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A Spicy Anniversary Flowers Idea For August

August is the official wrap of summer. Parents and children get ready to go back to school. College students begin the countdown to spring break. Couples celebrate anniversaries with the same fervor and passion as they did the very first time — or at least will with this fun idea!

Anniversary flowers are a must. Just like gifts on Valentines Day, most women expect something special on this day. Anniversary flower bouquets are a great way to celebrate your lasting romance, but why not spice it up a bit this year? A themed dinner date is a fantastic way to earn some laughs, share some kisses, and get bonus points for creativity. You never know. Your honey may pay you back with something creative of their own. Here are some ideas for a very special evening with spicy flair from some other cultures:

(Guys) Mexican Themed Anniversary Dinner Date: Become her Latin lover for an evening. If this seems like the cheesiest thing you can think of, great! Your lady will most likely give you credit for creativity, have a few laughs at your expense, and think you’re adorable for trying. Then again, you could pull off the Rico Suave appearance.  Her reactions either way are worth a shot.

Anniversary flower ideas for this theme: Keep two small vases of flower stems on the table while you eat. Red is a fiery color that excites the senses, especially the sense of passion. Also, a rose between your teeth as you invite her to tango–hot! Funny, but cute. Don’t forget to shower your senora with compliments and present her with a very special bouquet of flowers for your anniversary. Flowers are something she can keep to remember the evening!

(Girls) Bollywood Themed Anniversary Dinner Date: Become his sultry Indian princess for an evening. Have fun with the outfit. Set the mood for an evening of great Indian food and a little show from the hottest dinner date he’s ever had. As with all spicy foods, be wary of his reactions to spicy foods. If this one seems too much for his tummy, tone down the food but keep the theme of the evening.

Anniversary flower ideas for this theme: Color is a huge part of the bollywood movement. India is full of rich color and beautiful surroundings. Live up to this theme with fresh flowers in vivid colors. Ask your local florist which flowers have the fullest color for your anniversary. Though he may not be riding an elephant to dinner, a large necklace of flowers is a fun way to remind him of the culture that you are celebrating.

What do you think? Think your guy/girl will love it? If this idea makes it way from your head to the anniversary night, please return to Flower Shop Network and let us know how it went. Happy anniversary!

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