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How Alabama Florists Benefit From Camellias, The State Flower

Camellia, The Alabama State Flower

Camellia, The Alabama State Flower

It’s common knowledge to Alabama school children that the state flower is the Camellia (Camellia japonica). It’s less known to Alabama florists and that’s just tragic. There is so much to be gained from camellias and the possibilities are almost endless!

Camellias (Camellia japonica) are beautiful flowers found in many gardens. The bloom itself can be a cut flower known far and wide for its full, mass flower appeal and unique variegations. Much like peonies and carnations, camellias are a great mass flower for florists as their unique shape is easily identifiable and classic. “Beautiful” goes without speaking.

Until I started researching some of the unique ways to use camellias, I had no idea that they were so versatile. One of my favorite techniques involves waxing them which provides a really cool finish and helps them keep longer. I even saw one waxed and spray painted gold. Now if you really want a fun corsage idea for prom, why not use camellias and those techniques? But I digress.

As the Alabama state flower, camellias come with a bit of power. They’re more meaningful and recognizable because they are a state symbol. Translation:  perfect gift.

They are easy to market because there is a lot to do with a state flower like the camellia. The symbolism of the flower makes its inclusion in arrangements more special. Plus it provides the opportunity for unique card messages. Then there’s always the opportunity to send camellia flower arrangements important holidays in Alabama. “Governor appreciation day” comes to mind but there are plenty of others. Florists are some of the best marketers around but having a flower with that much worth helps greatly.

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