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25 Ways Flower Shops Can Recycle For Earth Day

Earth Day is a unique holiday where we take the time to celebrate the earth and it’s resources that we tend to look over in our busy lives. Everything we have has come from the earth: the wood in our houses, the water in our coffee, the food we’re eating for lunch, and so much more. Isn’t it our time to give back?

This Earth Day, find a new way to use the 3 R’s in your daily life: Reduce Reuse Recycle!

Recycle for Earth DayHere are some great methods florists already use in their flower shops. (If you’re a florist, perhaps you can find a way to start using some of these great, earth-friendly actions.)

  • 1. Recycle and reuse cardboard.
  • 2. Encourage customers to bring in glass vases for reuse or recycling.
  • 3. Give bubblewrap to the local packaging store (UPS).
  • 4. Use terry towels instead of paper towels at your design table.
  • 5. Reuse packing material whenever possible.
  • 6. Use recycled office paper to make notepads for shop use.
  • 7. Use a hybrid or other earth-friendly vehicle to do deliveries.
  • 8. Empty cooler bucket water onto outdoor plants.
  • 9. Recycle stems and other organic waste in a compost, or find a local composter to give it to.
  • 10. Give flower boxes back to wholesalers.
  • 11. Keep mug boxes and other pretty containers to use as ‘economy’ containers by using a plastic liner for small arrangements.
  • 12. Save extra pieces of ribbon, fabric, cardboard tubes and foil to give to local pre-schools for art projects.
  • 13. Go for ‘Greener’ items when you buy new supplies.
  • 14. Buy high Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR) paper.
  • 15. Use digital storage solutions to cut paper and reduce clutter. (Keep at least 2 good backups)
  • 16. Use high-efficiency light bulbs, such as LED bulbs, when possible.
  • Earth Day Flag17. Use power strips to turn technology off when not in use.
  • 18. Recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges.
  • 19. Use daylight rather than office lighting whenever feasible.
  • 20. Turn lights off when leaving an empty room.
  • 21. Provide a water cooler and encourage employees to stop using bottles.
  • 22. Participate in recycling programs for unwanted electronic equipment.
  • 23. Take steps to reduce the amount of junk mail that your office receives.
  • 24. Encourage staff to use reusable coffee mugs instead of disposable.
  • 25. Buy only what you know you will use.

Doing any or all of these things will help businesses do their part to help the environment. Spread the word about your waste prevention efforts. A good example is the best motivator, and you might help persuade other businesses to practice waste prevention.

Big thanks to the suggestions of the following florists: Flowers By Flowers, Parkville, MD; Brenham Floral Company, Brenham TX; The Flower Patch & More, Bolivar MO; Treehouse Florist, New Freedom PA; Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop, Crawford GA; Willowtree Gifts & Flower Boutique, Greencastle PA;

Reminders to use the 3 R’s, get a house plant for Earth Day!


  1. Neil Bain says:

    Love the tips and suggestions in this article, there are several things that we already do, but loads more we can and will do. I am going to introduce the things we o not already practice one by one, when we are achieving all twenty-five points, I will advertise it to all clients.

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