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April Birth Flower: Daisy

Flowers are a great gift to send someone on their birthday, and in the month of April, you can’t go wrong by sending daisies! As the official birth flower for the month, daisies are a bright and fun way to let someone know you’re thinking of them on their special day. Learn more about what makes daisies so special:


Daisies are first known to be cultivated around 2200 B.C. when they were used by Egyptians to treat illnesses. They grew in gardens surrounding Egyptian temples during this time. They were later used in England as a cure for eye problems and stomach ulcers. The name daisy originates from the words “day’s eye,” since the flowers close at night and open in the morning.

Flower Meaning

Daisies are commonly seen as a symbol of innocence and purity. They are also seen as the friendship flower, so they are a perfect choice to send to your closest friends.

Interesting Facts

  • Daisies can be found on every continent except Antarctica. They make up nearly 10% of all of Earth’s flowering plants!
  • Fresh daisy leaves are often found in salads and are high in Vitamin C.
  • Daisies are actually made up of two types of flowers: ray flowers and disc flowers. The disc flowers make up the small circular part in the middle. The ray flowers are what we think of as a daisy’s petals.

Send a bouquet of fresh daisies to someone born in April! Contact your local florist today to make it happen.


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