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Annuals VS Perennials: What’s the Difference?

What do annuals and perennials have to do with flowers from your florist? Understanding the difference between the two will help explain why some of your favorite flowers are more easily found during some parts of the year, and why some flowers are almost always available.

Annual flowers are flowers whose life cycle only lasts for a year. This means from the time the seeds are planted until the flowers bloom, and eventually, die, only a single growing season has passed. Then the process must start all over again.

Spring-spiration! Bouquet

Perennial flowers are flowers whose life cycle lasts several years. After roughly 3-5 years, their flower production may decline, however, many perennials can last for several decades! Perennials generally grow from a bulb or rhizome. This allows them to become dormant in the colder months and survive the winter.

Annual flowers will bloom for a significantly longer time than perennials. Most will begin blooming in the spring and last through the summer or fall. This means they are more readily available to your local florist and are found more often in bouquets. Perennials only bloom for a few short weeks before becoming dormant for the year.

Climate also has an effect on which flowers may be available. Some annuals can be perennials depending on where they are being grown, and vice versa. Some plants are also biennials. These flowers grow as green plants the first year, then flower in their second.

Now that you know a little more about annuals and perennials, here are a few of your favorite flowers that belong to each group!

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