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10 New St. Patrick’s Day Card Messages

It’s time for some GREEN! That’s right, folks. St. Patrick’s Day is coming and unless you like being pinched (but to be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a good pinch now and again), you need to suit up! But before you enjoy the sights and sounds of this Irish-honoring holiday,  make sure you’ve covered your bases and ordered flowers for your friends and loved ones. Local florists have the best options and can make something that might just help you get the Luck O’ The Irish!

In case you’re wondering what to put on that blank card, here are some helpful card messages to speed you on your way.

Out of this World Jade Green Roses Jubilee Green

St. Patrick’s Day Card Messages

  1. Kiss me! No, I’m not Irish. I just like kisses. More specifically, I like your kisses. Gimme!
  2. These flowers, like our love, are a burst of color in a world of green.
  3. Top O’ the mornin’ to ye!
  4. It’s not easy being green … how about some yellow and blue!
  5. There’ll be no need to pinch any co-workers who forgot what day it was. They turned green with envy the moment these flowers were delivered.
  6. Meet me at the pub after work for a pint?
  7. This leprechaun asked me to take him to my greatest treasure so I sent him to you.
  8. I must have walked through an entire field of four-leaf clovers the day we met. How else would I have been lucky enough to find you?
  9. Some flowers to get your Irish eyes a’ smilin’.
  10. You take my breath away, and that’s no blarney!

Don’t neglect the card on those gorgeous flowers. Use one of the messages above or allow our creativity to inspire your own!

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