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5 Flower Arrangements That Say, “I Love You”

Three little words hold so much meaning in a relationship. Being in love is a whirlwind journey full of challenges, adventures and happiness. Through every stage in a relationship, “I love you” holds different meanings. To a couple that is battling sickness it could mean, “I’m here for you.” To a newly engaged couple it could mean, “I’m excited about our future.” Every underlying meaning is special and unique to the couple in love.

Flowers are a powerful way to express your feelings of love. Their beauty is undeniable and when you give the gift of flowers, the receiver is reminded of your love every day! Here are five classic flower arrangements designed to say, “I love you.” Send a special arrangement to show your love today! Your significant other will be so surprised by your thoughtfulness.

1. Red Roses

2. Eternally Yours

3. Romancer Enhancer

4. Romance of Roses

5. Hopeless Romantic

Show your love to someone special today with a beautiful flower arrangement! You don’t have to wait for a birthday or an anniversary to celebrate. A flower arrangement sent just because is so thoughtful. Find a florist near you by typing in your zip code below. Ordering a flower arrangement only takes a few minutes, but is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

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  1. I’m considering getting a flower arrangement for my boyfriend, because he really likes flowers and told me before that he wished he could get one, so your guide will really help with the symbolic meaning in the gift. You’re definitely right that a bouquet can mean different things in different relationship contexts, though they all are great ways of saying that you love someone. Of course, the roses are definitely a classic, though I like the mix of white and bigger lilies you show in the Romance Enhancer, too.

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