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5 Reasons To Send Flowers May ’16

When we think about May, Mother’s Day is the first holiday that comes to mind. Today, I want to share other days of the month that also give us the opportunity to share the beauty of flowers with loved ones. Keep reading to learn about these other wonderful reasons to send flowers in May!

1. Military Spouse Appreciation Day – May 5th
This day was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. The President’s intention was to “raise awareness on the importance the spouse’s commitment has in helping military personnel get through the worst of times.” Today, give that military wife or husband in your life a reason to smile! Make them feel loved, assure them that they are not alone on this journey. Delicate blooms always show love and appreciation! Know that in the darkest of times there still is sunshine.

2. Mother’s Day – May 8th
We all have a mom, know a mom or are a mom! Regardless of what position you are in, share the love with all the mothers in your world! Visit your local florist and select an array of flowers that match the personality of the mother, recipient of those blooms. Carnations are a classic flower to give on Mother’s Day, but lilies, roses and tulips are also a great choice!

3. Friday the 13th – May 13th
It’s not our first thought to send flowers on Friday the 13th, but why not? Friday the 13th is often thought as a very unlucky day. We go through our day in fear of breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder or crossing our path with a black cat! Flowers are the perfect gift to make this day a better experience for your friends and loved ones. There is nothing better than a colorful flower arrangement to soothe the nerves!

4. Visit Your Relatives Day – May 18th
It is in our daily tasks and responsibilities that we lose track of time. Being an adult is not easy and that is exactly why we need the people we love by our side. Family is a constant reminder of our roots, they keep us grounded and motivate us to keep going. If you have put distance between you and a relative, take some time to reconnect with them. Perhaps they don’t live near you, maybe they live in a different city or state. If that’s the case and not able to travel, send flowers! To search for local florist in the area of your choice click here. Ordering flowers has never been easier!

“Think of your family today and everyday thereafter, don’t  let the busy world of today keep you from showing how much you love and appreciated them.” – Josiah

5. Memorial Day – May 30th
Today, we remember those who lost their lives serving the United States military. It is this moment in which the families of our heroes need the most love and support. It is hard to go on without them, but knowing that this country is what it is because of them, should bring a sense of peace and pride. Remember those who lost their lives saving ours.

This month allows anyone to receive the gift of flowers! From gifts to mom to tokens of luck, flowers have never been more appropriate. Want good service and personalized attention? Head to your local florist!  Don’t forget to visit our Bloomin’ Blog for tips and ideas to inspire you today and the month ahead!


  1. Kendall Ryder says:

    I never thought to send flowers on Friday the 13th! I usually don’t like anything scary or creepy but my boyfriend does. It would be fun to send some sort of dark/dead bouquet for fun! I would like some bright flowers though to make the day brighter!

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