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When Can I Plant Crapemyrtles?

Crepe MyrtleAsk The Expert: when can i plant crypt mytrles
i need to know this and how do i care for them.i also need to know some spring flowers to plant in my flower bed ,the flower bed is shaded. Sue

Plant Expert Reply:When to plant crapemyrtles depends on where you live. If the plants are container grown and not B & B, you can basically plant them any time.  That is if the ground is not frozen. In my zone 6-7, we begin planting our crapemyrtles in mid-Sept and quick planting them end of November.

Plant crapemyrtles in full sun. In partial shade they will grow but not bloom.

****B & B means ball and burlap. These plants are dug up and wrapped in burlap.  You can then take the plant and transplant it into your own yard. Timing is crucial with these types of plants and revolves around when the sap is up or down. Because the roots have been cut in the process environmental factors have more of an impact on the sucess of these plants.****

Container grown plants are grown in containers. Their roots are never cut. As the plant out grows its container, it is bumped up to a large container. As a result environmental factors may have an impact but usually not as much as the b & B.

Spring flowers for a shade bed, again depend on the area in which you live. Try pansies, violas, and snapdragons and dianthus.


  1. Hello, I live in Zone 9 (North Carolina). I just received crapemrytles from the A. foundation. Will they grow and bloom well if planted this time of year? They say they ship when it is a good time to plant. After reading that you plant them in mid-September, I felt I needed to ask. Thanks for a reply.

  2. Actually in my area we can plant them from late March till early December, but our crapemrytles are container grown. If you received your in the mail, I assume they are bare root. In this case they need to be planted right now. Crapemrytles bloom on new growth, so you should see a few blooms this year depending on the size of the plant. If it is a true seedling it might need a year or two before it blooms.

    Be sure to plant it in as much sun as possible. The more exposure to sun the better the blooming.

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