower. You will learn about the origins of carnations, their meaning and other important facts about this beautiful bloom. Ready to fall in love with this flower? Keep on reading…

Origins & Symbolism

Dianthus Caryophyllus, better known as Carnation, has been cultivated for over 2,000 years in Europe and Asia. The name carnation derives from the words “coronation” or “corone” in reference to floral garlands used in ancient Greek ceremonial events. Greek botanist Theophrastus named the flower “Dianthus” meaning “flower of the gods.”

Carnation is the official Mother’s Day bloom. Anna Marie Jarvis, founder of this holiday, selected the flower in tribute to her own mother. They often symbolize fascination and distinction, but depending on the color of the bloom, it takes different meanings. Red means admiration and love, dark red shows deep love and affection, white equals purity and good luck, pink symbolizes gratitude and when striped they often signify refusal.

To Consider

There are over 300 species of carnations known to date, most of which bloom in full sunlight and well-drained soil. According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), carnations can be toxic to cats and dogs. If at all possible, try to keep your four-legged friends away from this astonishing flower. If they accidentally ingest this bloom, contact your local veterinary facility.


Carnations can be found in almost every color of the rainbow! They are classified as edible flowers, for humans, and are a popular choice for decorating cakes and other pastries. Make sure, if you will be eating this or any other flower classified as edible, to use only organically grown blooms. This is to prevent pesticides or any other harmful products from entering your system. Not too sure about eating the petals of carnations? Add this delicate flower in combination with other blooms, or by itself, to a desired vase. Perfect for weddings, birthdays and other events. You will see that carnations create beautiful arrangements, centerpieces and other decorative pieces!

Head to your local florist and delight yourself or loved ones with the beauty of this bloom!

Card Messages January 2016

There’s nothing better than starting a year with kindness and love for others. Let’s make January a month to inspire and motivate, preparing for the year ahead! Below are messages to uplift spirits of loved ones!


Thank you for always being present in my life.

You are the light that shows me the way. For that, I’ll be forever grateful.

Get Well

Here’s a little ray of sunshine to make you feel better!

Nature is a fast healer, but since you can’t go out in the cold, I decided to bring nature to you! Get well soon!

Messages To Motivate and Inspire

Here’s to a wonderful 2016 with more laughter and great memories.

May these flowers bring positivity and happiness for a new year.

It is in giving that we find true happiness. Head to your local florist to accompany these messages with beautiful flowers!

5 Reasons To Send: January 2016

Happy New Year! Where did the time go? Well, no worries! January is full of great holidays that will kick-start another incredible year! Here are five reasons for you to celebrate this month.

1. Cuddle Up Day – January 6th

Flowers have now been scientifically proven to increase feelings of happiness and life satisfaction, decrease depression and anxiety, and has a long-lasting positive effect on our emotions. Set the mood today with a nice flower arrangement in light shades to cuddle up with a loved one. You will find that relaxation comes far easier when looking at the delicate petals of white colored blooms and the smell of their exquisite scent.

2. House Plant Appreciation Day – January 10th

Flowers are a popular gift to show love and appreciation, but plants work just as well! They bring a piece of nature to any home, making it feel fresh, warm and cozy. It is the perfect gift for a family. Give the gift of a beautiful plant to new neighbors or a new work friend!

3. Make Your Dreams Come True Day – January 13th

During the month of January, we find ourselves motivated to fulfill our goals and dreams. It’s a new beginning, an opportunity to leave the past behind and move forward. This day is a perfect reminder to keep dreaming and inspire others to do the same. Make someone’s day with a beautiful bouquet.

4. National Hugging Day – January 21st

Today, let everyone close to you know how much you love and appreciate them, by giving them a big hug! To make this day extra special, accompany that hug with a beautiful bouquet of roses! Your loved one, near or far, will definitely appreciate this gift!

5. Compliment Day – January 24th

Today, let someone feel extra special! Make them smile when they least expect it by giving them a compliment that will make their day! Want to take this day to the next level? Send that special someone a lovely arrangement of blooms with a sweet compliment. This will make the start of a new year worth remembering!

January is the month that will shape the way for this new year. Take the time to celebrate with family and friends in a special way. Head to your local florist and start the year by giving the gift of flowers!