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How Care For Crimson Mandevilla During Winter?

Ask The Plant Expert: I have a flower and the name of it is Crimson Mandevilla. I was wondering how to care for it during the winter. The spelling of it may not be exactly right. Can you help? Rhonda

Plant Expert Reply:

Photo of a pink blooming vine called Mandevilla.To over-winter Mandevillas, it depends on where you live. Mandevilla (formerly the genus Dipladenia) splendens is hardy in zone 9-11. So if you live in parts of Arizona, California, Texas, Louisiana or in Florida, you can simply leave them outside and water as needed.

Preparing Mandevillas For Overwintering

However in other places, you will need to pot the Mandevilla and bring it indoors.  If your plant is not already in a container, be sure to prune the plant back by a 1/3 to compensate for any roots lost during the transplanting process.

Be sure to clean the plant and check for insects before you bring the plant indoors.  Remove all dead foliage and check the back of the leaves for insect eggs and larvae. I recommend wiping all the leaves and stems off with a soapy wet rag (make sure the rag is damp not dripping with water).  If you find a large infestation of insects, treat the plant with an insecticidal soap before you bring it inside.

Overwintering Tips

Once the plant is inside, keep the soil moist to slightly dry, do not fertilize, keep the temperature above 60° and place it in a bright filtered light exposure. Hope this helps!



  1. Help! My crimson is dying and I have no idea why. I have kept the soil moist, has enough sunlight, and gave it plant food. The leaves are just turning yellow and falling off. I don’t know what to do.

  2. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Lisa,
    There are a few different things that could cause your plant’s leaves to turn yellow. Too much water, a pest problem, and pathogens can all cause yellowing leaves.

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