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Best 5 Reasons To Send Flowers In June

June is the month that says goodbye to the mild spring and hello to hot summer time. School is out, the heat has arrived and it is time to celebrate for many different reasons. And here we give you all the reasons you need to contact your local florist this month. Why go local? Because when you order from your real local florist, not a faceless order-taker or blank form online, but an actual brick-and-mortar flower shop owner who cares about your order, you will get the best flowers available. And there are so many chances to send flowers this month. Take a look!

Energetic Roses#1. National Rose Month – June

Whether it is for yourself or a friend, this is the month that a beautiful bouquet of roses is the absolutely best choice because it’s National Rose Month! Enjoy the classic rose in all its glory this season. Break away from the passionate red that everyone has come to expect (unless it is just a hands-down favorite) and experience the beauty of variety! Roses comes in every hue you can imagine and different hybrids you love discovering.

Candy Bouquet#2. National Candy Month – June

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate candy this month? For the chocolate lover or the sweet eater there is no better surprise than a candy bouquet from your local florist featuring everyone’s favorites. While candy gets a bad wrap from dentists and dieters alike, it can’t be ignored that indulgencing in a little sweet treat brings smiles and happiness all around. And that’s always worth sharing. Perfect for the office or any kids that need a little spoiling, send a delicious reminder that June is National Candy Month!

Lush Garden#3. Father’s Day – June 15th

Flowers aren’t just for Mother’s Day, you know. Don’t leave dad out in the cold this Father’s Day and order him the perfect gift from the florist too! From woodland inspired arrangements to a simple live plant that’s great for the office to a snack basket brimming with his favorite treats, your florist has something for every dad that will make his heart sing your praises. Forget the tie. Go with a gift you can customize just for him and show your father how very special he is to you.

Hooray For Summer#4. First Day of Summer – June 21st

At last! At last! School is out! No more homework, no more desks, no more sitting still and… oh it’s too hot to play outside, is it? Whether you are celebrating summer with some bright cheery blooms or giving yourself a reprieve from some summer chaos, a summertime floral arrangement will bring the outside in and refresh your whole house. Not to mention, there’s no better gift to send to an older person who might have troubling getting outside to enjoy the beauty of the season. Flowers will deliver sunshine to every house.

Flames Of Passion#5. June Birthdays

Take a guess as to what this month’s birth flower might be. The rose, of course! And there are so many meaning associated with roses you can say exactly what you feel to your beloved on their special day.

  • Red Rose- I love You
  • Orange Rose- Fascination
  • Pale Pink Rose- Modesty
  • Pink Rose- Thankfulness
  • Red & White Mixed- Unity
  • White Rose- Innocence and purity, secrecy and silence.
  • Yellow Rose- Decrease of love, jealousy, try to care

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