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Ask the Plant Expert: Can You Name This One?

Ask The Expert:

Thanks for comprehensive reply! Wanna tell me name of this one?

Donald Burk

Name This One!


Plant Expert Reply:

Wow that is an interesting one.  I am presently out of the country and away from my ref books.  If you are in no hurry, I’ll try to Id it when I return.


Jamie Jamison Adams


Ask The Expert:

No hurry – beauty still without ID here in my file – I call her BMP for Burk Mountain Beauty though I send it as a .jpg!

I lean toward crassula or tacitus …
Plant Expert Reply:
I believe this is a type of Jovibarba globifera from the Crassulaceae family.  It thrives in hot, arid environments where it grows in full sun.
Jamie Jamison Adams


  1. Mark Drescher says:

    Can you tell me what this is? It appears to be taking over and working as ground cover. How ling will it flower? I have a step grade that’s hard to mow or weed and was thinking about putting some of this there. Thanks

  2. Mark,

    What you have is a type of Securigera varia commonly know as crown vetch. It is often used for erosion control and will bloom from early summer till fall. Just a little side not: it is toxic to horses.

  3. Pat Gretton says:

    Can you please tell me what this plant is

  4. Pat,

    I’m sorry, but the picture is a bit blurry for me to be able to tell for sure. Can you get me a better photo?



  5. Can you please tell me the name of this plant??
    please reply as fast as possible..it will be of great help :)

    thank u :)

  6. Debasruti,

    I’m sorry, but I can’t tell from the photo. Maybe if you can get a photo with the blooms open? Can anyone else identify this flower?



  7. There are weeds growing in our area. Whole hillsides are covered with them. What is it?

  8. Betsy,

    I believe it is a type of bur weed, but would need to know the location (state) in which they are growing to determine which kind.

  9. Can you tell me what these plants are, please?

    I’m moving to a place with these in the back yard and want to make sure they aren’t toxic for dogs. Thank you!!!

  10. This one too.

  11. Amy,

    It is a type of sempervivum. It has a low toxicity level. If ingested it could upset the dogs stomach and it can cause mild irritation to the skin. I have grown them around my dogs without any problems. If you have a young puppy, I would make sure to he does chew on it.

  12. Amy,

    Unfortunately from the picture I can not tell what it is. Clip a stem and take it to your local garden center nursery. They should be able to identify it.

  13. Can u please tell me what this is

  14. Lucy,
    It’s hard to tell from the picture. It could be a tulip, but I would need a clearer picture.

  15. Any idea what this plant is? Thanks!

  16. I jast want to know the name of this plant. Thank you.

  17. Uzair,

    I can’t tell what it is from the picture. I need to see the foliage and the shape of the plant to be able to id properly.

  18. Brandt,

    Sorry I can’t tell from just the leaf. If you could send me a picture of the plant itself I might be able to id it.

  19. A neighbour of mine asked me to find out what plant is this. I hope you can help.


  20. Chris,
    It appears to be an Allium of some species. They are bulb plant and should be perennial outdoors.

  21. Jusman Sulaiman says:

    It is a kind of Lily flower plant. By the way, to everyone, kindly please show me the way to ask the name of a plant which I have photographed? I cannot find the “browse” button to upload the plant’s image

  22. Jusman,
    You can send us your picture here: https://www.flowershopnetwork.com/blog/ask-the-expert/ We will try and identify the plan anyway we can.

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