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7 Gifts to Send with Flowers

Flowers are a great gift but sometimes you might want something to go with them. Some of these suggestions may seem like no-brainers, but there’s always a way to put a spin on an old classic. Many florists also carry gift items, so chances are you won’t have to go far to find these. If your florist doesn’t carry gift items, ask them if it’s okay for you to include a little something extra to go with your flower arrangement.


Flowers and candy probably seem like that classic combo that too many people are tired of seeing, but try to think outside the box when choosing candy to send with your flowers. Don’t feel limited to the standard box of chocolates. Get their favorite sour gummy worms or even chocolates filled with liqueur.

Seed Starter Kits

Give them flowers for now and a seed starter kit to have flowers for later! This is a neat way for them to try their own hand at growing some flowers, or even a miniature vegetable or herb garden. Many of these kits are made to be grown anywhere, including small apartments.


Sometimes we all need a little help to unwind after a stressful day or week. Flowers will help give them a mood boost and wine will help them relax. Combine these with a nice dinner at home, and you’re set for a great night in!

Mini Spa Kit

Grab a lavender scented candle, some bath bombs, and nice face mask and you have a mini spa kit that will help them unwind. The flowers will make them feel extra pampered while they soak the day away.

Photo Album

A photo album or photo book filled with your favorite pictures is a wonderful addition to send with flowers. This would be especially good for a birthday or anniversary gift. It’s an easy way to show your love through the years, or your best adventures together.


Another oldie but goodie? Adding a piece of jewelry to a flower arrangement. Whoever you are sending flowers to will get to enjoy the flowers and continue to enjoy your gift each time they wear the jewelry you gave them!

Gift card

Gift cards are an easy way to give a little extra joy to whoever you are sending flowers to. This one is as simple as slipping the gift card into the enclosure card!


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  1. I like that you talked about how you can consider adding something that can go with your chosen flower arrangement such as gift card to give a little extra joy to the receiver of your flowers. My mother’s birthday is next week. I’m interested in sending her a bouquet of flowers to make her feel how special she is to us. I believe that adding a card can help me to convey my message to her well on her day. I will make sure to contact a florist as soon as possible.

  2. I love all your gifts ideas. Well said, that flowers will help people to give a mood boost and wine will help them to feel relax. I’ll definitely try one idea from your great idea’s very soon.

  3. Kelly Witham says:

    These tips you’ve written been really helpful. Keep sharing blogs like this.
    This article is good from others

  4. Deborah Collins says:

    Your article is so useful for everyone. Flower has the power to convey a person feeling or emotions, here I got idea which gifts to send with flowers. I will try this on upcoming birthday of my friend. Thank’s for sharing this information.

  5. Daniel Garcia says:

    Such a great idea you have shared. This will help everyone while sending gift with flowers. Yes, flowers and candy is a classic combo, many of people I have seen using this. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  6. Thanks for sharing this useful information. After reading this, the confusion will clear about sending gift with flowers. I will suggest my friends to do this on his wedding event.

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