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Match Game: Zodiac Flowers

Did you know that there is a set of specific flowers for each astrological sign? If you didn’t, this flower quiz may be an eye-opener. If you did, test your knowledge of zodiac flowers and let us know how you did! To play, simply match the set of common flower names to the proper zodiac sign. Good luck!

Zodiac Flowers

Hint:  Need more help? View the zodiac flowers posts on the FSN Bloomin’ Blog to find the answers. We won’t tell!

1. Gerbera Daisy – Amaranthus – Peony – Anthurium

A. Capricorn

2. Roses – Delphinium

B. Aquarius

3. Anemones – Liatris – Carnation

C. Pisces

4. Tulips – Celosia – Red Roses – Amaryllis

D. Aries

5. Dahlias – Gardenia – Gladiolus – Freesia

E. Taurus

6. Alstroemeria – Ranunculus – Daffodil – Acacia

F. Gemini

7. Daffodils – Bird of Paradise – Protea

G. Cancer

8. Carnations  – Marigold – Dahila – Sunflower

H. Leo

9. Gladiolus – Hypericum – Chrysanthemum – Violet

I. Virgo

10. Iris – Sweet William – Stock – Lilac – Aster – Sweetpea

J. Libra

11. Chrysanthemum – Statice – Holly – Ivy – African Violets

K. Scorpio

12. Freesia – Stephanotis – Lilac – Narcissus (Daffodil)

L. Sagittarius

To see how well you did, [Read more…]

Want To Send Zodiac Flowers To A Sagittarius?

Searching for the perfect gift for a Sagittarius? You’re in luck! A recent birthday gift trend is to send a bouquet of zodiac flowers. Astrological flowers (zodiac flowers) are just unique enough to stand out and just traditional enough to be an across-the-board winner. To keep you from having to google til your fingers hurt, we’re going to give you a heads up and let you know what the Sagittarius zodiac flowers are.

Sagittarius Zodiac Flowers:

  • Remerus
  • Eustoma
  • Liatris
  • Carnations
  • Crocus
  • Anemones
  • Muscari

That’s a lot to choose from! Of course, now I wish I were a Sagittarius so I could have a reason to surround myself with carnations. Your local florist is the perfect person to talk to about zodiac flower arrangements. Creating a birthday flower arrangement for a Sagittarius should be a fun experience for both. Your florist will have many great ideas so let them know that you’re open to their creative designs using some of the flowers listed above.

I remember the first Sagittarius flower arrangement I ever sent. Just in case you missed the story last year, here’s a quick recap of my zodiac flowers story. My sweetheart’s little girl turned five last December. I had one of our local florists deliver the arrangement to our home while she was away. The morning of her birthday, we snuck the flowers onto her nightstand so that she’d see them when she first woke up. I know how important flower memories are to me and why. Being part of her first experiences with flowers is pleasing to no end.

Want to make your own flower memories? Send a Sagittarius zodiac flower arrangement from your local florist. Flower Shop Network makes it easy to find a florist near you.

Remember The Scorpio Zodiac Flowers?

"Whimsical Flowers" Bouquet--The Perfect Scorpio Birthday Gift

"Whimsical Flowers" Bouquet--The Perfect Scorpio Birthday Gift

By this point everyone who has spoken to a Generation Y-er knows how quirky and unique we love our life to be. We want special. We want different. We want stand out appeal. That’s why so many of us love zodiac flowers.

I’m not a Scorpio but I’m on the cusp so I can understand why Scorpios would love their zodiac flowers. These include gerbera daisies, marigold, and sunflower. What do these beautiful blooms mean? I’m not an astrologer but I do know that anyone into astrology will love astrological flowers. Seems like an easy connection, right?

It’s not surprising that people like me fall into two categories. I’m a Libra at heart and in most publications but often I’m labeled a Scorpio. If you know someone into astrology and the zodiac but can’t figure out which one they fall into, try something special like this. I mentioned it briefly in last year’s post about Scorpio zodiac flowers. It was fun then and it’s twice as fun now.

The solution as I see it is to send a flower arrangement whose flowers denote certain astrological signs and time of the year. This is a very creative way to show someone how special they really are. For people like myself it is an unexpected treat. The zany mixture of flowers such as dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, gladiolus, and orchids (Libra) with the beautiful blooms of gerbera daisies, marigold, and sunflowers (Scorpio) provide a very quirky and colorful present for fall birthdays.

See? It’s simple to send a fun birthday gift to a Scorpio or a Libra (or both). Just call up your local florist and ask for an arrangement that includes some dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, gladiolus or orchids for a Libra. If you’re hunting for flowers for a Scorpio, ask your local florist for a bouquet including gerbera daisies, marigold, or sunflowers. Zodiac flowers are a fantastic gift for someone on the paranormal edge of awesome.

Want to send birthday flowers to a Scorpio? Use Flower Shop Network to contact your local florist today.

Bull-oney! There Are Taurus Zodiac Flowers?

Zodiac flowers are fun, especially for Taurus. This fun zodiac sign is represented by a bull. How cool is that?! When I think of a bull, I picture the same qualities that most people would assign to these animals. Bulls are usually calm animals when left alone. They are stubborn, powerful, bold, and tenacious when provoked to such. I know plenty of people like that and I was surprised just how many have a birthday between April 21st and May 20th (that makes them a Taurus).

It’s hard to find unique gifts every year. Most of the Bloomin’ Blog followers know that I’ve been on a fresh flower kick. Why not? It’s as much fun for the sender to send flowers with a unique twist as it is for the recipient to receive an interesting birthday gift. Two perks in one–I say go for it!

"Fashionable Father’s Day Bouquet"

"Fashionable Father’s Day Bouquet"

Taurus Zodiac flowers (also called astrological flowers) are violets, iris, sweet pea, lilac and lavender. You can also enjoy aster, lily of the valley, scented stock, sweet William and fruit bearing trees for a Taurus birthday. Flower arrangements like the “Fashionable Fathers Day Bouquet” at left are perfect for Taurus birthdays. Don’t let the title fool you—this bouquet of iris and daisies go over well all year!

You know your birthday boy or girl the best. Deciding which flowers to send will be a breeze! Simply contact your local florist to create a unique birthday gift that your friend will love.

Please Note: Zodiac flowers are assigned to each of the 12 astrological signs. There is no cosmic magic associated with zodiac flowers. There is no spell cast over astrological flowers. Zodiac flowers are just a fun way to acknowledge something that helps group people together, gives them something in common–their zodiac sign.

Did You Know That There Are Zodiac Flowers For Aries?

If you caught last year’s blog about Aries zodiac flowers, this will be a great reminder. If you missed that post, you’re in for a real treat!

"Timeless Tulips Bouquet" of Flowers

"Timeless Tulips Bouquet" of Flowers

Zodiac or astrological flowers are usually sent to someone with a birthday that falls under a particular zodiac sign. These are not flowers that florists stand over like shamans. They have no tom foolery attached. They simply represent the same general qualities that people possess who are born within that time frame. For April, these flowers are tulips, red roses, and amaryllis.

I’m sure you’re wondering (as I did at first) what tulips, red roses, and amaryllis have to do with the Aries zodiac sign. There are a few qualities that Aries are said to possess that can easily be seen in these flowers. For example, Aries are generally innovative people full of ideas and energy. They put the “get up and go” in most situations. This makes sense since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. Aries tend to be daring, impulsive, desire first place or the most attention and want to work without restriction. Here’s what their astrological flowers have in common:

"Loving Embrace" Arrangement with Roses

"Loving Embrace" Arrangement with Roses

Tulips: Tulips are the perfect zodiac flowers for Aries because they are beautiful, full of charm, and are second to none in many arrangements. They stand out above the crowd with a stunning simplicity that can’t be matched.

Red Roses: Ah, the truest signs of romance. Red roses arrangements are sent for many occasions. Whatever that event may be, it’s almost always the sight of the red roses that gets the night up and running. They conjure up visions of romantic events. They’re the dreamer’s flower. They’re also great for many different occasions which goes hand in hand with the Aries tendency to start many projects.

Amaryllis: Absolutely gorgeous amaryllis are a fiery flower that couldn’t be more perfectly placed with another zodiac sign. Aries is the god of war, i.e. a very fiery character that lives in the moment with a fierce intensity. People falling under the Aries sign are said to have these characteristics, however sublimated. For the fiery Aries in your life, there is no better addition to a birthday flower arrangement than amaryllis.

Looking For Scorpio Zodiac Flowers ?

Like many wishing to find a unique birthday gift, I’m often torn when shopping for my friends that have a birthday in late October or November. Exiting the fall and entering the winter, this time of the year makes gift giving a somewhat daunting task. Thankfully this year I have found an idea for a creative birthday gift.

As my birthday falls on October 23rd, I’m caught on the dividing line between Libra and Scorpio. In some publications I am listed as a Libra while others have me noted as a Scorpio. These are very conflicting zodiac personalities with almost no noticeable similarities. Between this and the weather that follows the changing of the seasons, I know the difficulties of finding the perfect gift well. The humorous thing in all of this is that the Libra sign is represented by scales as individuals with a greater sense of balance and justice. The power-hungry nature of the Scorpio sign of which I’m on the verge can quickly throw my scales off-kilter. What fun!

The solution as I see it is to send a flower arrangement whose flowers denote certain astrological signs and time of the year. This is a very creative way to show someone how special they really are. For people like myself it is an unexpected treat. The zany mixture of flowers such as dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, gladiolus, and orchids (Libra) with the beautiful blooms of gerbera daisies, marigold, and sunflowers (Scorpio) provide a very quirky and colorful present for fall birthdays.

Scorpios are well known for being energetic, active, devoted, ambitious, thoughtful, and optimistic. (Not entirely bad qualities to draw from when I’m listed as a Scorpio.) Scorpios are very goal-oriented and patient. For friends and family with these qualities, a croton plant may be just the right gift as it has a longer life than cut flower arrangements but still provides the home with the same unique and dominating beauty as the Scorpio.

For both the fiery and passionate Scorpio as well as the cool and balanced Libra in your life, visit your local florist today to create an astrological flowers arrangement that is out of this world!

gerberadaisies.jpg Beautiful Gerbera daisies compliment every birthday girl!

sunflowers.jpg Vibrant sunflowers for your energetic Scorpio!

Love ‘Er Or Libra With Zodiac Flowers

Yes, it’s true. I’m a Libra. Well, I am on the cusp with an October 23rd birthday. Fair and balanced and not having even the slightest high opinion of myself (hardly), I find that I adhere to a lot of the personality traits of Libras. This makes purchasing gifts very difficult for myself and the literal dozens of family members and friends falling under the Libra sign. I love gifts and am not likely to complain about anything that I receive. However, not all Libras are as wonderful as I dare to be and some require a bit more charm in a birthday gift.

Libras are said to be idealistic and need a balance in everything. We are also acknowledged for going the extra mile to achieve justice, fair treatment, and reason. So far so good as far as I’m concerned. Probably the most personally relevant trait of easy-going Libras is that we seek admiration from others. Those who know me best are likely giving mixed but blunt signals of agreement. For other Libra souls like me, it is very important that our loved ones or significant others show us great affection often. Doing this repeatedly and maintaining a high level of creativity can be challenging but put your worried mind to rest. I have found the next big hit for birthdays between September 23 and October 23.

Flower arrangements consisting of pink roses, dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, orchids, tuberose, freesia, or gladiolus represent the Libra sign well while sending a beautiful and fragrant gift to your Libra beloved.

Libras are also notorious for being indecisive. We cannot make up our minds and stick with our decision so make this one for us! Visit your local florist today to create a Libra-inspired zodiac flowers arrangement for your sweetheart.

sixpinkroses.jpg Sweet pink roses for a sweet Libra!

orangegladiolus.jpg Gladiolas are a wonderful gift for a special Libra!

The Virtuous Virgo Zodiac Flowers

The love of my life is a Virgo. I find him charming and unique but often have trouble finding charming and unique birthday gifts. My love shares a birthday with my mother which makes finding two unique gifts even more of an adventure. Thankfully for all with multiple Virgo birthdays, I have discovered the solution.

A flower arrangement designed with forget-me-nots, gladiolus, and violets will make any woman feel incredibly special. When I explain to my mother that her chrysanthemum gift is actually in line with her astrological sign, she will appreciate the creativity it took to select an arrangement and enjoy having something beautiful to lighten up her home.

My sweetie’s gift is a bit trickier but I hope this will help all women needing a clever gift for men. Celebrating both our anniversary and his birthday during the Virgo period between August 22 and September 22, a unique gift will help make both occasions feel special and fun. Very few men expect to receive flowers on their birthdays, anniversaries, or at any other time. Adding a dash of whimsy to the day by having a zodiac flowers arrangement delivered is certain to spice up the conversation around the dinner table. Be careful! Make sure your fellow has an easy-going sense of humor because jovial jabs at work are just as likely to follow.

For Virgo men and women with children, selecting arrangements or small flowers with which to decorate a home are a fabulous treat for parents. Planting or decorating with flowers alongside a giggling child makes a birthday an even more special and enjoyable day. I know that our daughter will be thrilled to play in the dirt with her father. I can already hear her chipper laugh as he lifts her by her waist to hang a potted arrangement near our porch swing. I share these same memories with my grandmother and my heart melts with joy when I dream about those simple moments together. Besides, in his mind, it’s one less thing for him to mow.

Visit your local florist today and design the astrological flowers arrangement that is right for your Virgo!

africanviolets.jpb Violets for my Virgo

orangegladiolus.jpg Gladiolus are a beautiful and unique gift idea!

Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Sagittarius

If you’re wanting a fun and bold sidekick to join you on spontaneous adventures, find yourself a Sagittarius! Sagittarians will go basically anywhere with you, and they’ll also be there for you emotionally because they are very caring. [Read more…]

Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Scorpio

With their emotionally driven personality, Scorpios bring an intense and mysterious component to every relationship. Here are some ideas for finding the most fitting bouquet for any Scorpio! [Read more…]