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5 Reason To Send Flowers: March ’15

March marks the arrival of spring! This is the month in which flowers bloom, bringing color to our surroundings after the gloomy weather of winter. Here are 5 reasons to send flowers to loved ones this month!

1. Employee Appreciation Day – March 6th

On this day let your employees know how important they are. Maybe send a bouquet of mature blooms to your assistant, manager, secretary, or even to everyone in your business. All it takes is a single yellow flower! Yellow is a popular choice to show appreciation for a job well done.

2. International Women’s Day – March 8th

March 8th is the day to celebrate the success of women. Treat a lovely lady in your life to let them know how important they are. A single rose represents all that a woman is–delicate, strong, vibrant and beautiful. Let their beauty be mirrored with an astonishing bouquet of roses.

3. St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th

There is no better way to celebrate a holiday than by sending flowers. For St. Patrick’s Day send a beautiful mixture of green and white flowers–maybe even adding a touch of yellow. This will definitely make anyone smile, especially those friends of Irish descent!

4. Spring Day – March 20th

Flowers blossom in spring, bringing color after the cold winter. This is a new beginning for nature, as it comes alive once again. Today, send flowers to the most important person in your life as a sign of a new, happier and colorful beginning.

5. National Doctor’s Day – March 30th

When we get sick, our first phone call is our doctor. They keep us healthy and this is something we should definitely be grateful for. Doctors make us feel comfortable and within days we are ready to conquer the world! Today make some time to give back to these amazing people. There’s no better gift than flowers to express gratitude.

Flowers don’t need a reason to become gifts because they are accepted with a huge smile. Whether it’s a holiday or just because, surprise someone with a bouquet. Head to your local florist today!


  1. Estelle Mainard says:

    Thanks for the information. I had no idea that it could be so important to send flowers on all of these days! It seems like there are a lot of holidays that would be perfect times to send flowers to loved ones. In fact, I bet my mother would love some on International Women’s Day. She’d love a treat like that!

  2. Thank you for sharing these ideas. My wife loves getting flowers on special occasions. I hadn’t realized that March 8 was International Women’s day. It may not be the most romantic, but it’s another day I can send her flowers. I will have to mark some of these dates down.

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