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A Dog, a Cat and a Peace Lily — Fun and Games or Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Ask the Expert: Is a Peace Lily poisonous to pets.

I have one and caught my pet bitting it. Tina


  1. Tina,

    I’m not sure what kind of pet you have, so I am going to address this as a dog or cat pet question.
    According to the ASPCA Poison Control Center, peace lilies (Spathiphyllum) can cause oral irritation, intense burning irritation of the mouth, lips and tongue, excessive drooling, vomiting and difficulty swallowing. The toxic substance in a peace lily is the calcium oxalate crystals.

    Since the plant causes irritation to the mouth, I bet your pets won’t chew on it for very long. I would also think that a large quantity would have to be consumed before the animal is in severe distress.

    However, if you have a kitten or a puppy keep the plant away from them until they out grown the “I’ll chew on anything” phase. This is just a precautionary step. Good Luck.

  2. Charlotte A. Pickett says:

    Thank you for this information about the Peace Lilly! My cat has been chewing the leaves and we were at the vet yesterday and she said that he had a high calcium rate. We do not know yet if the high calcium is due to something out of balance in his system or from chewing the plant but it has been removed from my baby boy “Jake Christian Grace” Thank you so much for your help and support! God bless you!
    Sincerely, Charlotte

    Attached Image: 484352573_m.jpg

  3. Charlotte,

    I’m glad I could help. Jake is a beautiful cat even if he likes to chew on peace lilies. Hopefully your vet will make sure he stays healthy.

  4. My cat, Ivory mowed down my peace lily like it was cat grass twice in 2011 replaced the plant and she did it again in 2012 without any symptoms and is still alive today 2016 so she must be immune to poiso ns

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