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April Showers Bring Forth May Flowers – But Which Are Seasonal?

Ask the Expert: Seasonal blooms in Minnesota
I’m getting married May 2 in Minneapolis. What will be blooming at that time? I”m thinking of shopping at their fabulous farmers market for my flowers.



  1. Mary,

    What is in season is a relative term now that we have global flower markets. Most florists have the ability to order specific flowers ahead of time. This allows the florist the ability to create custom wedding bouquets to the brides preference and not constrained by the season. But to give you an idea of what would be seasonal flowers think about the gardens around Minneapolis. What do you see blooming: roses, peonies, snapdragons, iris, lilacs, mock orange, daisies, lily of the valley.

    The problem with seasonal in Minnesota is the frost free date is supposed to be at the end of April but sometimes pushes into May. This can throw the blooming cycles off and the reliability to get the flowers from your garden for a specific date undependable.

    Farmers markets are a great place to pick up local flowers and I believe Minneapolis has a great one simply called Minneapolis Farmers Market. You can find local seasonal flowers at a farmers market throughout the growing season. Some farmers markets will even ship in flowers. The thing to keep in mind when purchasing flowers from a farmers market is that you need to be flexible. The farmers harvest their flowers in accordance with what is ready at the time and not necessarily what you might want at that particular time.

    If I were planning a wedding and wanted to use flowers from the farmers market, I would use them for my reception flowers in a very free manner. In other words I would use vases that I could fill with a mixture of flowers and not worry about the specific flowers until the day I picked them up at the market. I would have a local Minneapolis florist design the wedding ceremony flowers such as the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets and boutonnieres. This way I would be confident that the wedding ceremony flowers were the ones that I wanted based on color and preference and not left to chance.

    Hope this information helps. Please keep me posted.

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