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What Plants Repel Mice and Rats?

Ask the Expert: What plants repel mice and rats? -Joy

Flower Shop Network’s Plant Expert Reply: There are many plants that have pest repelling properties. You might try planting these in or around your home to keep the mice away: any type of mint, amaryllis, sweet pea, lavender, daffodils, wood hyacinth (or squill), grape hyacinth, alliums, catnip, camphor plant, elderberry, euphorbias, and wormwood.* Oak and bay leaves are also known to repel rodents. Planting any of these outside your home is a good way to deter mice and rats from coming into your house. You may also make sachets out of the leaves of some of these plants to use in drawers and closets, especially mint, bay and lavender.

Flower Shop Network has not tested these, but they are known to work.

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  1. Mint doesn’t repel rodents, its the first thing they eat on my balcony. The peppermint and other types of mint were eaten completely.

  2. My garden nothing but mint but one mouse mints as her nest. I am depressing! Don’t know how to get rid of them. I’m afraid of mice so trap then I will have to see them. I have no one do that for me. They are came from open sew of the city of Huntington beach so no one can catch all of them for good. I was thinking to get brazo
    wires to bar around my yard. My back yard is private so won’t hurt others neighbors pets.

  3. Jennifer,
    Here are some other options to repel rodents. Drip up to to 4-5 drops of the suggested repellent below on a cotton ball, then place it in those spots where rats appear more often.
    1. Peppermint Oil (by Now Foods)
    2. Vitacost 100% Pure Peppermint Oil (by Vitacost Brand)
    3. Mouse Away Concentrate (by SomaTherapy)
    4. Bonide 12-Pack Mouse Magic Pest Repellents (by Bonide)
    5. Critter Out Mouse & Rat Repellent (by Critter Out)
    I’m surprised that your mint isn’t doing the job but hopefully this will help.

  4. Danielle Harris says:

    I’m only asking. Is catnip the most affective and would it be good along side daffodils and also because I’m seeing the above comments and my common senses. And I’m terrified of bugs and mice so the mint definitely works for some bugs.

  5. Aynsley Broom says:

    Hey Danielle,
    We have heard that catnip does work, but we have never tried it before. If you do use it, keep us posted cause we would love to know!

  6. Michael says:

    Fresh Cab works great to get them out of your garden and out of your garage. I ordered it online about five years ago, but I’ve now found it at some stores. We haven’t had any of them nesting in our garage ever since.

  7. I have planted spearmint, menthol and peppermint but rats seem to angry and cop of some leaves and stemps from the mint pots, what should i do then?

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