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Best 5 Reasons To Send Flowers In June

June is the month that says goodbye to the mild spring and hello to hot summer time. School is out, the heat has arrived and it is time to celebrate for many different reasons. And here we give you all the reasons you need to contact your local florist this month. Why go local? Because when you order from your real local florist, not a faceless order-taker or blank form online, but an actual brick-and-mortar flower shop owner who cares about your order, you will get the best flowers available. And there are so many chances to send flowers this month. Take a look!

Energetic Roses#1. National Rose Month – June

Whether it is for yourself or a friend, this is the month that a beautiful bouquet of roses is the absolutely best choice because it’s National Rose Month! Enjoy the classic rose in all its glory this season. Break away from the passionate red that everyone has come to expect (unless it is just a hands-down favorite) and experience the beauty of variety! Roses comes in every hue you can imagine and different hybrids you love discovering.

Candy Bouquet#2. National Candy Month – June

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate candy this month? For the chocolate lover or the sweet eater there is no better surprise than a candy bouquet from your local florist featuring everyone’s favorites. While candy gets a bad wrap from dentists and dieters alike, it can’t be ignored that indulgencing in a little sweet treat brings smiles and happiness all around. And that’s always worth sharing. Perfect for the office or any kids that need a little spoiling, send a delicious reminder that June is National Candy Month!

Lush Garden#3. Father’s Day – June 15th

Flowers aren’t just for Mother’s Day, you know. Don’t leave dad out in the cold this Father’s Day and order him the perfect gift from the florist too! From woodland inspired arrangements to a simple live plant that’s great for the office to a snack basket brimming with his favorite treats, your florist has something for every dad that will make his heart sing your praises. Forget the tie. Go with a gift you can customize just for him and show your father how very special he is to you.

Hooray For Summer#4. First Day of Summer – June 21st

At last! At last! School is out! No more homework, no more desks, no more sitting still and… oh it’s too hot to play outside, is it? Whether you are celebrating summer with some bright cheery blooms or giving yourself a reprieve from some summer chaos, a summertime floral arrangement will bring the outside in and refresh your whole house. Not to mention, there’s no better gift to send to an older person who might have troubling getting outside to enjoy the beauty of the season. Flowers will deliver sunshine to every house.

Flames Of Passion#5. June Birthdays

Take a guess as to what this month’s birth flower might be. The rose, of course! And there are so many meaning associated with roses you can say exactly what you feel to your beloved on their special day.

  • Red Rose- I love You
  • Orange Rose- Fascination
  • Pale Pink Rose- Modesty
  • Pink Rose- Thankfulness
  • Red & White Mixed- Unity
  • White Rose- Innocence and purity, secrecy and silence.
  • Yellow Rose- Decrease of love, jealousy, try to care

Best 5 Reasons to Send Flowers in May

May is the month where spring stretches to it’s fullest extent and offers up mild weather, bright blooms and just enough sun to make your day sparkle. It’s the perfect month to make some time for the outdoors, open all the windows in your house and breathe in the warm freshness of the season. Even if it means talking a little allergy medicine to make it through that fine day! Here are our very favorite reasons to send flowers this month:

Happiness Grows#1. Cinco de Mayo – May 5th

Literally “the 5th of May” in Spanish, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated each year on, yep, May 5th. This date commemorates the Mexican victory over the French in 1862. The holiday has grown tremendously in the United States as a celebration of Mexican pride and honoring of heritage. All over the country, people come together to throw fiestas and sing the praises of a colorful culture. And what better way to add to festivities than bringing beautiful flowers to be enjoyed by all? Whether celebrating your roots or just appreciating someone else’s, contact your local florist to help add a punch of COLOR!

Spring It On#2. National Nurses Day – May 6th

Nurses handle everything from assisting doctors during major surgeries to making sure medicines and doctor’s orders are followed through. We all owe a big thanks to the nurses in our lives who often work long difficult hours caring for the youngest, the oldest and the sickest around. National Nurse’s Day celebrates these hard-working individuals. So brighten the day of a nurse you know. Send a cheery arrangement that gives thanks to all they do day in and day out.

Amazing May Bouquet#3. Mother’s Day – May 11th

This really is the mother of all flower-sending holidays and that’s because nothing shows love and unconditional affection like fresh-cut flowers. Have your mom’s flowers delivered during the week to her office so she can show them off to her friends. Or have flowers arrive on the weekend to help her enjoy her special day. Speaking of special, be sure to ask your local florist about their Mother’s Day specials. No matter what style or variety you choose, your mother is sure to feel the love this Mother’s Day with flowers.

Red White and Beautiful#4. Armed Forces Day – May 17th and Memorial Day – May 26th

That’s 2 chances you have this month to show your love for the red, white and blue! Armed Forces Day salutes soldiers currently serving in the military while Memorial Day is set aside to honor those fallen heroes who gave their life in service. Send a beautiful patriotic themed bouquet to a special friend or family member who serves or served their country through military service. This month, take time to remember the strength of our county comes from the collective efforts of these military men and women.

It's A Snap#5. May Birthdays

Have family or friends with a May birthday coming up soon? Show them just how thoughtful you are with a lovely arrangement. Make it even more thoughtful and personal by ordering their favorite color. Not sure what color, style or flower would be a hit? Talk to your local florist to see what is trendy and in season right now. Some all-time favorite flowers for May are peonies, alstromeria, callas, delphimium, freesia and snapdragons.




Best 5 Reasons to Send Flowers in April

April is upon us and that means spring is in swing! Whether you are enjoying some fresh air while you tackle yard work or watching April showers pour down during your spring cleaning campaign, one thing is missing from your day. Flowers! Your local florist has a huge stock of springtime blooms to share. Here are some of the reasons you should be sending flowers this month.

Very Special Delivery#1. Passover – April 14th

The 3rd week in April brings the celebration of Passover for those of the Jewish faith. This ancient holiday is steeped in tradition and always begins with a gathering of family and friends for the Passover meal. Whether you are hosting the ritual Sedar feast this year or heading to a family member’s house, flowers will add to your celebration in a big way. A fresh-cut arrangement makes for welcoming decor or a wonderful hostess gift for the lady of the house. A beautifully crafted arrangement will add beauty and elegance to this important time of year and last throughout the week long observance.

Easter's On Its Way#2. Easter – April 20th

Headed to your mother-in-law’s for Easter dinner? Add to the table a breath-taking centerpiece of fresh-cut garden flowers. Have grandkids who are too far away for an in-person visit from the Easter bunny? Your florist has you covered with customizable baskets full of toys, candy and topped with a balloons. Want an arrangement that speaks to you or your recipient’s religious beliefs? Ask your florists about their faith-based designs including crosses, favorite card scriptures and more. Make your Easter celebration special and memorable this April with gifts from the flower shop.

Early Spring Hyacinth#3. Earth Day – April 22nd

Time again to celebrate the rich beauty and the fullness of this great planet that sustains the lives of billions of inhabitants everyday. Earth Day is a day designed to inspire appreciation for the Earth’s environment as well as raise awareness for the protection for our fascinating home. What could be more inspiring than nature? Ask your florist about the fantastic potted plants and plant-able spring bulbs they have in store. Add a little more green into someone’s day to help them celebrate all the reason’s Earth is important to us.

Cup O Cheer#4. Administrative Professional’s Day – April 23rd

Once known as Secretary’s Day, Administrative Professionals Day has become one of the largest workplace observances. By setting aside a special day to recognize support staff with gifts and words of appreciation, now is the perfect opportunity to tell your staff or assistant “Thank you so much for everything you do!” Favorites include beautiful fresh-cut arrangements in fun and useful coffee mug vases. Also, gourmet snack baskets piled high with fruit and treats will go over big in the breakroom. Let your employees know how much they are valued with just a quick call to your local florist.

Gerb Appeal#5. April Birthdays

Anyone with an April birthday deserves all the loveliness of spring for their big day. Daisies are the official birth flower and are sure to bring big smiles. There are so many varieties of the Asteraceae family, you’ll have fun picking out pretty styles and colors. Daisies instantly bring cheer and exuberance while symbolizing innocence, purity and new beginnings. The Victorian meaning of daisy is loyal love and will never tell. Surprise your birthday girl with a big bunch of bright Gerberas and she will never forget your thoughtfulness!


What are your favorite reasons to send flowers this month?
Let us know in the comments!

A Visual Feast From Instagram

Instagram Inspiration Feb 25

This week, we have selected our favorite floral arrangements from Instagram that feature texture as a prominent element of their design. Each of these beautiful designs was created with highly tactile materials that intrigue the eye and invite closer inspection.

From moss and dried grass to feathers and small sprigs offering colorful clusters, the minute details present in these materials give a delicate pause within the bouquet while the larger blooms beg the eye to drink in their color on a grand scale.

Take a look at the variety and creativity from these talented florists. Don’t be shy either. You can always call up your local florist and work directly with them to create something that tickles your fancy.

English Garden Raleigh

The English Garden Raleigh Florist – Raleigh, NC

Mille Fleurs

Mille Fleurs – Addison, TX

Everett Floral

Everett Flowers and Gifts – Everett, WA

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Bold and Beautiful – FSN’s Pinterest Picks

Bold Beautiful Pinterest PicksHere’s what caught our eye on Pinterest recently. Big, bold and completely beautiful arrangements that feature some stunning blooms. These colorful creations all show traditional design principals that seek to inspire and command a presence.

Each work is far-reaching and open – inviting contemplation and appreciation of undeniable beauty.

It is designs like these you’ll find in the best sympathy arrangements as well as reception hall centerpieces and memorials. Enjoy the thematic color palettes and expert arranging from these talented florists! And let us know what you think in the comments below.

A New Beginning

A New Beginning – Moore, Oklahoma

“Patriotic spray”

City Flowers

City Flowers – New Buffalo, Michigan

“Just another day in the shop!”

Flemington Floral Company

Flemington, Floral Company and Greenhouse – Flemington, New Jersey

“tropical arrangement”

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Spread the Luck on St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is coming. How do you plan on celebrating?

Maybe you’re hitting the streets to watch a parade, sharing a green beer with friends or just wearing a green shirt to ward off any pinches. Part of what makes celebrating St. Patrick’s Day so fun is the idea of the “Luck of the Irish.” This is the hope that celebrating the vibrant culture of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day will mean a little extra luck for you, me and everyone else.

Why Do The Irish Get All The Luck?

The luck of the Irish is thought to mean “extreme good fortune.” There is no solid answer about where the phrase originally came from though. Some claim it has roots in a legend about an Irishman who had a few too many drinks and accidentally walked over a cliff’s edge but his life was saved by landing on a bed of green clovers. Others say it is an American invention that popped up around the time of the Gold Rush and referred to a number of Irish American immigrants who found fortunes in the West.

However it started, it is now widely accepted that having the luck of the Irish means you have good fortune on your side.

Get Lucky With Flowers!

So you can’t predict when and where luck will strike this St. Patrick’s Day but you can certainly make someone special feel lucky. By sending them flowers of course! Better yet GREEN flowers that symbolize luck, prosperity and renewal!

Make your hunny feel lucky to have you with a fresh-cut arrangement. Turn her friends green with envy at the office or brighten the house with a bright blooming bouquet she won’t soon forget. You’ll start feeling lucky when you see flowers bring big smiles this St. Patrick’s Day.

Know someone that could use a little pick-me-up? Your mom, a friend from college or your running buddy? Send them some potted shamrocks this St. Patrick’s Day to help spread the luck around.

Contact your local flower shop to see what specials they have going for the holiday. You’ll feel like a billion bucks for bringing some joy and good luck into someone’s life this St. Patrick’s Day.

Lucky You!


Spring Forward With Flowers!

Spring Forward With FlowersHere is a reminder to set those clocks forward one hour this Sunday.

Daylight saving time begins this year on March 9th, 2014 at 2:00am.

So those blissfully longer days you have been dreaming of all winter will cost you an extra hour of sleep. Unless you happen to live in locations that ignore Daylight Saving Time all together. Then you don’t have to worry about it.  Hawaii anyone?

With spring on the way, it is time to shake off the dust of last season. Sure, maybe you’ll get started on all that spring cleaning now, but don’t forget to actively enjoy nature a little more.

Welcome Spring In Right Now!

Here’s how:

  • Send a cheery spring arrangement to your spouse or best friend! Flowers bring instant smiles and sunshine into a room.
  • Select a healthy new house plant for your home or office. They look beautiful, lift your mood, help purify the air!
  • Think outdoors! Check out what great seasonal items are available like potted tulips, garden flags, spring-themed wreaths and more at your local flower shop.

You might be losing a little sleep but with some extra daylight hours, you can enjoy the welcome sight of spring when you give the gift of fresh cut flowers and living plants. It’s a fantastic chance to show someone special that you are thinking about them or a perfect way to treat yourself.

Find your real local florist today and order lovely flowers to spring forward with this season.

Easter LilyButterfly Garden Bouquet

Celebrate International Women’s Day!

International Women' s Day

It’s possible you haven’t heard of International Women’s Day even though it has been around since 1908. But you are bound to hear about it more and more as this day that honors the strength and accomplishments of women gains additional recognition every year.

This is not just another version of Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. This is a holiday that was officially recognized in the US in 1994 and acknowledges the struggles of women to gain equal rights in different cultures all over world. Each year the UN sets a theme to bring about awareness about the struggles women continue to face in society. 2014 proclaims “Equality for Women is Progress for All.”

How Can You Celebrate?

There are several different way you can celebrate this day. You can feel good that no matter what way you choose, recognizing the significance of the holiday will help spread the word to others.

Bring About Awareness

Individuals often wear purple ribbons to mark International Women’s Day. Keep an eye out for awareness ribbons in local gift shops, or get crafty and make your own. By wearing an awareness ribbon, you are fostering the opportunity to tell interested parties what it stands for and why it is meaningful to you. You might even carry a few extras to give out at school or work.

Thank the Strong Women In Your Life

Becoming a strong independent woman is extremely challenging in a society that can frequently put up road blocks for females of all walks of life. But everyone knows someone in their lives who have been determined and held their ground. Whether it was getting ahead at a competitive job or raising a loving family, the strength of women should be rewarded.  Send a lovely fresh-cut arrangement to let someone in your life know how amazing and inspiring they are.

Teach Others The History of Women’s Rights

Talk freely to children and loved ones about women working to gain equality, women champions you admire and why feminism is the desire for equal, not special, treatment. No need to get preachy, just speak from the heart. Talk about what inspires you to fight discrimination, even in small ways, or how you appreciate what others have done in the past to make our world what is it today. By making yourself heard, you are teaching others important values that make positive change possible.

While there is plenty of room for improvement, women’s rights have come a long way over many years and without remembering that rich history our culture won’t be able to move forward without your help.

 Enjoy celebrating all the aspiring and inspiring women that have touched your life this Saturday.
Happy International Women’s Day!

Best 5 Reasons to Send Flowers in March

Another page has turned on the calendar. March marks the month of fresh spring blooms and reasons to get up, get out and get happy as the days are longer and warmer. You can send some of your new found joy to others with an arrangement from your local florist. Here are the very best reasons to send flowers this month. Fashionable Floral

#1. Mardi Gras – March 4th

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Or rather, let the good times roll! Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday” and is the traditional celebration taking place the day before Ash Wednesday. The official colors of Mardi Gras were selected in 1872 and have specific meanings – purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power. And while you may be far away from the thrill and excitement of Mardi Gras parties and parades, you can help loved ones celebrate with flowers! Your local florist can create a complete vision of Mardi Gras in color and spirit with bright spring flowers.

Purple Heart Iris#2. International Women’s Day – March 8th

Not just another Valentine’s Day’s or Mother’s Day here. International Women’s Day stands as a day to champion the strength and accomplishments of women. This day has a history of acknowledging the struggles of women to gain equal rights. While the date has changed a few times since its start in 1908, actress and activist Beata Pozniak solidified the bill that made this holiday officially recognized by the US in 1994. The UN sets a theme for each year to bring about awareness. 2014 proclaims “Equality for Women is Progress for All.” Individuals often wear purple ribbons to mark the day. Send a bright blooming bouquet to any strong trailblazers in your life.

Early Spring Green#3. St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th

Kiss me, I’m Irish! This day got its start commemorating Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland in the 17th century. Over the years it has grown into a global celebration of Irish heritage and culture. From parades to green beer, almost every city finds a way to celebrate. If you aren’t celebrating, or at least wearing a bit o’ green, you might get a pinch! Send a little green to someone special this St. Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish might just be with you until next year.

Tip Top Tulips#4. First Day of Spring – March 20th

Finally! It has arrived! Sometimes nothing can be sweeter than saying goodbye to the winter winds and welcoming in the changes that spring offers up every year. New life is popping up everywhere and flowers are the first to get started with so many beautiful varieties coming into season. There is certainly someone in your life that could use some perking up after such a long winter, even if that someone is yourself! Send a lovely fresh-cut arrangement of new spring flowers to knock the winter blues away for good.

Spring Comes Alive#5. March Birthdays

Daffodil, narcissus, jonquil, Lent lily, Easter bells, whatever you decide to call it, this happy harbinger of spring is the official birth flower for March. So if you know a special someone with a birthday this month, daffodils are really the best choice. They have a wide range of meaning covering unrequited love, chivalry, affection returned, desire, and love. And all varieties are fragrant and beautiful this season.

Sweet Bridal Bouquets From Instragram

Instagram Inspiration Feb 25

As florists everywhere are preparing for the busy bridal season just around the corner, we wanted to share some beautiful bouquet inspiration from Instagram.

We love the variety of florals found on this popular photo-sharing site and just had to show you what talented florists from all over the world are creating for some very lucky brides.

Take a look at the delicate color and incredible attention to detail evident in every photo. We think you’ll agree – nothing is sweeter than those soft pinks and vintage whites which offer up a classic look and a timeless feel in any design.

Know that experienced florists have the skills and artistry to take your breathe away on special occasions like your wedding day!

A Creative Touch

A Creative Touch – Wayne, New Jersey

Good Seed Floral

 Good Seed Floral – Eugene, Oregon

Fache Florals

Fache Floral Design – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Every Tuesday, we share inspiring flowers and exciting trends from amazing real local florists active on Pinterest & Instagram!

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