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Best 5 Reasons to Send Flowers in April

April is upon us and that means spring is in swing! Whether you are enjoying some fresh air while you tackle yard work or watching April showers pour down during your spring cleaning campaign, one thing is missing from your day. Flowers! Your local florist has a huge stock of springtime blooms to share. Here are some of the reasons you should be sending flowers this month.

Very Special Delivery#1. Passover – April 14th

The 3rd week in April brings the celebration of Passover for those of the Jewish faith. This ancient holiday is steeped in tradition and always begins with a gathering of family and friends for the Passover meal. Whether you are hosting the ritual Sedar feast this year or heading to a family member’s house, flowers will add to your celebration in a big way. A fresh-cut arrangement makes for welcoming decor or a wonderful hostess gift for the lady of the house. A beautifully crafted arrangement will add beauty and elegance to this important time of year and last throughout the week long observance.

Easter's On Its Way#2. Easter – April 20th

Headed to your mother-in-law’s for Easter dinner? Add to the table a breath-taking centerpiece of fresh-cut garden flowers. Have grandkids who are too far away for an in-person visit from the Easter bunny? Your florist has you covered with customizable baskets full of toys, candy and topped with a balloons. Want an arrangement that speaks to you or your recipient’s religious beliefs? Ask your florists about their faith-based designs including crosses, favorite card scriptures and more. Make your Easter celebration special and memorable this April with gifts from the flower shop.

Early Spring Hyacinth#3. Earth Day – April 22nd

Time again to celebrate the rich beauty and the fullness of this great planet that sustains the lives of billions of inhabitants everyday. Earth Day is a day designed to inspire appreciation for the Earth’s environment as well as raise awareness for the protection for our fascinating home. What could be more inspiring than nature? Ask your florist about the fantastic potted plants and plant-able spring bulbs they have in store. Add a little more green into someone’s day to help them celebrate all the reason’s Earth is important to us.

Cup O Cheer#4. Administrative Professional’s Day – April 23rd

Once known as Secretary’s Day, Administrative Professionals Day has become one of the largest workplace observances. By setting aside a special day to recognize support staff with gifts and words of appreciation, now is the perfect opportunity to tell your staff or assistant “Thank you so much for everything you do!” Favorites include beautiful fresh-cut arrangements in fun and useful coffee mug vases. Also, gourmet snack baskets piled high with fruit and treats will go over big in the breakroom. Let your employees know how much they are valued with just a quick call to your local florist.

Gerb Appeal#5. April Birthdays

Anyone with an April birthday deserves all the loveliness of spring for their big day. Daisies are the official birth flower and are sure to bring big smiles. There are so many varieties of the Asteraceae family, you’ll have fun picking out pretty styles and colors. Daisies instantly bring cheer and exuberance while symbolizing innocence, purity and new beginnings. The Victorian meaning of daisy is loyal love and will never tell. Surprise your birthday girl with a big bunch of bright Gerberas and she will never forget your thoughtfulness!


What are your favorite reasons to send flowers this month?
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