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Florists Share 2013 Wedding Color Trend Secrets

Our florists are definitely the top experts of what is happening this year when it comes to wedding color trends. With every new client comes a little insight into what brides are asking for, and that translates into what’s hot for 2013 weddings.

When asked to divulge the most popular colors seen this summer, florists responded with popular trends happening in their area. Here is a detailed list of hot color palettes designers, and brides alike, can’t seem to get enough.

#1. coral

(with mint blue) – most votes!
With refreshing sea hues, this combination recalls the soft coral color of shells and fond dreams of the beach.


#2. shades of blue

Proof that calm soothing colors can be exciting and eye-catching as well.


#3. purple

Purple is the meeting place between red and blue; combinations of this hue lend a perfect mix to a happy day.


#4. reds

Passionate reds lead to the romance of the day, with deep blacks contrasted by pink-tinged white


#5. Hot pink

(with orange, lime green)

Nothing screams carefree summer fun like hot pink and orange. The cool green compliments while white give the eye a reprieve.


#6. ivoriesĀ 

(all white or with blush pink)
Feminine and classic tones dabble with soft and delicate pinks


#7. gray

(with pink, yellow)
Middle gray takes center stage while opposed by an off-white. Accents of pink and yellow create a cheerful modern look


#8. jewel tones

(royal blue, emerald)

Visions of lush sapphires and emeralds dance with a cool white while a rich velvety chocolate grounds the look.

Palette Example: Jewel

#9 peacock colors

Bright and complex colors form a grand pageantry for a grand event

Palette Example: Peacock

#10 black

Modern, strong, and daring – these blacks make a bold statement

Palette Example: Black


These color palettes were based on answers received from real local florists on our Facebook page. Like us to join in the fun!

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