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3 Air Purifying Plants


Every home, office, or public space is going to have toxins in the air. The problem is figuring out how to remove these toxins in a cost-effective way. If you’re looking to create a healthier space the best way to naturally remove harmful pollutants is through the use of air purifying plants. NASA conducted a Clean Air study and found that these three plants are proven to be indoor air cleaners, making the place you live and work healthier.

English Ivy
The English Ivy’s thick foliage is excellent at removing formaldehyde from the air. WebMD describes this plant as a “fix for allergies” because it is proven to remove 60% of airborne mold from a room in just six hours. The English Ivy is also becoming very popular among pet-lovers because it reduces airborne fecal matter particles.

Peace Lily
The Peace Lily is very rare because it is among the few flowering plants that remove air pollutants. This plant breaks down and neutralizes acetone and volatile organic compounds. Acetone can be found in nail polish remover, household cleaners, paints, adhesives, rubber cement, or particle board. You can be exposed to VOCs through cleaning and painting supplies, copiers and printers, or dry-cleaning products. Let the Peace Lily get to work at removing these harmful vapors. A little bit of shade and weekly watering are all the Peace Lily needs to survive and keep your air pure.

Rubber Plant
The Rubber Plant is skilled at cleaning the air because it emits a high level of oxygen content. This plant eliminates bio effluents, takes away volatile organic compounds as well as suppresses air based microorganisms as soon as it’s put into a room. Bacteria within the rubber plants leaves break up the toxins and feast on them. This procedure subsequently emits clean air in to the environment. As the plant grows, these microorganisms increase making the plant progressively more effective at eliminating the toxins. With its large glossy leaves and basic care regiment the rubber plant is a beautiful and easy addition to any space.

NASA suggests that air cleaning is accomplished by having one air purifying plant for every 100 square feet. Clean up your air by using these powerful plants to combat unwanted health toxins! Take a look at these plants in our house plant directory today!



  1. I like your post. Flowers are symbolic of beauty, love and tranquillity. They form the soul of a garden and convey the message of nature to man. Flowers and objects of aesthetic, ornamental, social, religious and cultural value.

  2. Great source.

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