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5 Reasons To Send Flowers April ’16

There are plenty of reasons to send flowers each month! Whether it be just because, to celebrate a birthday, to congratulate someone, the reasons are truly endless! Below is a list of holidays in April to inspire the giving heart in you. Flowers are a fantastic gift for any age, a big smile is always guaranteed!

1. Siblings Day – April 10th
This is a day to celebrate the incredible bond between siblings. Surprise your crazy sister and/or protective brother with flowers! If you really think about it, the relationship between siblings is the longest relationship in a person’s life. A beautiful bouquet of colorful blooms is perfect for your sister, exotic flowers or a bamboo plant are a great gift for your brother!

2. Walk On Your Wild Side – April 12th
This is your chance to be unpredictable! Walk to your nearest local florist and buy a beautiful flower arrangement for your lover or relative. The greatest gift is that which no one expects!

3. Get To Know Your Customers Day – April 21st
A business simply is nothing without supportive customers. Today, take the time to thank your customers as they walk in your shop or business.  A great way to give back is by giving your customers a little something extra with their purchase. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it is the thought of giving back that counts.

4. Administrative Professionals Day – April 27th
If you own a business or know an administrative professional, take some time out of your busy day and thank them for their hard work. These professionals keep everything organized, make life easier for everyone at work. A beautiful arrangement of roses is perfect for this and any other occasion!

5. Honesty Day – April 30th
It is not every day that we get to be honest with ourselves or the ones we love. Today, make an effort and have a moment of honesty with the people that truly matter to you. Whether you’re letting the emotions for your crush be known or are telling the truth about something you once lied about, flowers will definitely best accompany that moment of honesty.

Head to your local florist and find the perfect arrangement for the occasion of your choice. Visit our Bloomin’ Blog for more ideas, tips and inspiration!


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