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Where Are The Peace Lily Blooms?

Ask the Expert: Peace Lily …
I have a lovely Peace Lily, which looks healthy, I water it once a week, it is located behind the window with some sunshines (afternoons), the weather here is humid and we have lots of rain. Some times it has some yellow leaves, but it is growing really good, my only concern it that it had some flowers when I got it, but it is not blooming any more flowers? what should I do?


The yellow leaves maybe a result of too much light. I would not worry about an occasional yellow leaf. However if a greater number of leaves start to turn yellow, I would give it a little distance from the direct light of the window. As to the blooming cycle of Spathipyllum (peace lily), their normal blooming cycle is once a year. Some varieties can bloom more than once a year. Without knowing what variety of peace lily you have, it is hard to say whether is should be blooming now. There are a few things you can do to encourage blooming:

  • When the blooms die cut out the bloom stalk. Follow the stalk to the base of the plant and cut it off.
  • Give the peace lily a change of temperature. Normally it is best to keep peace lilies at a temperature of 72 degrees. To encourage drop the temperature to about 54 degrees for about three weeks.
  • Keep the plant from enduring stress. This means a consistent watering and fertilizing program.

However even if you do all of the above, you peace lily will probably bloom when it wants to and on a yearly basis.


  1. I have 6 peace lilies in my living room and all but one are blooming. This is what I do…only water it once a week; remove brown leaves and dried up blooms; when I water them, I use a plant food–like Miracle Grow (One t. per gallon of water), let the plant dry out in between plantings, also, they are in a room with southern exposure–indirect bright sunlight, no direct sunlight. Hope this helps. Also, it is the beginning of May and they always bloom this time of year. The blooms last a while but remember the blooms are seasonal.

  2. Sometimes yellow leaves are caused by over-watering. Could this be you?? Also, beside the Miracle Grow the previous response mentioned, I would try the Miracle Brow Bloom Set. This is a really great product. Also, my daughter’s co-work swears by eggshells soaked in water and then strained; as a plant stimulant.

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