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Another Tyme Florals: A Piece of History

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Tucked away in Western Nevada, you’ll find the town of Dayton. This historic town is argued to be Nevada’s first town and was also one of the locations for Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe’s last movie, The Misfits. Walk down Main Street in the Historic District and you will find original buildings from the 1800’s, as well as Another Tyme Florals.

Housed in a building from 1930 with a 1910 fire truck parked in front, Lenoralee Vecchiarelli spends her days in her flower shop, often starting work as early as six in the morning. She has been a florist for 39 years. At 87 years young, she has no plans of quitting the floral industry any time soon. Lenoralee chuckled as she told me, “My daughter tells people she’ll probably find me behind the floral desk on the day I go.”

Lenoralee originally worked in the restaurant business. After some time, she decided that it really wasn’t for her. She left town and began working in a flower shop for free in order to learn the ropes. As her design education progressed, she chose to open her own shop.

Pink Lady Florals was Lenoralee’s first flower shop. After 29 years she decided to sell it but she just couldn’t stay away. After five years, she knew it was time to start arranging again and opened up Another Tyme Florals. In addition to a flower shop, Another Tyme Florals is also home to an antique store. Flowers and history are well loved by Lenoralee and she has found the perfect way to enjoy them both.

She has two amazing designers who help her and do most of the arrangements. While she doesn’t do as much arranging as she used to, she is still told that her work is unbelievable. If you happen to pass through Dayton, NV, make sure you stop by for a visit!

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