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Personalities and Flowers: The Architect (INTJ)

The Architect personality type is imaginative and decisive. They have a natural thirst for knowledge and love sharing the knowledge they gain. As one of the rarest personality types, Architects are ambitious and curious about everything around them but remain focused and like their privacy. Looking for the perfect flowers to send an INTJ? We know just the ones! [Read more…]

Florist Spotlight: Allan’s Flowers

At Flower Shop Network, we’re grateful to work with many amazing local florists—including Allan’s Flowers! Since the start of COVID-19, Allan’s Flowers has been working to provide flowers to their community and keep their employees and customers safe. They partnered with a local restaurant, providing delivery services to those customers as well as their own. Check out more about what they’ve been doing and what tips they have for other florists during this time! [Read more…]

Floral Trend Spotlight: 70s Inspired Psychedelics

Spice up this summer with the 70s inspired psychedelic floral trend! Most vintage looks are coming back into style and floral arrangements are not missing out. Try out this groovy summer trend in the arrangements you send this season! [Read more…]

Flower Spotlight: Gerbera Daisies

Daisies have been around for a long time and are a popular choice among florists, especially the Gerbera daisy! They come in a wide array of colors, making them beautiful additions to any flower arrangement. Keep reading to learn more about their origin, meaning, and some interesting facts: [Read more…]

Personalities and Flowers: The Consul (ESFJ)

The Consul personality type is attentive and people-focused. They enjoy taking part in their social community and are social creatures, thriving on staying up to date with what their friends are doing. Their achievements are guided by decisive values and they are willing to guide others when needed or asked. Looking for the perfect flowers to send an ESFJ? We know just the ones! [Read more…]

National Rose Month

It’s National Rose Month! Roses have long been used as symbols of love, beauty, war, and politics throughout history. Their beauty and underlying meanings make them the perfect addition to any bouquet. [Read more…]