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Say Aloha To Your Next Anniversary Idea

A luau theme is never a bad idea for a party. When it’s just a party of two celebrating an anniversary, a luau is a fresh and inventive way to work flowers into the occasion.

Women here are, per cultural upbringing, inclined to expect flowers for a special occasion. Anniversaries are major occasions when flowers are just expected to appear before us with a sweet card from our fellows. While traditional anniversary arrangements and bouquets are great, sometimes a little extra effort is more highly regarded. After hitting some of the milestone markers in a marriage such as 20 or 25 years, women also expect the gifts to be bigger and better as a special reward for dedication and commitment.

Take Me To The Tropics

Take Me To The Tropics

It’s in those moments when we want to do bigger and better for our sweethearts that a private luau seems to hit the spot. For your anniversary this year, rent a hotel room or turn the master bedroom into a little slice of Hawaii. Present her with a lei when she enters the room. Make sure that petals of tropical flowers are strewn across the room, especially around the table where a romantic dinner or anniversary gift awaits.

The cuisine is up to you. It’s nice to research some simple Hawaiian food recipes, but don’t be afraid if you don’t feel up to roasting your own pig in the ground. The decorations are easy to acquire. Local party supplies stores will have many of the things that will get your evening started on the right foot. Be as elaborate or understated as you want but make sure that the evening starts and ends with tropical flowers. It’s a unique gift that your honey will love.

It is very important to note that florists need more time to acquire tropical flowers, especially during the winter months. A quick call to your local florist will be very helpful. He or she might even have a cute idea to add to your evening! Once the flowers are arranged and the night has begun, your sweetheart will be lost to your charms.

Good luck topping it next year.


  1. Jamie Jamison Adams says:


    My anniversary is this month. Maybe my husband will take your suggestions for our anniversary celebration.

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