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Live Love Flowers

We are proud of our florists and we want you to share your creativity and passion with the world! With Valentine’s Day coming up we know that everyone in the flower business will be beyond busy. We would love to see some of your hard work.

That’s why we’d love to see you start showing-off and promoting your favorite flower arrangements on social media by using the hashtag #LiveLoveFlowers.

You can use this hashtag to find inspiration, generate new customers, and to see what other florists are doing around the world!

Then, on February 15th, Flower Shop Network will be selecting six of our favorite posts to share on our Bloomin’ Blog and our social media sites!

Have fun sharing your passion, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #LiveLoveFlowers. We can’t wait to see your amazing arrangements!

How to Participate

1. Take a picture of an arrangement you’ve created for Valentine’s Day.
2. Upload it to Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter and write your caption.
3. Add the hashtag #LiveLoveFlowers
4. Follow the hashtag to see what other florists are posting, too!



Thanksgiving Table Top Arrangements

As you and yours are celebrating Thanksgiving this year, surround yourself with lush floral arrangements full of autumn-hued flowers and luxurious fall elements. Check out these tabletop ideas for your Thanksgiving table!

Abundant Cornucopia

An icon of the holiday, a cornucopia filled with flowers and foliage is sure to be on many Thanksgiving tables come November 26. Autumn-hued saturn roses, pheasant feathers and myrtle will stand out in this arrangement.

Metallic Fall Elements

Give your table a little sparkle with gold accents like gold and silver vases for your arrangements and adding a bit of gold dust to your luxurious blooms.

A Fruitful Spread

While pumpkins will make their annual appearance at the Thanksgiving table, consider including a variety of fruits such as pears, apples and pomegranates, to give a more ‘bountiful’ look. Include a ‘just-picked’ arrangement with yellow daisies and wheat!

These Thanksgiving arrangements are perfect for anyone wanting to create a charming spread on their table. Call your favorite local florist before the holiday to secure your Thanksgiving florals!



Floral Trend Predictions for the Winter Wedding Season

With summer coming to a close we face the realization that winter weddings are coming soon! Here are a few of our predictions of what will be trending this winter!

Chic and Glamorous

This coming winter wedding season, you can bring glamour back to the wedding scene.

Using romantic, large-bloomed florals and mixing them with traditional red or white roses can draw the eye and make any arrangement pop.

If you are planning on sticking to the sophisticated look, using accents of metallic colors such as gold, silver and copper can add a touch of class to any winter wedding floral decor.

Warm and Cozy

Adding a cozy inviting theme turns natural elements into a fun and intimate affair. Mixing florals with natural decor is sure to create a breathtaking aesthetic.

Filler flowers, including baby’s breath or waxflowers, and non-floral elements, such as wool and berried branches, will mix-in nicely with simple blooms such as roses and lilies.

Accents of natural colors like evergreens, rich browns and deep reds will harmonize this winter wedding theme.

Home for the Holidays

The Christmas theme can mix in effortlessly with a sophisticated style. Textiles like velvet, faux fur and woven textures will enhance an elegant holiday-themed wedding.

A Christmas-inspired wedding can accentuate traditional red roses with boxwood or holly. Pinecones, cranberries and mistletoe mixed within the bridal bouquet can also add a holiday touch.

Don’t hesitate to mix a bit of the elegant with a bit of the earthy this winter wedding season! For more great ideas and tips, visit the Bloomin’ Blog!


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Summer 2015 Floral Wedding Trends

FSN-Summer Wedding 2015

The season of weddings is upon us and that means summer brides are out in full force to take advantage of this year’s hottest styles. Take a look at what we believe will be the five most popular trends for brides’ 2015 summer affairs.

Large-Blossomed Flowers

To create a romantic and luxurious atmosphere, large-blossomed flowers will be trending. Blooms such as hydrangeas, peonies and garden roses will be used to make bold statements in a variety of wedding decor, from bouquets to the table centerpieces. Blossoms are versatile for many occasions and can fit right in with a variety of wedding styles.

Lush Greenery

Inspired by the natural essence of a garden, many are opting to bring in lush greenery, such as mixes of herbs or garlands often made from varieties of ferns or leafy foliage, to complement to center piece wedding day blooms. Herbs like rosemary and mint are used primarily for their shape and rich aromas, while ferns are taken for their lacy delicate textures. Consider bringing in greenery for a more natural feel to any wedding theme.

Cascading and Teardrop Bouquets

Cascading bouquets have a 100-year history. Seen as a very classic arrangement, the style has come and gone several times throughout the last century. The height of its popularity occurred when Princess Diana walked down the aisle with her own cascading bouquet, the teardrop bouquet is much more streamlined with its shorter drop. Both styles are perfect for the classic bride.

Heirloom Elegance

Another trend you can expect to see in summer 2015 will be heirloom and vintage incorporated into many bridal styles. “Bejeweled accents” will be strategically blended into bridal bouquets and on bouquet handles. Other approaches for adding “bling” into a wedding include family jewelry, such as earrings necklaces, crowns or brooches, which gives the event a personal touch and a twist of modern sophistication.

Re-purposed and Up-cycled

Suggested for weddings with a more rustic ambiance, re-purposed and up-cycled elements bring a simple, natural feel to a couple’s big day. Not only budget-friendly, wedding decor like centerpieces, signs and vases created to accentuate floral arrangements mix well into a natural atmosphere. Mix-and-match pieces also give the perfect “homey” feel to an intimate affair while maintaining a strong theme throughout the event.

Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great wedding flower trends and ideas!

Mother’s Day Floral Trends ’15

Your mother is a special lady and her gift on Mother’s Day should be just as special. Many flower-gifters opt for a rose bouquet, which is a beautiful and classic choice, but there are many other options that will also bring a radiant smile to a loved one’s face. Here are this year’s options for a Mother’s Day floral gift!


Give your mom the symbol of life this Mother’s Day. Lilies come in a plethora of colors, so choose her favorite and combine the flowers with other spring and summer blooms.


Whether potted or in a bouquet, tulips are a Mom favorite because they are colorful and long-lasting. They, like lilies, are available in just about every color!

Potted Rosebush

Does Mom have a green thumb? Then instead of a cut flower bouquet, consider this everlasting tribute to her. These small blooming plants can be enjoyed inside for a long time before being replanted in her garden.


Succulents and air plants have grown in popularity and make an excellent gift this season. If your Mom isn’t much of a gardener, no worries! Succulents don’t require much water and stay indoors!


You can add a gift along with your arrangement as well! Talk to your florist about incorporating a keepsake to your floral gift. Jewellery, chocolate and even photos are viable add-ons to make a unique gift.

Mother’s Day is for honoring the special woman who raised you and what better way to say “I love you” than with flowers! Head to your local florist to make this Mother’s Day truly special!

Trending Graduation Arrangements

 Graduation is a special time. It marks the completion of a stage of life and the beginning of a new chapter. What better gift to congratulate the graduate than flowers–a symbol of thriving and growth. Here are some ideas for great graduation arrangements for an amazing student!

School Colors

Graduation is the perfect time to show off school pride! Consider an arrangement with the recipient’s school colors. Your florist can help you find the best bunch of blooms for your loved one. Whether it’s dyed flowers or even colorful ribbon, surprise your student with some school spirit.


Ferns, succulents and bamboo plants make great graduation gifts. These sorts of plants require minimal care, which is ideal for a graduate’s new desk. In addition, green plants tend to last longer than cut flowers, allowing the recipient to have a reminder of their special day for a long time to come.


Always popular for many occasions, roses are a universal sign of love. They are a reminder that the recipient is very special to the giver and graduation is an ideal time to express that. Roses come in a large variety of hues, so consider a bouquet of mixed colors to symbolize the many choices your graduate can make in the near future.


Talk to your florist about incorporating some gifts within an arrangement. Maybe new school supplies or something useful for their new job–your local florist can personalize their arrangement for an extra special graduation gift.

Whatever you choose, your graduate will feel special with their own arrangement. You are reminding them not only of your pride in them, but also that they are going out into the world to grow and prosper–just like a flower. For more great ideas, check back with the Bloomin’ Blog.


5 Trending Valentine’s Day Arrangements

Valentine’s Day is the biggest floral holiday of the year. But this year, give that special loved one something unique! It’s the perfect time to show your sweetie how much you care and surprise them with a twist on the traditional flower arrangement. Here are 2015 Valentine’s Day floral trends making the rounds to loved ones everywhere.

Roses in a Box
Scrap the vase altogether! Many florists have gift boxes available, so have them line up roses so your sweetie gets a lush, fragrant surprise upon opening the lid. When they receive the box, they’ll be expecting chocolates, but instead they will receive a unique floral arrangement that they can dry and keep as lovely potpourri. In this case, think inside the box!

Ditch the Red
With so many rose colors to choose from, you can always deliver a favorite. Maybe a pink or purple arrangement would be more fitting for your specific recipient–after all, you don’t have to use roses! If you do have your heart set on them, they come in just about every hue under the sun. Tell your florist about your significant other’s favorite color and let them help you make the right choice.

Tip: An orange rose signifies desire and passion–perfect for a new romance. For a friend, choose a yellow rose.

Hanging Beauty
Instead of a bouquet, consider something with a little more shape. Your florist can create a heart-shaped arrangement, like a wreath. Your loved one can display it on their front door or hang it as decor in their living room.

Bling Bling
If she likes sparkle, add some to her arrangement! Your florist has a lots of options to really make flowers pop. From heart-shaped pins to strings of shiny pearls, these can be added to the vase or the jewels can even be inserted into the middle of flowers for a surprise sparkle.

Florals to Wear
A trend that has continued from last year are floral crowns and jewelry. This stylish floral gift can be a classic take on Valentine’s Day flowers because she can wear her arrangement! What a better gift to give your significant other on the day of love than the opportunity to feel like a princess? She’ll love to wear her gift all day, whether it’s a headband, a bracelet, or a necklace.

There are many creative ways to shower your sweetheart with flowers this Valentine’s day. Plan ahead with your florist and give that valentine a unique floral gift.


DIYers, Florists & Flowers – Creating Amazing Holiday Decor

You have the stuffing, the pumpkin pie and the turkey. What’s missing? Seasonal decorations to enhance your holiday table. This year, use the only simple Thanksgiving table decoration that achieves the ultimate in holiday decor: flowers!

Do It Yourself Flowers (With A Little Help)

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

When creating your own table decor, you can find decorations and flowers at your local florist. But flowers aren’t the only items you can purchase from your florist. You can also find fun and colorful accessories, like gourds, berries and other seasonal options like cornucopia baskets or pumpkin-shaped vases. Whatever matches the rest of your decor, your florist can help you find what you need. When it comes to DIY and table decorations, they will be happy to help you as much or as little as you want.

Tip: Make sure to meet with your florist ahead of time so they can offer suggestions and advice on your decorating ideas.

Holiday Decoration Ideas

Vintage wheat table decor

Draw inspiration from your own backyard. Gather fallen leaves, pinecones and greenery to add to the fall-colored daisies, lilies and bright sunflowers provided by your local florist. Thistles and berries are good autumn elements that intensify the “pulled from the garden” look. For a rustic down-home effect, try putting all of your flowers in a decorative clay pot.

A bundle of barley or wheat wrapped in shiny copper wire can also look very autumnal sitting on plates or arranged with your tablescape flower offerings. Make sure to shake the loose bits out before using the grains on the table, or you’ll end up with a bit of a mess. Don’t forget the chrysanthemum!

Used by itself as a potted plant or as cut flowers in a centerpiece arrangement, this flower is the epitome of fall and Thanksgiving.


You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Creating your own Thanksgiving table decor doesn’t mean you can’t rely on the experts for help. Your local florist can provide the quality flowers and expert advice you need to wow your guests this Thanksgiving holiday.

With a little help and before you know it, there’ll be a fall flower extravaganza to go with the bounty already on your table.

Go Back to School On a Good Note!

As the oppressive, summer heat looks fondly toward falling temperatures and falling leaves, the kids will start lining up at the bus stop. Why not surprise your favorite pupil, teacher or bus driver with a motivating boost. Buy them a flower arrangement!

Back to school flowers by Brenham Floral Company, Brenham TXMake the Grade

Flowers are sure to make the grade in your star student’s heart. Sending a flower arrangement to your favorite student can cure those end-of-summer blues as they begin their school routine.Flowers such as forget-me-nots can be a highlight to a child during their first day at school as they adjust to a new environment and classmates.

When they walk out of those school or school bus doors with a smile, you’ll know you made an impact in their day.

Giving Thanks to Teachers

And students aren’t the only ones feeling the stress of a new school year. Brighten a teacher’s afternoon with a collection of Gerbera daisies!

Let them know that they’re ready for the undertaking of a new batch of students and learning together one day at a time. Sending flowers can serve as a great way to say “Thank you!” to those who care for your kids on a daily basis.

Enthusiasm BlossomsShare the School Spirit with a Local Florist

By ordering a flower arrangement from a local florist, your child will be sure to be the teacher’s pet. For example, find a flower arrangement with carnations in the school’s colors as a fun way to show school spirit! This can be a great touch to send some pep into someone’s steps. Also, you’re benefiting a local business who may have a star student or grandchild too!

Local florists are also familiar with schools’ policies about flower delivery, so they can advise you on the best option. Whether that be an arrangement waiting on the kitchen table or on their desk, share the school pride together and order a flower arrangement from your local florist.

Sending a bundle of flowers for back to school is the perfect way to end the first day of school on a good note! Show your appreciation for teachers, staff, administration, and your student for all of the hard work that they do with a flower arrangement.

Writing Contest: Why are Flowers Romantic?

We held a writing contest for students at a local Jr. High where we asked them the question, “Why are Flowers Romantic?” The following essay was written by our first place winner, ninth-grader Courtney Smith! 

Why are Flowers Romantic?

Flames of PassionBring on the HappyCharismatic Crimson

Flowers can be used for many different things. They can be used to show sympathy, admiration or just that someone is thinking of you. A large part of the time though, flowers are used in romantic scenarios. For instance, the roses between a couple at a candle-lit dinner for two or the flower petals strewn along the aisle for a bride to follow to her waiting, starstruck lover. Flowers are given on dates, proms and dances, anniversaries and countless other events. They’re exchanged between couples so often because they show an effort of affection, that a person wants to go out of their way to impress you, to show you that they were thinking of you and are interested in you.

Often, flowers even have different meanings. Roses are often thought of and associated with passion while other flowers such as tulips or sunflowers are associated with a more sweet and innocent love. They might be given on a first date between teenagers or used to ask a high school crush to prom. When flowers are given, it just seems as though a person is going the extra mile to show you how they feel about you and that the kind gesture was well worth the money and time spent getting the flowers for you.

Whether they are wildflowers growing on the side of the road or roses grown in a nursery, they are a great way to show a person that you want to see them happy and put a smile on their face. Flowers can be used to show many emotions and feelings, but probably the most common emotion expressed with flowers is love or romance.

In conclusion, flowers are romantic because they are a way of showing affection, effort and meaning in a relationship. No matter the kind, reason behind the exchange or the response, flowers are a wonderful way to show how you feel, even if you can’t find the words to express it.

Thank you, Courtney! Great Job!