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5 Flowers to Send on International Kissing Day

Did you know there was such thing as International Kissing Day? If you didn’t, well, now you do! This is a day to celebrate this beautiful gesture of love by connecting with the people you feel close to, and why not, one or two strangers ;)

Flowers play a huge role when it comes to expressing love and appreciation. When you kiss somebody, you do it because you either feel some type of connection with them or (a kiss on the cheek) to express gratitude and celebrate friendship. Whatever the case may be, we’ve compiled a list of flowers that go hand in hand with this sweet gesture. These flowers may even help you get that kiss from the girl or guy you’ve been crushing over! Just saying.

ROSES are the epitome of love! Red roses signify love, beauty, sensuality and passion. So, if you’re looking to get a little kiss from someone you feel attracted to, try giving them a dozen roses. No one can resist that!


ALSTROEMERIA is the flower of devotion, signifying a bond of support between two people. With this bloom, a kiss on the cheek is almost guaranteed! Of course, if that’s what you’re looking for ;)

CARNATIONS are not as passionate as red roses, but they still do the trick! They signify love, fascination and distinction. This flower is perfect for surprising your wife on this or any other day!

DAISIES are a symbol of purity, innocence and true love. Giving someone white daisies is an honest expression of deep care and sincere affection.


PEONIES signify romantic love, particularly love between two strangers. So, if you are really crushing over someone, express the way you feel by sending this gorgeous bloom! Contact your local florist for availability.

The attraction and connection you feel towards someone may be so strong that you may just want to go for it, but try to contain yourself. Keep in mind the other person’s feelings and never do what they’re not comfortable with. Give them the flowers first, if they lead to something else, well, you know ;) Be sure to contact your local florist for the availability of flowers, if they don’t have these flowers in stock, any other flower works!


  1. Wow, I really appreciate your flower guide, as I don’t know much about them. My boyfriend and I have a special date planned for Valentine’s Day, and I want to give him a flower for it. The carnations you show look really pretty, and I may consider that type of flower for him.

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