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5 Reasons to Send in December

Reasons to Send Flowers in December

This is it! The most wonderful time of the year is here! There are so many reasons to celebrate this month, but here are just a few!

December 7th: National Letter Writing Day 

There is no better way to accompany a heartfelt letter that with a gorgeous arrangement of fresh seasonal blooms. Whether the letter is to express your love to a special person, a letter to one of your parents, a relative or friend, take advantage of this day to go back to the old days. With technology quickly taking over our daily lives, we’ve forgotten what a handwritten letter can do for someone!


December 12th: National Poinsettia Day 

Poinsettias are the most popular plant of this holiday season! There is a Mexican legend regarding the poinsettia that says a little boy wanted to make an offering to his church during Christmas time but had nothing to give, so he kneeled and prayed. After a few moments, the boy got up and noticed a gorgeous plant appear in the exact place he kneeled to pray. The boy then took the plant and presented it to the church as the offer. Do as the boy, and on this day send a poinsettia plant to the people that mean the most to you!


December 21st: National Short Girl Appreciation Day

Not only is this a day to show love to the short girls in your life but also the first day of winter, which is the shortest day of the year! How fitting, right?


December 25th: Christmas

Christmas is known for spending quality time with family as well as receiving gifts, but honestly, the best part is giving. Be sure to get with your local florist and schedule a flower delivery in time for the Christmas festivities. The flowers can be for you or the family member hosting the party. This will definitely bring cheer!


December 31st: New Year’s Eve

And just like that – 2018 IS OUT!!! Time to reflect on everything that happened this year and make plans for a brighter future. To start the year off right, send flowers! Fresh blooms inspire creativity and uplift our mood. We all need a little inspiration this time of the year to stay motivated to keep up with the New Year’s resolutions!


Don’t wait till the last minute to schedule a flower delivery with your local florist. Keep in mind that they have families too and may be closed the 25th. So, give them a call ahead of time to order flowers! Have a wonderful December!

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