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Ask the Flower Expert: Can You Tell Me the Name of This Plant?

Dear Flower Expert:

I bought this at a local grocery store around Valentine’s Day. It didn’t have a tag on it. Can you please take a look and let me know what this is?



20140220_145020 20140220_145010 20140220_145048

Flower Expert Reply:

On first appearance it looks like it might be a type of Scilla hyacinthoides. The genus Scilla contains around 90 different specious. These bulbous perennials are often used as a naturalizing element under trees and shrubs. In recent years, the plant has been cultivated for cut flower production or as a blooming potted pant. Hope this helps!

As with all plant identification, I welcome any input from our readers. Let us know if you think this plant is a Scilla or something different!


Jamie Jamison Adams


  1. can you help me with this schefflera plant , it has been left outside in the cold, will it recover.

    Attached Image: 20140304_153558.jpg

  2. Martin Mears says:

    Please can tell what this beautiful flower is?

  3. Love Not War says:

    Can you please tell me what kind of plant this is?

  4. Love Not War,

    This appears to be a young Common Mullein. It is considered a weed.



  5. Please tell the name of this flower. I saw this summer in lot if homes and would like to plant next year. Thanks


  6. Shail,

    It’s hard to tell from that photo. I need a picture looking into the flower itself so I can see the stamen.



  7. can you tell me the name of this flower?


  8. Hannie,

    I can’t say for sure, but it looks like a variety of orchid.



  9. Can anyone tell me the name of this flower ? and where may i get it

  10. Can you please tell me what sort of plant this is?

  11. Also what sort of flower is this?
    thanking you in advance

  12. Precious,

    It looks like you have a lilium bulbiferum or orange lily. It’s hardy to zone 7 and normally blooms in early to mid summer.



  13. Precious,

    It’s hard to tell because the picture is so small, but it appears to be a variety of corn.



  14. Can you tell me what this California Native Plant is? The closest I can get is California Fuschia, but it does not look exactly like my photo, from the Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Palos Verdes.

  15. Donna,

    I think you’re right, it looks like a California Fuchsia to me as well. It could be a different variety than the photo you have. Wild flowers can vary.



  16. Can you tell me what this is please?

  17. Clint,
    Bloom looks like a celosia. I need to see the whole plant to be sure.

  18. Michelle dunn says:

    Hi my friend grew these from seed last year and i had them in hanging baskets, she threw the seed packet away though and i would like them again this year but dont know what they are ?? Thanks

  19. Michelle,
    It is a Godetia.

  20. Ajay kasode says:

    what is name of plant? and botanical name of plant?

  21. Ajay,
    I have no idea. Could be related to Pachysandra, but hard to tell from picture. Anyone else know?

  22. Chrissy Lewis says:

    Can you please tell me what kind of flower this is? I have called it a poppy all my life. I have seen them randomly come up in my yard but this was in my friends yard. It is light purple, with purple veins on petals and a white stamen, green center. No vine.

  23. Chrissy,

    I think it is Oenothera speciosa commonly known as pink evening primrose.

  24. I’m trying to help my grandma save this plant she was given at her son’s funeral, can you tell me what it is? Hopefully then I can know how best to care for it…. Thank you so much

  25. Jamie Woods says:

    Can you send a photo to jamie.woods@flowershopnetwork.com?

  26. This plant is growing in my garden, I haven’t a clue what it id

  27. can somebody tell what flower is it?

  28. Aynsley Broom says:

    Hey Taianh,

    Could you send a picture to aynsley.broom@flowershopnetwork.com and we will take a look at it.


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