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Ode To The Sweet Little Apple Blossom (AR State Flower)

Oh the delight of the sweetly scented apple blossom. Not to be silly, but it’s a beautiful thing.

I began some research on the next state flower in our series but immediately stopped when my eyes came across the apple blossom. Ranging in color from supple pink to soft white, these blooms are typically enjoyed during the late winter and early spring. This is a fascinating time for Arkansans like myself (well, close enough). The sun is out, the early spring rain makes everything grow in bright green, and people seem to whistle for no reason. Mix that with a heapin’ helpin’ of southern hospitality, and you almost have the southern version of The Sound of Music. It’s a lovely time that, at least from my perspective, starts with the blooms of apple blossoms.

Photo Credit of 50states.com

Photo Credit of 50states.com

Malus species is the scientific name for this pretty flower. Whatever you want to call it, the thirty-third general assembly did a fantastic job in 1901 when they named the apple blossom as the state flower of Arkansas.

While I’m sure information about the flower is useful to an elementary student, you’re probably reading this blog to see how the apple blossom is useful to you. Good!

Unlike many state flowers, the apple blossom is a premium cut flower that you will see in high-end flower arrangements from a local florist. Seasonal availability ranges from February through April only. The floral designers at these flower shops can find the deepest inspiration in the uniqueness of these premium flowers.

Pink and white are very popular colors and commonly used during romantic or sweet holidays such as Mothers Day, Valentines Day, and Easter. Flower arrangements designed after gazing on the variegated apple blossom delight Arkansans to the core. It’s not just Arkansas florists that enjoy drawing inspiration from the Malus species. Whether enjoying the way that the simple colors blend together or taking note of how the flowers form a beautiful bouquet, there is something refreshing about the apple blossom and you’re sure to love it!

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