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Help! My Anthurium’s Red Blooms Are Now Small & White

AnthuriumAsk the Plant Expert:

Hi, I have an Anthurium for approx. two years. When i got it, it had one bright red flower. Since then the flower developed, suffering at times, due to my poor care. After learning how to properly care for it, it started to grow ( lots of healthy, big  leaves) and then it flowered. Right now it has three whitish flowers, smaller than the initial one. Is it possible to revert  the plant to the red  color flowers? – Corina

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

When you say white, do you mean the blooms are faded or are truly white in color.  High temperatures (90°) can cause the bloom color to fade or wash out.  Although it doesn’t occur often, if the pH of the soil is high, the bloom color can become lighter.  Anthuriums are best when the soil pH is 5.5 and a well-balanced fertilizer with Ca, Mg and other trace elements that are used during the non-flowering cycle.  During the flowering cycle, you should use a fertilizer with a slightly higher phosphate content like a 20:30:20 or 6:14:7 blend.

As for the smallness of the blooms, your plant may be getting too much light.  High light concentration can cause the blooms to be smaller in size. Hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


  1. Mhd nasahir says:

    Why Has My Anthurium Turned Green, and some spathes became brown..?

  2. Not sure need a little more information or pictures.

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