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Project Hope Raises Hope Of Fighting Breast Cancer–And Winning

Many employees and friends of Flower Shop Network employees have struggled with breast cancer, making this issue particularly special to our hearts. I along with several others from Flower Shop Network recently attended the Project Hope Luncheon hosted by the Paragould, Arkansas Women’s Council. The luncheon sought to increase community awareness about breast cancer.  It also gave us information on what we can do to prevent and cure this disease especially when empowered by knowledge and awareness.

The speakers at the luncheon were very interesting and presented a lot of inspiring information.  Among the speakers at the luncheon were Sherrye McBryde, executive director of the Susan G. Komen Foundation Arkansas affiliate, and Ginger Beebe, wife of Arkansas governor Mike Beebe. Executive Director McBryde has served in many volunteer roles for Arkansas communities; positions that have increased her understanding of the need for affordable and accessible healthcare in Arkansas and other states.

Sherrye spoke on a range of prevalent topics with one common theme–awareness, prevention, early detection, hope. At one point during the luncheon, audience members were asked to stand and recite “I am the cure” after each line that Sherrye spoke. It was quite a sight to see more than 200 men and women standing to reassure ourselves and each other that we truly can do something about breast cancer. The epidemic has plagued many members of the Flower Shop Network team, so these words were spoken with quite a bit of gusto from our team. The dialogue went something like this:

Every person, every where. (I Am The Cure.)

Raise your voices for healthy choices. (I Am The Cure!)

Best protection is early detection. (I Am The Cure!)

Yearly checkups can save lives. (I AM The Cure!)

One of the most powerful statements that Sherrye made stated that winning the battle against breast cancer means fighting “cultural, social, educational and financial barriers that prevent women from being screened.” Women who have not had to deal with the issue of cancer are less prone to take preventative measures which Sherrye stated often to be the best protection for every woman.

Many women, even those whose families are prone to breast cancer, do not get early detection checks for reasons such as unawareness or insurance plans that provide coverage only after a certain age. The Susan G. Komen Foundation and Project Hope are two programs that seek daily to raise awareness in our communities and prevent this terrible illness from spreading. It was very interesting to hear Sherrye present information on how we as individuals can be almost as strong a cure as medicine.

Project Hope is an initiative set to begin work in January 2009 under direction of the new Women’s Council of the Arkansas Methodist Medical Center. Project Hope is designed to raise awareness, accessibility, and affordability for women seeking medical attention for issues such as breast cancer.

We enjoyed a variety of wonderful speakers, encouraging testimonies, and the empowerment and support of other men and women. Each person in attendance left truly believing that we are the cure. Join Flower Shop Network and many others in supporting the fight against breast cancer.

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