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Texas Woman Grows GIANT Rose!

Giant Rose Found In Texas ADDISON TX | APRIL 1 — A local woman has just revealed a stunning new botany experiment that can change the face of flowers as we know it. Botanist, Margaret Eddington and her father, Claud, have been working tirelessly for the past 3 years in their greenhouse on an Addison, TX farm. Locals had no idea what they were working on, but did report strange noises coming from the greenhouse late at night. Just when suspicion was at it’s most tense, Margaret and Claud revealed the fruits of their labor today, wowing the town and the nation. An enormous, peach rose they lovingly named King Peaches.

“A rose this big should not exist,” explains botanist and rose expert Lee Johnson of the California Giant Society, “It’s just not possible!”

The emergence of the giant rose has gained interest from botanists and scientists from around the world. Food experts are looking into the methods used by Claud and Margaret for possible use in growing giant, natural food for third world countries. Botanists are looking to use the new rose as attractions in botanical gardens. This could be one of the biggest horticultural developments of our time.

We will keep you posted when more information becomes available.

(Happy 1st of April!)

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  1. April Fools!!!

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