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5 Reasons To Send Flowers: July ’15

It’s finally July and hot! Let’s all celebrate by going to the beach and giving flowers to the ones we love. Here are 5 different holidays and occasions to send flowers this month.

1. Independence Day – July 4th

This day we celebrate the independence of our nation. Many of us host parties, and a beautiful patriotic centerpiece or bouquet will add that sophisticated touch to any decor. Perhaps an arrangement with white, red and blue flowers in a blue vase, or let your local florist surprise you!

2. Cheer Up The Lonely – July 11th

Today is about performing an act of kindness. Maybe a friend or coworker recently moved away from home and now lives on their own far from their family. Today, give these people a reason to smile! A beautiful mix of bright blooms will definitely make them feel welcome and ease the home-sick feeling.

3. Cousins Day – July 24th

Let’s celebrate all cousins! These people made life that much fun growing up and family reunions more tolerable. Bright colored flowers, like yellow lilies, are a great representation of this awesome bond.

4. Parents’ Day – July 26th

We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and then we have Parents’ Day! This is a day to celebrate both mom and dad for their continuous love and support. An astonishing exotic arrangement with orchids or birds of paradise is a great choice for this occasion.

5. International Day of Friendship – July 30th

This day was made to promote friendship! Perhaps you know someone you wish to reconnect with? Maybe you have an amazing friend you would like to thank–just because? Either way, a flower arrangement will definitely make a friend’s day. Try yellow roses, gerbers or sunflowers!

There is no need to have a specific holiday to surprise our friends and family with a gift. This is something that can be done all year round. Visit your local florist today and send flowers!

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