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21st Century Poinsettia Trends

It may seem a little early to talk about poinsettias. After all poinsettias are a seasonal plant used as Christmas decorations. Or are they? This past July, Florists Review had an interesting article called 21st Century Poinsettias. Accordingly, this lovely Christmas favorite is making a showing year round. In fact, in Japan and Korea a significant quantity of poinsettias are sold year round as potted plants. Poinsettia visibility is on the rise in the United States as well. Spring and early fall availability is increasing as poinsettia color choices reflect the season rather than the Christmas holiday. Look for pastel colored bracts in the spring and intense orange, red, purple and yellow colors in the fall.

As a complement to seasonal decorations or even as an alternative, non-traditional poinsettia holidays may see a new face emerge with these color choices. Picture Halloween decorated with ghosts, witches, hay bales, and orange poinsettias. If poinsettia colors and blooming times change, allowing us the opportunity to use poinsettias year round, think of the possibilities. For example, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) pink poinsettias could be sent to survivors as a symbol of their cause.

If you believe poinsettias should only be used during the Christmas season, but feel that they don’t reflect your holiday color theme, there is hope. Another 21st Century Poinsettia trend is customization. A poinsettia can be customized to fit your décor and color scheme. There are several types of spray dyes, translucent colorants, glitter sprays, shimmer sprays and floral fragrances that are safe to use on poinsettias.

The 21st Century Poinsettia trends are not just about color change; form and uses are also changing. Poinsettia hanging baskets, miniature poinsettia trees and column shaped poinsettias are taking their place beside the traditional ones. One of the most successful trends for the 21st Century Poinsettia is cut flower production. With the Paul Ecke Ranch ‘Winter Rose Renaissance’ and ‘Jester’ series poinsettias, consumers will see more cut poinsettias used in floral arrangements.

So for consumers and florists, the 21st Century Poinsettia trends should provide an exciting and thrilling potential for the future.

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