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Ask the Plant Expert: What Flower is This?

Dear Plant Expert:Lovell-flowers

This picture was taken at my husband’s grandparents’ house. Since it was taken both grandparents have passed away and their house has been sold. We think it is a peace rose but all the peace rose pictures I find don’t have multicolor flowers. We would like to buy this for my mother in-law for mother’s day.




Plant Expert Reply:


It appears to be a Joseph’s Coat rose. This type of rose can be grown as a shrub or a small climber. Your local nursery & garden center would be the best place to find this rose. Look for a garden center that carries Weeks roses.
Hope this information is helpful.
Jamie Jamison Adams


  1. Dear Plant Expert,

    This is my girlfriends favorite flower. But I don’t know the name in order to find out more about it. Can you tell me please?

    Thank you in advance:)

  2. Celadine plumeria

    I got it:)

  3. Gabriel,

    I believe you have a Plumeria, commonly referred to as a Frangipani. Good luck!


  4. Paij Lintz says:

    Can you help me identify this flower?

  5. I’m trying to identify this flower that is featured on an old plate without any luck (c1800). I thought it may have been a lily and the engraver had left off a petal to compose a nicer image but now I notice the flower buds. I believe the Buds, Leaves & Stamins may provide the answer to my search.
    It may be a native US flower as it also has what looks like Black Eyed Susans on the opposite side of the plate.

  6. Rob,

    I can’t say, and identification from an artist’s depiction is almost impossible as they do have creative license to change anything they like to make their image more appealing visually. Can anyone else answer this question?


  7. No one knows what my flower is?

  8. Cathy Clement says:

    I saw these planted in CA, but don’t know what it is. I live in NC and hope that I will be able to plant it there.

  9. Cathy,

    Looks like you found a starburst bush, aka shooting star. The botanical name is Clerodendrum quadriloculare and it grows in zones 9b-11. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include NC. The winters may be too harsh for the plant to survive.



  10. Dear Plant Expert,

    Can you ID this for me please? Saw it in Toronto a few weeks ago. Looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book!


  11. Jordan,

    I think it is a variety of Echium wildpretii, commonly referred to as a tower-of-jewels. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but the tower of flowers is present in them all.



  12. What is this flower/tree? Just moved into a new house.

  13. Bobbie,

    Can you send me a picture?

  14. I adopted this abandoned plant. Would you be able to tell me what type of plant it is? I don’t know how to post an image via comment but I’d be happy so send it by email. Thanks! :)

  15. Kristina

    Email your picture to jadams@flowershopnetwork.com.


  16. Mabel,

    It is hard to tell from the picture – it looks like so many things. My best guess would be a type of painted daisy or aster.

  17. Thank you so much for the reply Jamie!

  18. Myra Chapman says:

    I love this flower. Do you know what kind it is?


  19. Myra,

    The link to the picture you sent displays a 404 error when I click on it. You can email the picture to rachel.brantley@flowershopnetwork.com if you would like.

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