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5 Reasons to Send Flowers February ’18

This is the perfect month to send flowers. Almost nothing is in bloom outside, and the days end early. Let’s celebrate how short this month is while brightening the day with thoughtful bouquets. Here are other reasons to love sending flowers in the month of February!

National Send a Card to a Friend Day- February 7

Quiet Dawn Bouquet

Really take this day to the next level and send the card along with some flowers. This might just be the perfect way to remember a childhood friend and share a special memory or to tell a close friend just how much they’ve meant to you. They will feel the sentiment long after the day has passed.

Valentine’s Day- February 14

Valentine’s Day. Ok, it’s obvious, it’s expected, but let’s face it: you’ll be in big trouble if your special someone is the only one at the office who doesn’t get a bouquet. And even though it may not be a surprise, it’s still always a delight to get flowers. Get ridiculous amounts of red and pink and give them something they’ll love!

National Do a Grouch a Favor Day- February 16

Dare someone to be a grouch while getting flowers at the same time. Everyone knows someone who always seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. See if giving them some flowers doesn’t change their mood…at least for the day.

National Random Act of Kindness Day- February 17

What can be kinder than sending some flowers their way? A well-placed houseplant, a single stemmed rose, or an arrangement is a great way to “be random.” You will surprise someone with nature’s beauty on this ready-made day to do it.

Because It’s Cold

What can cheer the soul on a cold winter’s day better than some well-chosen flowers? A spring of color can add life to any dreary day and lend hope for the days ahead before spring comes into bloom.

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