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FSN at FSFA Conference

We had the pleasure of attending FSFA’s Annual Convention this past weekend and had an unforgettable time. Our FSN Account Manager Irving Casiano Flores had a wonderful time. Here are a few pictures.

Joyce Petty from Atmore Flower ShopIrving Casiano Flores with FSN Member Joyce Petty from Atmore Flower Shop of Atmore, AL. She also won 3rd in the design competition, congratulations Joyce!

What an amazing design for the theme of the convention, Carnevale Di Venezia.

mask centerpieceA creative centerpiece with purples, pinks, and greens.

pink mask centerpieceA beautiful pink centerpiece accented with feathers.

green ivory designA green and ivory design.

We had a great time at this convention and enjoyed talking to so many great people. It was a great event! Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog to see where we go next!

Shades of Purple – FSN’s Pinterest Picks

Copy of  Copy of  Pinterest Picks Jan 21 2014  (1)Here’s what caught our eye on Pinterest this week! The beautiful shades of purple incorporated into each design definitely makes for an unforgettable arrangement, no matter the occasion.

Each arrangement is simply stunning with purple intertwined into each design.

Celebrate the warmer temps of spring by enjoying these wonderful designs by some skilled florists.

The Wild Orchid Florist – Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Lovely cascade”

CR Flowers & Gifts – Bracebridge, Ontario

“Something Purple”

Apple Blossoms Floral Design – Tampa, FL

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Common Name of Two Plants

Ask The Expert: “One you will laugh I need a spelling lesson. sheffeleria? even the spell check cannot help me. the other is what is the common name for phothos? and spelling for both.” – Patricia

Plant Expert Reply:


Schefflera is commonly referred to as octopus plant or umbrella plant. Pothos is the common name for Epipremnum aurem (syn Scindaspus Aureus). Hope this information helps.

Ask the Expert: What Type of Plant is This and How Do I Care for It?

Ask the Expert: I got this from a funeral and no type of description or care instructions were included I would like to know how to care for it. Thank you.

Anthurim - Flamingo FlowerPlant Expert Reply:


The plant is one of the members of the genus Anthurium and is commonly called Flamingo Flowers. I am not sure which species of Anthurium it is. These make wonderful houseplants because they can tolerate low light levels. However, they do need a humid environment. So, misting them everyday with lukewarm water is a must.
You can find more information about Anthurium Water & Fertilizer Requirements on the Bloomin Blog. If you are interested learning what issues others have had with Anthurium, we have several posts on the blog that might be helpful.
Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

SCAM ALERT – Email Scam

Just got word from Tim and Sandra Hooper at MaryJane’s Flowers that their email has been hacked and an email saying they need money because they were mugged in England is being sent.

I’m Sorry I didn’t inform you about my trip to the England for a program, I am presently in England, something extremely awful happened to me, I was mugged at gun point on my way to the Hotel by some Hoodlums and they made away with my Bag and other valuables. Presently my things are been held down by the hotel management due to my inability to pay the hotel bills which I currently owe, they even had to restrict my access to the hotel facilitates until outstanding bills are cleared and I don’t have a dime on me again, I had to walk down to the city library in order to send you this email. I have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding effectively to the matter.

This is shameful, I need you to help me with a loan of $2,600USD to pay my hotels bills and get my self home. I will reiumburse you soon as I get back Home, with all the interest. I will appreciate whatever you can assist me with. Let me know Immediately.

If you receive this email, please contact your florist – where they will be diligently working in their shop.

More scam alerts from the Flower Shop Network blog.

Please, if anyone else comes across this, or any other floral industry scams, let us know so we can warn others by emailing social@flowershopnetwork.com.

Your Top Questions About Lucky Bamboo Care Answered

Lucky Bamboo’s popularity has significantly grown over the past few years. It is being used as great gift items and part of Feng Shui. However, some don’t know where to begin when taking care of this plant, or what to do if they notice a change. So, we’ve compiled all of your most asked questions and listed them here as a how-to guide on lucky bamboo.

How do I take care of lucky bamboo?

Caring for your lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) can be an easy. You just need to find the right lighting, figure out a watering schedule, and your plant can pretty much take care of itself.

First off, what did your lucky bamboo come to you in, soil or water? It can grow in either. However, it doesn’t like to be switched around. For example, if you received it in water, leave it in water and add some rocks or pebbles if you like, but not necessary.

How To Water Lucky Bamboo

Multiple Stems of Lucky BambooIf your lucky bamboo is in only water, it should be kept clean and fresh. Keep your water level consistent; it’s a good idea to make a mark on where you like the water to be, which can be different for everyone. Once you have your water level, make sure you keep an eye on it. Whenever it reaches the halfway mark below your level, fill it back up. Every two weeks change the water with fresh, either distilled or tap water, whatever your plant is used to. Let your water sit out overnight in an open container before mixing it to your current water.

However, if your plant is in soil, the soil should always feel slightly damp. Test it with your finger; if it’s not damp, add a little bit more water.

Do you love the idea of having plants in your house but don’t have much time to take care of them?

Lucky bamboo requires a lot of effort and time. There are many low-maintenance plants that are easy to grow and still just as beautiful! Click the button below to order a plant that is easy to care for!

Order a House Plant


Best Lighting For Lucky Bamboo

Your lucky bamboo should be placed in an indoor location with bright, indirect light. They also do well under artificial lighting since too much sun can cause burning.

Remember that there are such things as too much and too little sunlight.

  • If there is too much sun, it can cause your leaves to burn.
  • If it gets too little sun, you will receive weak growth, stretching and poor coloring.

The solution for too much sun is changing out the water and not fertilizing for a couple of months. Move the plant into a bright area without direct sunlight. Too much sun can cause yellowish leaves and splitting, which can be fixed with trimming them off at an angle. [Read more…]

Entertain Your Guests With Beautiful Floral Decorations

A beautiful arrangement placed on your kitchen table is simply stunning for your everyday life, but what if you’re hosting a dinner party? There is a variety of unique ideas that you can use flowers to compliment your party. Here are a few tips and ideas to make your dinner party absolutely amazing with flowers!

Use Flowers For Fabulous Table Decor

Beautiful Floral Centerpiece

Beautiful Floral Centerpiece

First thing’s first, what is the style of your party? Are you planning a themed party? Is it more casual, elegant or a true, fine dining affair? Once you’ve figured that out, go to your local florist and they will help you with what flowers are in season. Then, you can get creative by mixing and matching the flowers and creating a beautiful color palette.

Beautiful Centerpiece: Of course, you can do the traditional floral centerpiece in the middle of your table. A more elegant feel can be created with a larger centerpiece, while a more casual dinner party would have a smaller centerpiece.When thinking about your table centerpiece, keep your dinner style in mind. Plus, a centerpiece is something you’ll be able to enjoy for days to come and keep you reminded of what a great night you shared with close friends and family.

Party Place Card Holder

Party Place Card Holder

Place Settings: Think of individual place settings using flowers. A simple flower in a small vase, glass or teacup would be ideal. Just attach a tag with your guest’s name on it and they’ll know exactly where to sit. A bonus is that you can send beautiful flowers home with your guests as a thank you for coming gift. They’ll have something to take home and continue to enjoy your fabulous party. Floral place settings are a great personal touch that lets your guests know you’re thinking of them.

Table Runner: Want to create something unique? Instead of a floral centerpiece that can sometimes block conversation, focus on a floral table runner. Your expert florist will have tons of ideas for this arrangement. Picture beautiful flowers running across your table. They’ll make for a great conversation starter as well as be a visual treat. Think garland or branches, and then place your flowers along them with beautiful ribbon as an accent. You can also place small tea light candles around the floral table runner for a more elegant feel. Your table setting will set the style and theme of your great dinner party!

Tying It All Together

Easy Floral Design For Parties

Easy Floral Design For Parties

A beautiful table scape is the ideal place to set your flowers, but don’t forget to place them around the house in other rooms. This helps tie your style and theme altogether. Plus, it adds nice fragrances and creates beautiful focal points. Welcome your guests at your front door with a beautiful flower arrangement as soon as they walk in. It’s a great personal touch and helps your friends feel welcomed.

Set a smaller vase out in your living room or create an arrangement for your fireplace. This may seem like a lot, but remember it ties it altogether and can be used to create a beautiful home decor setting, especially around the holidays. One place, you may not think to place a small bud vase is the restroom. Again, powder room arrangements add that personal touch and ties your dinner party altogether. Simple floral arrangements also add a sense of style.

These are just helpful tips on how you can use basic floral arrangements to create an elegant setting for your next dinner party. Table arrangements, place settings and beautiful flowers around the house are great personal touches that will provide a beautiful setting and make it feel more personable for your guests. Remember, using these floral decoration ideas for your next dinner party is great, but using these all year round will have your house looking simply stunning.

Contact your local florist and ask about flowers for entertaining. Decorating your home is their specialty and they might have even more great ideas not mentioned here! Even if you are a DIYer, your florist will have a great selection of fresh flowers to work with.

This post is brought to you by local St. Louis MO florists.
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Have Your Chocolate And Sell It Too!

In the mood for chocolate? Of course, you are! Who doesn’t enjoy luxurious and heavenly chocolate every once in awhile?

Chocolate Truffles From Amber Lyn Chocolates

Everyone deserves a rich tasty treat to satisfy their sweet tooth, and chocolate is sure to do the trick. With all the wonderful varieties of gourmet chocolate available, every palate can find the luxurious treat they desire.

Why Sell Chocolate?

Sold by itself or with other products, chocolate has drawing power. Why? Chocolate is an affordable luxury that everyone feels good about treating themselves to every now and again.

Plus, chocolate is a gourmet food item that is here to stay and has even proven to be healthy, especially dark chocolate! Selling chocolate can be a great add-on sale item with its satisfying taste and health benefits.

Selling Chocolates With Other Products

So, what companion items can you sell with chocolates? Flowers, of course! When you think of flowers, you think of chocolate. Paired together, flowers and chocolate make the perfect romantic gift for that special someone. The same chocolate and flowers are a great way to show appreciation to a teacher, express sorrow to someone you have wronged, or to let a friend know you are thinking about them.

Don’t forget, kids absolutely love chocolate. A nice gift basket full of chocolate tied to a cute Mylar balloon or a plush toy would be a perfect gift for precious little ones. See how chocolate can make a great add-on! Chocolate comes in a variety tasty and unique flavors. With so many flavors everyone is sure to find a favorite flavor, if not multiple ones. Every taste bud will find this delectable treat satisfying.

Another Reasons To Sell Chocolates
Whether young or old, everyone loves chocolate and they want it all year long. However, holiday chocolates are the most popular. Yummy fudge and peppermint bark are perfect gifts during the Christmas season. Since chocolate is desired during every holiday, you can customize the flavors and types to capitalize on the season.

All Things Considered

Of course, chocolate is a great product to sell, but there are a few things to consider before diving in headfirst. Like all products, you must evaluate the compatibility and relevancy of the products to your market niche.

Assorted Chocolates From Buddy Squirrel

In the September 2010 issue of Floral Management, Amanda Long outlines some of the factors that florists needed to evaluate before selling chocolate. Factors such as store type (customer demographic – upscale, urban, rural, etc.) and location (traffic) are the fundamental elements that should be evaluated.

Defining what type of store you own, location and your consumer’s taste are the crucial elements to finding and carrying the right chocolates for your store.

Determining your consumer’s taste will help you decide what flavors and types of chocolates to offer. While location and store type will help determine how much chocolate your store inventory needs. The idea is to research before you dive headfirst in the chocolate market to ensure you get the right chocolate combination.

Chocolate isn’t just chocolate, it’s a luxury item that everyone deserves at an affordable price. Rich, decadent chocolate will serve, as a great add-on sale and the perfect gift all on it’s own. You can never go wrong with this sweet luxury item in your store.

Need to find chocolate wholesalers? FGmarket can help you find a variety of wholesale chocolates.

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2009 Flower & Gift Guide

Foolproof Gift Giving Guide For 2009

New Baby Bouquet in Blue Container for Boy
We often send flowers as gifts for holidays and birthdays. However, there are other situations that are worthy of gift giving such as anniversaries, graduations and new baby arrivals. In fact, occasions involving gift giving seems to pop up frequently in our lives. Every month there is some kind of event worthy of a gift. But with the hectic schedules most people have, finding the right gift can be stressful and time consuming. The solution to this problem is as simple as a call to your local florist. Utilizing your local flower shop when it comes time to give a special gift makes gift giving not only thoughtful and fun, but easy as well.

Keep in mind, flowers are appropriate for any occasion and can make gift giving a breeze. Flowers appeal to women and men whether young or old. Flower gifts enable you to tailor your gift to the person you are sending it to or create a gift that is easily connected to you. Making stylish flower arrangements your signature gift is effortless when you use your local florist. To give it your signature flair have the florist add a specific item or flower to every bouquet you send. By adding your personal touch, everyone will know who sent the beautiful flowers. Sending flowers with your personal style makes giving unique and memorable gifts easy. Not sure how to utilize the skill and creativity of your local florist? We can help.

Sending Flowers For Holidays

Holidays and birthdays are the most obvious occasions that people give gifts. For these joyous circumstances, cheerful, warm and heartfelt floral arrangements are in store. For holidays, selecting colors appropriate to the time of year will bring out the ambiance of the holiday atmosphere and create seasonal cheer. You can personalize these types of flower gifts by adding a special ornament or keepsake to the arrangement you send.

Flowers and Spring Holidays

Holidays such as Mothers Day, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day are appropriate for spring colored flowers and bright, cheery arrangements. Votive vases filled with pastel roses or mixed spring bouquets are a springtime favorite for most gift givers this time of year. One way to personalize spring flower gifts is to include a particular flower in a spring color. For example gerbera daisies could be your signature flower and your florist can incorporate one or more in every flower arrangement you send.

Flowers and Fall Holidays

Halloween is a fun and silly holiday and Halloween gifts should be also. By incorporating plastic spiders and spider webs into a flower arrangement, your Halloween gift will be a fun and appropriate treat. With autumn in the air darker rustic tones become the seasonal colors. So mix these colors with gourds, pumpkins, autumn leaves and candles to create a Thanksgiving flower arrangement befitting the season. After all who can resist the warmth from such a lovely gift.

Flowers and Special Holidays

Hannukkah Flower Arrangment with blue delphinium, white lilies and blue vase
Holidays where certain colors are traditionally significant such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa ask for arrangements that utilize those colors. For example, at Christmas incorporate wild berries, red roses, and white daisies in a dinner table arrangement. To keep with the traditional color of Hanukkah, floral arrangements and centerpieces should be accented with blue. When sending flower arrangement for Kwanzaa include the colors black, red and green. Don’t forget New Year, which can be celebrated glitter and metallic accented flower arrangements.

Birthday Flowers – Making It Personal

Tailor birthday flower arrangements to the person who will receive them. Do they have a favorite color? A favorite flower? Are they very creative? Do they like traditional flowers? Personalizing the flower arrangement based on the recipient’s interests or personality will assure that the gift will be received with joy and excitement. Sending a personalized flower arrangement demonstrates how much thought and effort you have put into a once “ordinary” gift.

Flowers Impressive Gifts For Any Occasion

Vase of Red Gerberas
Holidays and birthdays seem to be the most common gift giving occasions throughout the year. However, there are so many other ways to give flowers as gifts. Several times during the year we all have events and occurrences where we aren’t quite sure what type of gift is appropriate. With flowers as a gift you can’t go wrong. Flowers and plants are always appropriate no matter what the event. Gifts can be given to say thank you, I’m sorry, congratulations, get well, and many other expressions. Flowers can also express our deepest sympathy when more than words are needed.

Finding gifts for all of these occasions throughout the year could be a challenge without the help of your local florist. The greatest challenge to a successful gift of flowers in any of these circumstances is conveying the appropriate emotion for the situation. Florists have the ability to create a flower arrangement that expresses the sender’s emotion in a unique and personalized way. A gift of flowers, especially when personalized to one’s particular interests can mean more than any other gift in the world.

Planning ahead and working with your local florist will help you give the perfect gift. Throughout the year there are several holidays that necessitate a gift-giving occasion. Use the following dates as a guide for gift giving:

  • New Years Day- January 1, 2009 — Start the New Year off right make a list of your favorite people and send them, flowers now or on a special date.
  • Valentines Day- February 14, 2009 — Send someone you love an arrangement of their favorite flower.
  • St. Patrick’s Day- March 17, 2009 — Pass on the luck of the Irish by sending a green plant to your best friend.
  • Easter- April 12, 2009 — Celebrate the season by sending chocolate and flowers or an Easter lily to loved ones.
  • Earth Day- April 22, 2009 – Contribute to the cause by giving a co-worker a green plant for their office.
  • Administrative Professionals Day – April 22, 2009 — Send balloons and flowers to the person who makes your job easier.
  • Mother’s Day- May 12, 2009 — Send flowers and sweets to the sweetest person you know.
  • Fathers Day- June 21, 2009 — Send a goodie basket and a blooming plant to the person who takes care of everything.
  • Independence Day- July 4, 2009 — Show your patriotic spirit and send flowers to someone serving our country.
  • Grandparent’s Day- September 8, 2009 — Spoil the ones who spoiled you with a gift basket and flowers.
  • Halloween- October 31, 2009 — Treat someone you know with a bouquet of flowers.
  • Thanksgiving- November 26, 2009 — Send flowers to someone you are thankful for.
  • Christmas- December 25, 2009 — Show your appreciation to someone who helps you all year with a festive flower arrangement.

Whether you are expressing love or sending thanks, remember the delight flowers can bring. Your friends and family will appreciate your decision to make beautiful flower arrangements your signature gift for 2009!

Contributor: Jordon Robinson

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Silk Flowers A Permanent Alternative

New Advances Offer a Fresh Look at Permanent Flowers!

The idea of throwing away expensive, beautiful wedding decorations can make most brides and their florists cringe, but the idea of the silk flowers from years ago doesn’t sound much better. However, take a look again and you may be surprised! Permanent flowers have come a long way since the days of cheap plastic stems, ratty blooms, and colors not found in nature–all of which has earned them a bad reputation that has taken years to shake off.

Wedding Centerpiece With Permanent White Flowers, Foliage and Candles
Today, artificial flowers aren’t the shameful substitute for fresh flowers they once were. Thanks to many new options in materials, blooms and methods, permanent flowers are no longer second-best. In fact, there are now many excellent reasons to choose permanent flowers for weddings, everyday arrangements, and any other celebration!

Permanent flowers have come to the forefront thanks to the variety and availability of realistic materials used to construct today’s newest and most beautiful blossoms. Silk flowers are the most common choice in permanent flowers; however, very few flowers today are made of 100% silk. This misnomer is applied to a number of different fabrics including nylon, polyester, cotton and rayon; all of which can be fashioned to make a divine flower to suit any need!

Depending on budget and demand, silk flowers can either be handmade or produced mechanically. Molded flowers are usually made of polyester and heat-molded to shape the fabric into petals using a machine. Next, the flower is placed on a wire stem covered in plastic with many other blooms. This wallet-friendly option, know as molded, plastic stemmed, is typically used in permanent flower arrangements where individual blooms aren’t showcased. This is a great option for brides who envision a wedding drenched in romantic floral arrangements but do not have the means. This allows her to experience her dream at a fraction of the cost!

Handmade silk flowers begin with a stamped piece of material that is then hand-wrapped and positioned on a piece of wire wrapped in floral tape. Next, the craftsman can dye or paint the flower to make it appear as authentic as possible. Because of the amount of labor and materials involved, hand-wrapped flowers are usually more expensive and sold individually. Today, everyone can find her favorite bloom in a silk flower arrangement!

Flower Arrangmement Containing An Artificial Orchid
Paper flowers are another interesting option in permanent flowers. They are constructed from rice paper, parchment paper, or another fibrous material. The flower shape and additional leaves are then cut from the paper that is either pre-dyed or airbrushed following construction. The blooms are attached to wire that is covered in floral tape or more paper. This option is more expensive than molded silk flowers because they are much more difficult to create. Paper flowers are a great way to have an eye-catching arrangement all year long!

Dried flowers are in high demand for flower design because they are a versatile addition to flower gifts and arrangements for the home. Dried flowers add a touch of shabby chic appeal to any room. Not to mention, they can be mixed with silk flowers for a stunning permanent flower arrangement that will last for years! Bridal bouquets are another great idea for an ideal dried flower arrangement. Once preserved they are a long-lasting source of sentimental charm and delight!

Freeze-dried flowers are the latest addition to the permanent flower market. They are live flowers that have had all the moisture mechanically removed from their cells, preserving some of the original suppleness. Freeze-drying allows people to preserve bridal bouquets and other special arrangements, such as prom corsages, to be perfectly preserved and enjoyed for years! By freeze-drying your favorite arrangements, you can relive your favorite memories each time you enter a room!

Colorful Variety of Permanent Flowers in an Urn
Many of the same rules that apply when arranging fresh flowers still work with permanent flowers. However, choosing permanent flowers opens many doors! No longer must arranging revolve around preventing wilting. You can handle permanent flowers in ways that would normally cause damage to a live bloom, and you have many more options when working in intense climates. Permanent flowers eliminate the guesswork and the worry! For example, if a bride and groom intend on getting married at a far off destination, but are concerned about having the ideal floral arrangements, they can order permanent flower arrangements and have them shipped to the ceremony! By doing this, they can preview their flowers without having to worry about wilting, or about finding a new florist hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away!

Because of these many exciting developments in permanent flowers, many guests won’t be able to tell some of your flowers are silk, paper, or preserved! Even the last tell-tail sign – scent, is added to make your arrangements more realistic! Many manufactures today offer scented varieties of their artificial flowers so no one will miss out on the thing many love most about floral décor!

Permanent flowers are no longer a downgrade. Instead, they are a viable option for many situations where fresh blooms may not work. Not only are they cost-efficient, they are an ideal way to preserve your fondest memories! They are a low-maintenance way of bringing the exquisite splendor of flowers into your home, wedding, or party and keeping them for years to come! So stop by your local florist and discuss your permanent flower options today!

Contributor: Ashley Slayton

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