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5 Reasons to Send in September

As summer ends and fall begins, there’s never been a better time to send flowers to someone you care about. Looking for the perfect occasion to send? We know the perfect reasons to send flowers this September!

Sept 15- Wife Appreciation Day

Celebrate your wife and all of the great things she does for your family on Wife Appreciation Day! She deserves recognition for the hard work and effort she puts in that keeps life running smoothly, so send her flowers on September 15th to show your gratitude.

Sept 18- National First Love Day

If you’re still in a relationship with your first love, what better time to celebrate than on National First Love Day? Take a trip down memory lane and remember all of the special times you’ve spent together. Take them on a date and surprise them with flowers to show how much you love and cherish them—then, now, and always.

Sept 22- National Singles Day

There are definitely more holidays in a year that celebrate people with significant others, but we can’t forget about all those single folks out there! Send flowers to a single friend, or if you’re single, treat yourself to show the world that you don’t need a significant other to get flowers.

Sept 28- National Neighbor Day

Whether or not you’ve met your neighbors, this day is the perfect opportunity to get to know them better! Order some flowers and deliver them yourself. They’re sure to appreciate the gesture, which will build a relationship with your neighbor for years to come.

Sept 30- National Love People Day

No matter who you love, we all love people! National Love People Day is all about supporting others through the power of love. Send someone you love, like your significant other, best friend, or mom, some beautiful blooms to show them how much they mean to you and how much you care.

September may not have any major floral holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send flowers! These are just a few of many great reasons to send flowers this September.

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