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Top 20 Creative Flower Shop Names

Here at FSN, we see a lot of great flower shop names, that got me making a list of my favorites. Combined with the ones you guys suggested on our Facebook page, I think we’ve got a great list!

  • Kabloom -  Creative Flower Shop Name1. Flowerworks
  • 2. Doris The Florist
  • 3. Dandelion Division
  • 4. Kabloom
  • 5. Floral N’ Hardy
  • 6. Back To The Fuchsia
  • 7. Posy Pusher
  • 8. Lily’s of the Valley (Owner’s name is Lily)
  • 9. The Enchanted Florist
  • 10. Petal Pushers
  • Creative Flower Shop Names - Back to the Fuchsia!11. The Stalk Market
  • 12. Petal Faster
  • 13. Austin Flowers
  • 14. Thistle Do Nicely
  • 15. Florist Gump
  • 16. I C Flowers
  • 17. Blooms & Grooms
  • 18. Plant Parenthood
  • 19. The Lone Arranger
  • 20. Sherwood Florist

Do the flower shops in your area have creative names? Maybe you can come up with an even better one than those on this list? Be sure to post it in the comments below!! No matter what their name is, local florists are creating big things in your area daily! Get to know your local florist by ordering flowers today!

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  1. Add this to your creative flower shop names: My last name is Price, therefore my shops name is “Priceless Flowers”!!!!

  2. Lisa Luck says:

    I LOVE all the creative flower shop names! Sometimes I sit and think of different flower shop name possibilities….then I look on the internet to see if there is actually a shop/wedding & event design business with that name! Silly, I know…but I LOVE to think up business names…especially for florists.

    My personal faves that I did NOT think up are…

    Flower Allie
    Blush Blooms

    I came up with one that I like and actually bought the .com for even though I don’t own a shop….White Haute Blooms.

  3. You can also add this to your creative flower shop names: My name is Honey Aron, hence, my shop’s name is Honeys Bunch!

  4. Creative name:
    “Touch of Love” Florist & Weddings

    Attached Image: shop pics by CTM 108.jpg

  5. Our name “Florisan” was not only intended to mean “artisan with flowers”, but as I used to do a lot of destination weddings for brides from Japan, Flori-san was intended to mean “Mr. Flowers” in Japanese.

    Attached Image: late October November 032.jpg

  6. Cute flower shop names!!

  7. That IS a cute one!

  8. Love it!

  9. Very interesting! It’s a great florist name!

  10. Seriously inventive names you guys. I wish I had your luck! My domain is http://www.sanantonioflowerstoday.com and that’s our business name too.

  11. Love what my husband named my shop 27 years ago…….
    Pic A Lily Flowers.

  12. We own 2 shops that already had well known names but our LLC is Quality Floral our employees love that name Our driver has been with the business for 30 yrs and 4 owners and wants a jacket with that name on it.

  13. All the names are great. You should add mines to the list. I’m the owner of Roses are Red Flower Boutique. We located in Chicago Illinois

  14. Matthew Collins says:

    Im wanting to name the shop that im about to open…
    Metro Floral Design….
    I want an urban contempory feel, any suggestions???

  15. Angela Rotondo says:

    These are great. I’m trying to come up with one for a shop in little ole’ Rhode island.

    Any suggestions?

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