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5 Reasons to Send in July

There are so many reasons to send flowers this month! With summer in full bloom and several national holidays in the month, July is the perfect time to send flowers.

July 11- National Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Francis Pesek came up with the idea to promote kindness toward others who are lonely or forgotten, or who are in nursing homes with no relatives or friends to check in on them. Spend time cheering up some of the people in your life by spending some time with them and gifting them their favorite flowers. Lonely people need face to face time with others, so taking them flowers is the perfect way to show them that they are loved and cared for!

July 24- National Cousins Day

Whether it’s at a family reunion, holiday dinner, or another family get together, you can always count on your cousins to keep you entertained and share secrets that you could never tell anyone else. Send them a plant or bouquet that is sure to impress!

July 26- National Aunt and Uncle Day

When you need guidance and can’t talk to your parents, aunts and uncles are always there to lend a helping hand. They relate to their nieces and nephews and love to help in any way they can. Show your aunts and uncles how much they mean to you by sending them some of their favorite flowers!

July 28- National Parents Day

Most of us would be lost if we didn’t have our parents to lean on and support us. Let them know how much you love them and appreciate everything they’ve done for you with a beautiful arrangement!

July 30- International Day of Friendship

The United Nations General Assembly declared July 30 as the International Day of Friendship in 2011. This holiday is focused on promoting conversations between different communities and cultures. Celebrate all the wonderful friends in your life with some flowers or plants!

Regardless of the occasion, your friends and family are sure to appreciate the beautiful arrangements you send them. For all your flower needs for any occasion, your local florist will create something that will make their day!

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