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Why Isn’t My Anthurium Blooming?

Ask The Plant Expert: I have had my Anthurium plant two years now. When I got it, it had lovely dark-orange flowers; now it has none. The stem that had the flowers has turned brown and there is only a few small leaves, I have it in the kitchen work top near the window. I water it only when the soil gets a bit dry, I have pebbles in the bottom of the pot and also on the top covering the soil, what could the problem be? – Caroline

Small Anthurium Wont Bloom

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Caroline, keep in mind that this plant is originally from the tropical and subtropical areas of North and South America.  Humidity is definitely important, so mist your plant every few days or keep in an area with natural humidity. You might also consider watering a little more, when the soil is just dry to the touch. However, be careful not to water too much; the soil should never be soggy. Sounds like drainage is not an issue.

My next concern is your plant’s location near the stove. This could be bad for a number of reasons: the gasses of cooking, temperature fluctuation, and the possibility of low humidity. I would suggest moving it away from the stove.

Lastly… the main necessity for getting your anthurium to bloom again is bright, filtered light. Although your plant may be getting light during the day, an anthurium plant needs at least 9 hours of (indirect) light a day in order to bloom. Sometimes this is just not possible. But maybe, once you’ve boosted it’s environment to it’s likings, maybe it will be more likely to bloom again. I would not suggest fertilizing your little plant until it starts growing normally. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please ask in the comments below.


  1. Dave Marquez says:

    our anthurium has alot of green leaves in great condition. But I have one and it’s small bloom. should i seperate the plant or what. Like I say it has at least 45 green leaves and 1 small bloom. When we got it a year ago it had a large but then fell off. any sugessions, Thanks Dave &Ree

  2. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Dave,
    Try upping the humidity around your plant, and make sure it is getting plenty of bright, indirect light.