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2022 Floral Trends: Spring

Spring is finally here and we are so happy to welcome warm weather, sunny skies, and new floral trends! Check out the top floral trends for spring 2022:

Color is big

When you think of the colors of spring, you probably think of soft pastels, and while pastels will always hold a special place in our hearts, it’s not the vibe this year. For 2022, we’re seeing so many different trends! Here are just a few:

Unexpected Pairings

Nothing stands out like an unexpected color combo! Soft greens and blues paired with bright and bold colors are sure to create something truly unique and striking. Take a risk and ask your florist to do an unexpected color combo the next time you order flowers!


Soft Neutrals

While spring is generally full of soft colors, like lavender or pale pink, there’s something truly magical about a bouquet of neutrals. Stunning in its simplicity, a bouquet of soft neutral colors is the perfect way to have a beautiful statement piece that matches any decor.


Standout Colors

Bold and beautiful are the words of the season this spring! Mix those softer colors of white and pale green with brighter colors like orange or pink to create something truly spectacular! It’s a great way to add a modern twist to the classic spring pastels.


Unique vases

Who doesn’t love a vase that is fun and unique? Fun sayings, cute animals, modern art, and so much more have been seen in this trend. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of personality and quirkiness to your bouquet. Plus it’s something cute you can keep forever and use again!


Varied sizes

From big to small, compact to spread out, tall or short, all sizes are welcome in spring 2022! We’ve seen a variety of sizes coming out this season and honestly, it’s one of our favorite trends. Having arrangements of different sizes offers a whole different level of uniqueness to this season. So follow your heart and ask for something big and bold or small and simpleā€”it’s all in.

A spring of greens

Sustainability has been a huge trend the past few years and it’s not going anywhere for spring. Succulents, green planters, and blooming plants are all a must. So gear up your green thumb and get yourself some plants this spring!



We love spring and can’t wait to see these trends in action! Ready to add some fresh and fun flowers to your home?

Photo Credits: 1. Johnson’s Greenhouses; 2. Desert Poppy; 3. Bussey’s Flowers; 4. Bearded Bouquet; 5. Owens Flower Shop; 6. E&E Flowers


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