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Anthurium Water & Fertilizer Requirements

Ask the Expert: How often should I water my pink Anthurium?
Should I water it every day or once a week ? should I add plant food or keep it in or out of the sun ? Donna Marie

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

Anthurium do best in a humid environment. Therefore, you need to water evenly and spray with luke warm water. This will vary depending on your specific conditions. In an area that has a hot dry climate, you may need to mist your anthurium every day and water every couple of days. In a humid environment you may go a week or two without watering.

The best rule of thumb is to do the soil squeeze test. Stick your finger down in the soil up to your first joint. Pull a small amount of soil out. If you can roll the soil into a ball and squeeze out water or if the ball stays together, you don’t need to give the plant anymore water. If you can’t roll the soil into a ball and it is powdery, give it some water.

As for fertilizer, during the growing season you can give it a light water soluble fertilizer every two to three weeks.  Don’t fertilize during the winter. The plant will tend to need more water during the spring and summer even if kept inside. During the fall and winter, you can reduce your watering depending on your specific environmental conditions.


  1. Thanks.This was very usefull ;)

  2. how much water should I use to water my anthurium andraenum

  3. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Sarah,
    You should water until your plant is evenly moist, or just until water runs out of the bottom or into the tray.

  4. My plant instructions say to give the plant five ice cubes a week. It says it’s about 1/2 cup of water. What the heck does that mean? How do I do that? Should I just sit the ice cubes around on the top of the dirt. And is this really necessary?

  5. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Virginia,
    Watering with ice cubes is not necessary. In fact, watering with ice cubes is a highly debated topic in the plant world with many believing it does more harm than good. You would probably be better off watering with room temperature distilled water and checking the soil between waterings to decide if the plant is getting enough water.

  6. I use a bulb to water mine. Is that Ok?

  7. Jamie Woods says:

    Using a bulb can be hit or miss. Just keep an eye on it.

  8. Thanks for the post! Answered my question. My plant lives inside all the time and blooms constantly. I think too much fertilizer lately so I’ll cut back now for winter.

  9. Veronica Williams says:

    How much sunlight does my Arthurian require, I love in the Caribbean

  10. Aynsley Broom says:

    Anthuriums usually need quite a bit of light, but they don’t need direct sunlight. So it’s best to keep it in a bright area, but make sure they are directly in front of sunlight.

  11. Lydia Wells says:

    Does anthurium do well in north facing window?

  12. Aynsley Broom says:

    Hi Lydia,
    It should do well.