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Ask the Flower Expert: Help Identify This Flower!

Dear Flower Expert,Sempervivium 'Lilac Time'

I got this picture from Google unlabeled. I am not sure if it is real or photoshopped! If it is photoshopped what flower do you believe it’s modeled after? This is the only picture of this flower.



Flower Expert Reply:

Tamika ,

This plant is a type of Sempervivum, and that is exactly how they look though the coloring in this photo may be slightly enhanced. I think this specific plant is Sempervvivum cultivar, otherwise known as ‘Lilac Time,’ which has a green center that fans out to a purplish color ending with rosy tips.

Hope this information helps!

Jamie Jamison Adams



  1. tiffany duran says:

    What is this flower called?

  2. The flower is a Canna lily.

  3. tiffany duran says:

    Thank you ツ

  4. Chelsea Raven Clement says:


    Do you have any other pictures. It is hard to tell from this picture as to what it is.

  5. I picked these blooms at my aunts. She said that when she got it that it was a bleeding heart. I have saw pictures of a bleeding heart in catalogs but they looked nothing like this.

  6. Chris Livengood says:

    Can you please help us identify this flower. It was found in a yard in Southern Michigan blooming in early August.

    Thank You,

    Chris Livengood

  7. Chris,

    I believe you have a type of bellflower. They are a hardy plant and should survive well in your area.


  8. Hi I work at a golf club and saw these flowers and I feel in love; I watched them over the months as they changed petal color from red/orange -> Orange/yellow -> yellow then now they’re yellow with orange tips. I have a picture I just want to know what they are. Also the leaves are dark green shrub like.

  9. Tina,

    I am not sure which cultivar, but it appears to be a type of dahlia. These annuals usually attract butterflies and come in a variety of heights and colors.

  10. What type of flower is this?

  11. What type of flower is this??

  12. Richard Grigonis says:

    This fascinating flower is at the New York Botanical Garden, but I have no clue what it is. Any ideas?

  13. Richard,

    Looks like a Lady Slipper Orchid.

  14. Found these growing wild but dont know what they are. Grows many plants off of the parent root. Does look to be some sort of perennial. Looks to spead quickly. Does anyone know what it is???

  15. JJ,

    It could be a type of Syringa (lilac). Is the flower fragrant?

  16. Haylee K says:

    What flower is this

  17. Do you know what this is? It’s in my roadside ditch and has a very long dark stem

  18. Haylee,

    This could be many things. DO you have a picture of the plant?

  19. Kelsey,
    It is Aruncus dioicus, or goat’s beard. It is a native perennial.

  20. Shawn williams says:

    I found this beautiful flower and i thought it was a morning glory and looked more into it found that it was a moonflower or im not sure aka jimson weed a poisonous plant what im really wanting to know if they are infact the same and would it hurt to plant them?

  21. Shawn,

    The moonflower plant, otherwise known as Jimson Weed, is poisonous. The plant contains chemical compounds known as “alkaloids” that are extremely poisonous. Here is an article with more information about Jimson Weed. Hope this helps.

  22. What flower is this ?

  23. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Gg,
    Can you send the picture to jamie.woods@flowershopnetwork.com?

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