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Your Holiday Helper

It’s A Jolly Holiday With Florists

The events of the holiday season seem to be a whirlwind of affairs for most individuals these days. Party after party, gift after gift; the holiday happenings come and go so quickly that in the end we are left worn out and unorganized. Ideally, we would all hire a personal assistant when the first holiday of the celebration season rolled around to decorate for the parties, buy our presents, and send our holiday “thank you” gifts. However, this does happen to be the real world and such fantasies are unattainable for the majority of the human race. Still, there is one person that can be of assistance during this hectic time of year: your local florist.

Not only do florists create beautiful floral masterpieces for the smallest and largest of occasions, but they also organize delivery of these floral arrangements, leaving you calm and cool through an otherwise chaotic time of year. The key to a smooth holiday season is sitting down with your florist ahead of time, explaining desired holiday decorations, flower arrangements, special gifts for delivery, appropriate floral arrangements and plants for certain holidays, and most importantly—getting organized.

Take The Fright Out of Halloween…Sort of

Halloween Topiary with orange lilies, mums and mini pumpkin
Starting off the seasonal chaos we call “the holidays” is Halloween. Although Halloween is a holiday celebrated most enthusiastically by children, adults do have their fair share of fun dressing up in ridiculous costumes once a year. Your local florist has both covered. For the younger ghosts and goblins, a hand delivered assortment of Halloween balloons tied neatly to a gift basket filled with junk food favorites is sure to be a hit. For the adult costume parties, have your local florist design some spooky, fresh flower centerpieces accented with stringy spider webs and black plastic spiders. This will be sure to set the mood for a creepy Halloween gathering. Potted chrysanthemums, or “mums” to most, are traditional fall plants that are great for pots or to plant in the ground. For yourself or a special someone, mums are perfect fall décor for any home.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

This is the holiday we show appreciation and thanks for the friends and family in our lives and what better way to do that than to send someone special a beautiful fall flower arrangement with a nice note attached. Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to send your old friend a nice festive table centerpiece for the family to enjoy during Thanksgiving dinner, or send your grandmother a beautiful fall arrangement to warm her heart during the cool brisk days of autumn. All of these thoughtful gestures can be arranged and fulfilled by your local florist whether down the street or across the world, leaving you stress free and able to spend time with the people closest to your heart on this Thanksgiving holiday.

Chaotic Christmas

Christmas Flower Arrangement with White and Red Flowers.
Ah, Christmas—possibly the most chaotic time of the year for anyone who celebrates the season or provides a service to the public during this time of year. Running to the grocery store, preparing Christmas dinner, and getting ready for the hundreds of parties is quite a handful unless you are a superhero. Most barely have time to think about; much less fulfill desires to send a little Christmas something to a neighbor or a friend that lives far away.

By the time the thought of gift giving rolls around many people assume that it is too late or don’t know how to go about sending a gift to friends and loved ones far away. This is where a local florist comes into the picture. A florist can usually get a flower arrangement or holiday gift basket to a local resident within the day, sometimes even hours depending on the size of the arrangement, and with just a couple of days notice can get one sent across the world. Whether it is a Christmas wreath, poinsettia, Christmas cactus, or just a pretty holiday arrangement, your local florist can arrange deliveries to anywhere in the world.

Make sure you get your flower arrangement orders in to your local florist early this year to be sure no one is forgotten and than everything is handled stress-free.

Hectic Hanukkah

A flower arrangement makes a lovely gift for any holiday but is especially appropriate for the celebration of Hanukkah. The bright colors of the fresh flowers spread joy and happiness throughout the house for everyone to enjoy. Hanukkah is called the Festival of Light by many. A beautiful table centerpiece arranged with brightly colored flowers is a very appropriate gift for someone who celebrates this holiday. Some may prefer to give the traditional blue and white floral bouquet or table centerpiece, reflecting the colors of Hanukkah. However, others may choose to create a floral bouquet using a color scheme or theme of fresh flowers.

It is very important to choose fresh flowers that will last for seven to 10 days when discussing with your florist the type of flowers you want in the Hanukkah arrangement. The Hanukkah celebration lasts for eight days, and flowers you send will be a cheerful addition to the seasonal decor if they live for the duration of the holiday celebration. Also, it is important to include a candle in your Hanukkah flower arrangement. Candles are lit every night during these festive days of celebration. Recipients can light the candle from the arrangement along with the menorah to help create a seasonal Hanukkah ambiance.

Ring In The New Years With Your Local Florist

New Years Flower Arrangement with white flowers and colored balls
To end the madness of the holiday hustle and bustle, we celebrate New Years Day. Most don’t think about gifts on this holiday. However, it might be the most thoughtful time to send a friend or family member something special to kick off the year. Small gifts or flower arrangements are perfect to wish a close friend “best wishes” for the New Year, and brighten up their day. Gift baskets filled with assorted goodies are great to send families or children for the New Year holiday as well.

Don’t forget to contact your local florist before the holiday duties become too overwhelming. They can assist you for your entire gift giving needs from Halloween through New Years and all year long. To save your sanity one beautiful arrangement at a time, call your local florist today to make arrangements for a calm, cool, relaxing holiday season!

Contributor: Jordon Robinson

Birthday Flowers Look To The Stars

Let The Stars Be Your Guide For A Floral Birthday Gift

Everyone has been here: wondering what to get a woman for her birthday gift and having no idea. Everything seems so cliché. You don’t know what size to buy, where to shop, or even what she really wants. Gift certificates, candles, and most everything else seem impersonal, and you want it to be special. Then it hits you. Send flowers! Perfect! You can make it more unique by matching the flowers to her astrological sign.

Flowers mean a woman is extraordinary. They are not practical, nor are they functional. However, that’s the charm. They serve one purpose: to tell a woman she is important to you. They are gorgeous, smell amazing, and are sure to make her smile. Isn’t that the entire idea?

To take the gesture of sending flowers and really make it exceptional, match the flowers to her zodiac sign. Imagine her face when she learns the birthday flowers you sent were designed specially for her. Grandmother, mother, girlfriend, or whomever she may be, when her birthday rolls around, it’s time to invest in something that will express how much she means to you. By matching the flowers to her sign, you can turn this one-size-fits-all gift into something spectacular! So, what’s her sign?

Aries Zodiac Flowers (March 21 – April 19)

Aries are passionate ladies born between March 21 and April 19. They are traditionally adventurous, confident, and enthusiastic. Red roses are the perfect flower for an Aries, as are tulips. These vibrant flowers are sure to please such a vivacious woman! Send a classic arrangement of only red roses or mix it up by adding white tulips for a more romantic gesture. You can also match tulips to an endless list of other flowers, such as Stargazer lilies, for a cheerful, friendly display on her birthday.

Taurus Zodiac Flowers (April 20 – May 20)

If your birthday girl was born between April 20 and May 20, she’s a Taurus who are typically patient, conventional, and warmhearted. To really impress her, give her a bouquet including lilac, sweet pea, or Lily of the Valley.

Delicate, sweet-smelling flowers like these will tell this home-lover you truly understand and treasure her. Fragrant lily of the valley would go well with gently hued blooms that don’t overpower it and creating a visually appealing and fragrant bouquet. It has a small, light bloom, much like sweat pea and lilac. Combining it with more considerable blooms, like roses or calla lilies, allow them to be noticed while creating a bouquet worthy of this loving lady.

Gemini Zodiac Flowers (May 21 – June 21)

Gemini’s were born between May 21 and June 21. They are talkative, intellectual, and eloquent. Goldenrod is ideal for this witty woman! Goldenrod is a versatile flower with a deep, saturated yellow orange hue. It can be paired with stargazer lilies for a bright, festive arrangement or with other autumnal colors for a monochromatic look. Either way, the beautiful goldenrod is a welcome addition to a birthday arrangement for a Gemini!

Cancer Zodiac Flowers (June 22 – July 22)

Iris, hydrangea, Queen Anne’s lace, or ferns would make a perfect gift for a Cancer, whose birthday falls between June 22 and July 22. Cancers are traditionally loving, imaginative, and intuitive. Ferns are a hardy and practical plant that requires little maintenance and will add flair to any room or office. Queen Anne’s lace is a light, feathery flower that is paired beautifully with white roses for an understated, elegant look that will not go unnoticed by a sensitive Cancer.

April Birthday Gift
Leo Zodiac Flowers (July 23 – August 22)

The sign of the Lion, or Leo, are people who are typically extroverted, creative, and generous. Their birthdays are between July 23 and August 22. Great ideas for flowers would be carnations, peonies, or anthuriums. Brightly hued blooms will suit this larger-than-life woman perfectly!

Virgo Zodiac Flowers (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos were born between August 23 and September 22. They tend to be practical, modest, and meticulous. Flowers that compliment a Virgo are St. John’s Wart, chrysanthemum, and violet. These subtle blooms will complement the aesthetic of an unfussy Virgo.

Libra Zodiac Flowers (September 23 – October 22)

Libras are romantics whose birthdays lie between September 23 and October 22. They are traditionally social and charming. Orchids, gardenias, and tuberose are just the thing to please an elegant Libra on her birthday. For example, orchids are a stunning stand-alone flower that can be potted and enjoyed for years, or it is easily incorporated into arrangements due to its simple, yet striking bloom. Also, tuberose and gardenias are lovely choices that will speak to the romantic side of a Libra!

Scorpio Zodiac Flowers (October 23 – November 21)

The sign of the Scorpio is classically determined, sensual, and passionate. Their birthdays lie between October 23 and November 21. If your special woman were a Scorpio, a bouquet including hibiscus or peony would surely do the trick! Hibiscus and gerbera daisies have dazzling blooms that ideally reflect the passion of a Scorpio!

Sagittarius Zodiac Flowers (November 22 – December 21)

If her birthday is between November 22 and December 21 she is a Sagittarius. Straightforward and optimistic, she is a playful individual who is also good-humored and honest. Carnations, fox-tail lilies, and blazing stars (liatris) would make an ideal gift! Unique and lively blooms such as these would certainly bring cheer to an already good-natured Sagittarius!

Capricorn Zodiac Flowers (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns were born between December 22 and January 19. Capricorns are usually traditional, practical, and ambitious. Flowers that match the sign of the goat are jasmine, snowdrop, and African violet. These unexpected flowers will surely surprise her and make her day! However, they are also fairly low-key blooms. It would be a good idea to mix them with more eye-catching flowers to complete the arrangement.

April Birthday Flower Arrangement

Aquarius Zodiac Flowers (January 20 – February 18)

Independent Aquarius’s birthday falls between January 20 and February 18. They are forward-thinkers who are honest, loyal, and unconventional. Flowers such as the stargazer lily or bird of paradise will definitely please this quirky gal! The Stargazer and the Bird of Paradise are both famous for their striking blooms, much like the Aquarius is for her personality!

Pisces Zodiac Flowers (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces are creative, compassionate, and intuitive. Their birthdays are between February 19 and March 20. Jasmine, lilacs, and Madonna lilies are great ideas to include in a birthday bouquet for this unworldly individual. These unpretentious flowers will suit a Piscean who will appreciate them for their subtle splendor.

Whatever her sign, interests, or relation to you, flowers suited to her birth month will tell her she is important to you! It shows you put thought into something oftentimes considered nice but common. Flowers are always a good idea for a birthday, but personalizing them means you admire her that much more! Discuss the use of astrological flowers with your local flower shop this will help the florist to design a bouquet of shear delight for your favorite gal with the very personalized touch.

Contributor: Ashley Slayton

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Tropical Flowers The Wow Factor

Weddings And A Touch Of The Tropics

Many brides and grooms are looking for the unusual and the exotic in flowers for their wedding. They desire something that strikes their wedding guests as exceptional. Tropical flowers bring the WOW to weddings. As I think back on all the weddings I’ve attended over the years, it is only the Hawaiian themed wedding that I remember vividly. In fact, the red ginger flowers made a huge impression on me. So much that I thought to myself, “Why did I go with the beautiful red roses for my wedding instead of these gorgeous tropical flowers.” I could kick myself for not going bold and exotic. After all, the tropical flowers at this particular wedding were outstanding.

Tropical Flower Arrangment Deisgned By Aloha Island
We often think that tropical flowers are difficult to obtain or maybe not traditional enough for a customary wedding, but tropical flowers can and do work with other conventional flowers. A rose of any color mixed with coordinating cattleya orchids, makes a traditional bridal rose bouquet extraordinary. No one should be afraid to experiment with traditionally known wedding flowers such as carnations, roses, gerberas and babies breath mixed with Bird of Paradise or anthuriums. Even the foliage of tropical plants mixes well with traditional flowers. Think of the exquisite tropical centerpiece arrangements that can adorn your wedding reception tables.

Summer weddings especially lend themselves to the tropical flower theme. With the vibrant strong colors that almost all tropical flowers possess, they won’t hide in the corner. Passion and beauty is what they will announce as a key component of summer wedding bouquets. Tropical Flowers easily transition into wonderful fall wedding flowers options. Orchids especially work wonderfully with other fall flowers to add a little exotic flare.

Tropical Flower Ideas For Weddings

The best aspect of tropical flowers is the unusual shape. The Bird of Paradise with its unusual flower works well for a groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnières. If you find the standard Bird of Paradise to be too large you can get a mini (dwarf) Bird of Paradise. Unconventional use? Certainly but it works well. For the guys who don’t want to wear a flower, this is the answer.

Pineapples, bromeliads and protea are excellent candidates for reception table centerpieces. For example, position a few proteas at the base of the pineapple stem as it lay on a bed of tropical foliage. Create an unusual wedding centerpiece with clean and crisp lines. Although this tropical flower arrangement is very simplistic in design, it will have a strong visual impact without obstructing any viewpoints. Any combination of these tropical flowers is a wonderful and unique way to really bring the tropical feel to your wedding receptions. While bromeliads are often used as a potted plant they can easily be incorporated into your wedding decorations. The colorful bloom and striking foliage produce an amazing visual display. Florists can design floral arrangements that incorporate the potted bromeliad. Potted bromeliads can be neatly decorated on wedding reception tables and later given as wedding favors.

Orchid Lei from Aloha Island Lei & Floral
Choose a lei instead of traditional flowers for the bridesmaids, or even go all the way and give your guest small leis called kupe’e that are to be worn on the wrist or around the ankle if at an informal wedding. The kupe’e can be your wedding gift favors. Traditionally lei’s are made from orchids, but you can use roses, ginger, maile, or any other flowers or a mixture of flowers you can string together.

The use of anthuriums “Haitian pink” in a wedding bouquet makes a stunning non-traditional but elegant brides bouquet. The anthuriums’ heart shaped flowers, and the beautiful light pink color will coordinate with any color wedding dress the bride wears or even the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you dislike pink choose any of the other anthuriums. They come in red, white or even a tropical color that lightly fades from pink in the middle to green on the outer most of the flower. Any choice of a tropical flower or a concept of an arrangements or bouquets can be done, it’s all in the creative way florist do their work.

Tropical Flower For Parties and Just Because

One thing we know about tropical flowers is that they are unusual, exotic and used infrequently. We all tend to opt for traditional. Tried-and-true works well, but we have to admit that it is easy. It’s time we all think out side the tried-and-true box and go with the exotic, the remarkable, the extraordinary, tropical flower arrangements. Just as I was mesmerized by the red ginger at the wedding, tropical flowers captivate us because they are new to us. Though I didn’t know what they were at the time, I took the time to find out because they caught my eye. Putting a tropical flower arrangement of anthuriums, orchids, and Birds of Paradise will not only look grand, but will certainly make for great conversation pieces at any party. Guests will be curious as to the type of flower or that and who did the arrangements. That is the WOW factor of tropical plants.

Tropical Flowers - Birds of Paradise - Protea - heliconias
Choosing a tropical arrangement of orchids mixed with other exotic flowers and giving them just because will be well received and talked about for months on end. Maybe you want a plant and not just a flower arrangement. In that case, tropical plants are another wonderful gift to send. A gloriosa lily, a striking plant that has a flower that has gold based flowers with crimson tipped ends, is an absolute tropical beauty. The gloriosa plant is best suited to mild climates for outdoor planting or it can be gown inside as a potted plant.

The use of tropical flowers for a party, wedding or flower arrangement will bring a WOW factor to any occasion and will brighten up any décor. Everyone should explore the world of tropical flowers and plants. Why not celebrate their uniqueness and exotic looks? Not ready to move completely out of the tried-and-true box? Well spice up a traditional styled arrangement with tropicals. Come on. You know that you want to. Just a few here and there and you’ll be exploring the ever-growing world of tropical flower arrangements.

Contributor Leigh Morrisett

Photos Provided by Aloha Flower Leis – One of Flower Shop Network’s Honolulu Florists.

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Calla Lily

Calla Lily Flowers: Ideally Pure and Beautiful

Calla Lily plant blooming in a garden
Beautiful, resilient, versatile, and full of meaning, the Calla Lily is one of the most popular flowers on the market today. Although not an actual lily, The Calla Lily often plays the role of a traditional lily by symbolizing purity, sympathy, or appreciation. It is also a quite a hardy flower able to grow in a variety of environments. The Calla Lily is often considered an example of the ideal flower.

Originally found in South Africa, the Calla Lily grows naturally close to bodies of water in marshy environments. It can also encompass entire fields in its native country, where it is considered an undesirable weed. It is common practice for scores of this beautiful flower to be eradicated to make way for agriculture.

The common Calla Lily, Zantedeschia aethiopica, was named after Italian botanist Giovanni Zantedeschi by the German botanist Kurt Sprengel. It is also sometimes referred to as an Arum lily. However, it is neither a lily, nor a member of the genera Arum nor Calla, although it shares many characteristics of the two. It was once a member of the Calla genus, which was named after Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus, before it was split into several genera, including Zantedeschia.

The appreciation of the Calla Lily in Europe dates back to an illustration of the Royal Garden in Paris in 1664. It was brought to Europe from Persia by the Swedish king Karl XII. Soon after, the flower’s popularity erupted and soon it was featured in celebrations all over the continent. It was also used to communicate in secrecy among Victorian nobility.

The Calla Lily was thought to represent magnificent beauty and it was given with the utmost respect. Also, the fact that the flower could be grown in greenhouses year round in the southern regions of Europe also contributed to its rapid success. Mexican painter Diego Rivera also featured it in his works of art.

Bride holding a calla lily wedding bouquet
The Calla Lily has been used in bridal bouquets as far back as 1934, where they are seen in a photo of a South African bride. Because lilies are a symbol of purity, these graceful flowers continue to be a staple of wedding bouquets today. They have also been a symbol of celebration since as far back as ancient Rome. Both these qualities lend themselves to the Calla Lily’s immense popularity in weddings.

The Calla Lilly easily incorporates into a wedding bouquet or stands alone as the centerpiece of its own. The lilies will look best in simple arrangements where they are not in competition for the focus. They have a strong, distinctive look and can overpower more delicate focal flowers in a bouquet. Also, for a more natural look, cutting the stems at varying lengths allows for each flower to be admired individually.

Brides also tend to prefer the white bloom of the Calla Lily when celebrating their wedding day. It is as popular, if not more so today, than the rose in wedding ceremonies. Calla Lilies are particularly popular in summer weddings.

The white Calla Lily is often used alongside other flowers of the same color, such as orchids, for an elegant, monochromatic look. Their unique shape provides just the right amount of eye-catching quality to a bouquet without complicating the color composition . However, using the white bloom in contrast to another bold flower, such as a red rose, can still be tasteful and simple.

The Calla Lily is also used in tropical themed arrangements because of its exotic shape. They can be placed throughout a bouquet with other tropical flowers, such as tuberoses and anthuriums, to complete the bouquet. The Calla Lily can also stand alone as a single cut flower for bridesmaids or family members to carry.

Fresh flower arrangement with orange calla lillies
White may be the most popular choice for brides when they choose the Calla Lily but there are many other options. For example, Calla Lilies can come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from ivory to lavender. There are also pink varieties and white lilies with pink tips. Green, burgundy, and yellow are also options. Not to mention, there are variations in each color, with yellow ranging from pale yellow to a deep, saturated bloom.

Each of these colors opens the door to more variety in bouquet design. Brides can keep the monochromatic look with a number of other flowers or they can incorporate a boldly colored Calla Lily into their wedding’s color scheme. Either way, the Calla Lily is sure to be a showstopper.

The Calla Lily boasts a rich history and a bright future. It is one of the most popular flowers on the market with a number of uses and meanings from sympathy to celebration. It has become one of the most sought after flowers on the market and surely will remain a star for years to come.

The next time you want to send flowers with a special touch think about the calla lily. Your local florist can incorporate this beautiful flower into many flower arrangement styles including wedding flowers and bouquets.

Contributor: Ashley Slayton

Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily: Origins in Beauty and Humility

Stem, Bud and Bloom of a Stargzaer Lily
From humble beginnings, the versatile and resilient Stargazer lily has become one of the premier lilies of the cut flower world. As one of the most beautiful lilies available, the stargazer can send a variety of messages from “Thank you,” to “I’m Sorry.” A blushing bride becomes a radiant beauty when carrying a wedding bouquet of Stargazer lilies. Heartfelt sympathy is conveyed with the use of Stargazers in a standing spray. But where did this amazing lily come from before it graced our floral arrangements?

A relatively recent addition to an already rich legacy of lilies, the Stargazer lily is a hybrid cultivated to blend beauty with heavenly aroma. Lilies have typically signified a sense of purity as far back as Roman and Greek times. The Stargazer is no exception with a flower meaning that cuts right to the core of this philosophy. “Pure of heart” and “heaven in your eyes” are flower meanings strongly associated with the Stargazer lily. Lilies as a whole have appeared in folklore around the world and used as a spiritual and philosophical metaphor for centuries. Following the path of its ancestors this lily mystically displays both prosperity and the ideals of the daydreamer. The Stargazer along with its sister – the white Casablanca lily – have become principal players in sympathy arrangements.

Bouquet of Stargazer Lilies
It may come as a surprise that such a grandiose flower came from incredibly humble beginnings. In 1978, Leslie Woodriff successfully achieved a hybrid of Oriental and Asiatic lilies, which he would later name ‘Star Gazer’ because of the way the bloom opened toward the sky. The birth of this remarkable hybrid lily created a revolution in the lily world. On the verge of a beauty that could not be surpassed, one man poured his heart and sole into a marriage of aroma and visual splendor. The Stargazer was the combination of the bell-shaped, aromatic Oriental lily and the brightly colored, upright Asiatic lily.

It was literally the best of both worlds for flower arranging. Although at the time floral designers adored the numerous Oriental lily varieties with their tremendous fragrance, the large downward facing blooms presented challenges for flower arrangements. The stem often snapped under the weight of the blooms during harvest. If the flowers made it to the flower shop intact, the bloom position often made them difficult to work with. On the other hand, Asiatic lilies were brightly colored small blooms that were easy to work with. However, they lacked the pizzazz of the Oriental lilies. The ‘Star Gazer’ hybrid contained the most desirable traits of the two types. By crossbreeding two already popular flowers Woodruff created a flower that was both pleasing to the eye and to the nose. However, business was not Woodruff’s priority. His passion was lilies. But this lily marriage would go far beyond its humble home.

The Man Behind The Amazing Stargazer Lily

Leslie Woodriff lived in a ramshackle home and greenhouse where he conducted his primitive crossbreeding experiments. Using a glass bottle coated on the inside with black paint, Woodruff would tap a lily on the side of the bottle, gather the pollen with a camel-haired brush, and implant the pollen from one lily into the stamen of another.

Woodriff was as eccentric as his lilies concoctions. He was wholly consumed with his practice of crossbreeding. He was known to call into radio talks shows and interrupt whatever conversation was going on at the time to discuss current developments in lily breeding. He even contacted President Jimmy Carter to inform him about his lilies.

Woodriff never saw the revenue from his most famous lily. In fact, he had little to do with the hybrid aside from creating it. He never obtained a patent for his hybrid. His business partner was the one who actually obtained the rights and pushed the lily into the path of notoriety.

Wedding Bouquet With Stargazer Lilies and White Roses
Obviously, the Stargazer lily’s ornate appearance says little about its humble beginnings. Little is known about the parentage Woodriff used to create the Stargazer. He rarely kept detailed, consistent records of his crossbreeding attempts. However, one possibility is an Oriental lily from souther Japan , Lilium nobilissum.

Whatever the Stargazer’s origins, the flower is one of the most popular cut flowers on today’s market. It has something to please every buyer and florist. The dramatic, large blooms make it ideal for incorporation into mixed bouquets or as powerful focal flower in something like a Stargazer wedding bouquet. The brilliant color and divine scent make it an ideal bloom for any room.

Stargazer – More Than The Queen Of Cut Flowers

Royalty in the cut flower world isn’t the only position the Stargazer holds. This lily is a remarkable garden plant. Caring for Stargazer lilies in the garden is a simple task. Planted in the spring and Stargazers will bloom in the summer and fill the garden with the same heavenly aroma as they do in a flower arrangement. This delicate beauty is a hardy flower that doesn’t shy from the elements. Like the man who created it, the Stargazer has a passion for life and a need to beautify the world.

The stargazer is the dream of a cheerful, hardworking man with an infatuation for lilies. This striking lily is a multifaceted cut flower that remains as bright and as beautiful as Woodruff’s passion.

The next time you need to send flowers think about sending a flower arrangement with Stargazer Lilies.

Planning a wedding? Ask your local wedding florist about using Stargazer Lilies in your bridal bouquet.

Contributor: Ashley Slayton

For more information about the origins of the ‘Star Gazer’ and it’s creator Leslie Woodriff read Amy Stewart’s Flower Confidential.

Flower Memories

Photo of  Dozen Red Roses arranged in a vase.


Memories from the Flowers in My Mind

A perfectly arranged vase of red roses greeted me as I opened the hotel room door. With my heart pounding, I walked across the room to read the enclosure card. “Do you miss me yet?” read the card. Tears ran down my face as a wave of excitement rushed through my body.

Those gorgeous flowers have long gone; but even after fifteen years, the breathtaking memory has not diminished one bit. Every time I see a red rose, it reminds me of those beautiful flowers and the sweet card message.

Flowers have a way of creating strong and lasting memories. Flowers may fade; but the memories and the emotions felt never will. I remember the first flower I ever received; it was Valentine’s Day (ninth grade). Several girls, in my class, had received beautiful flower arrangements from their boyfriends. Although happy for them, I was a little sad. Since I had no boyfriend, this Valentines Day would be like all the others – flowerless. Suddenly an office aid walked into my classroom with another flower arrangement – a single yellow carnation in a green vase. When the teacher handed the flower to me, a rush of warmth shot to my head and a grin as wide as the Mississippi appeared on my face. Nervously, I read the enclosure card; it was signed “Secret Admirer”. Several years later, two of my closest male friends confessed that they sent the flowers. Why? Because, I was always happy when someone received flowers and deserved some of my own. Yellow carnations still trigger a wide grin and a flash back to that exciting day even twenty-eight years later.

Flowers and memories go hand in hand celebrating the good times, bad times and so-so times in our life. Flowers can make a difficult day better, acknowledge our efforts or celebrate a milestone. Large quantities of white flowers remind me of the beautiful casket spray at the funeral of a classmate’s sister. I see her golden blond hair and her contagious smile in every flower. I will always remember the comfort those flowers gave her family, her friends and me. Her beauty and energetic personality are forever linked to the purity and splendor of white flowers. I am drawn back to that day; not to mourn the loss of an unfulfilled life, but to celebrate the wonderful life she had for eighteen years.

Picture of Stargazer Lilies in a vase.
Some of the sweetest memories I have, of my husband, involve flowers, beginning with the hotel roses. My husband has a sixth sense of somehow knowing when I need a little pick me up. I am plagued with anxiety any time my husband has to leave town worried that I won’t be able to run our family business the way he does. Then one time, harried by the day’s activities, I swung the door open to find a stunning vase arrangement with Stargazer Lilies on my kitchen counter. The card read, “I never worry when I’m gone because I know you’ll take care of every thing.” Now anytime I feel stressed or under appreciated, I remember those flowers and my anxiety fades away.

Flowers express a deep heartfelt emotion that can’t be vocalized. Working in my sister-in-laws’ florist shop and our garden center, I’ve seen this phenomenon many times. Like the time an older gentleman asked, “Where is your most beautiful flower arrangement”. As I pulled a gorgeous mixed flower arrangement from the cooler, I ask, “What’s the occasion”. The gentleman gruffly replied “My wife’s anniversary and on the card write – These can’t compare”. Basically that was the extent of our conversation. He may have been a man of few words, yet very expressive. I’m sure those flowers reminded his wife that she is and will always be beautiful to him. Flowers help us articulate messages we can’t express. A little boy dumped the entire contents of his piggy bank on our counter. Pointing to a potted geranium he asked,“Is this enough money for that flower?” Because he and his new puppy hurt her favorite one, he explained, his mother desperately needed it. I guarantee the frustration the mother previously felt melted away when she saw the flower. That little boy is now a grown man, but I am sure his mother sees her little boy in every geranium. Those memories will live with them forever and the love expressed never forgotten.

Photo of a mixed basket arrangement with bright spring colors
There is a saying by Oscar Lavant: “Happiness isn’t something you experience; it’s something you remember.” Memories are what define our lives. They are what get us through the hard and trying times. They are what propel us to experience new things. Memories make us who we are and who we become. Flowers help us rejoice, celebrate, ponder and relax with every event in life. If I had to add something to Mr. Lavant’s quote it would be this: flowers help you experience and remember happiness at the same time.

The essence of life depends on memories; our memories and the memories we create for others. Flowers celebrate the essence of life creating strong and lasting memories. Let flowers speak for you, creating memories that last a lifetime. Florists can help us articulate our thoughts and emotions into powerful expressions. So contact your local florist and discuss the ways you can create memories today that will last forever.

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Contributor: Jamie Jamison Adams


Photo of Amy Stewart author of flower confidential

Florists and the Wonderful Things They Do!

I came to the fascinating world of flowers as an outsider – as a writer and a gardener who was curious about where her flowers came from. That curiosity led me to visit an open house at a flower farm (Sun Valley Floral Farm in Arcata, CA) and from there I was hooked. I knew that I wasn’t the only one who had bought flowers dozens of times without ever thinking about the greenhouses, laboratories, warehouses, and flower shops that all fit together, like some kind of intricate puzzle, to deliver my bouquet to me. I thought, if I could follow the journey that flowers take around the world, I could inspire other people to have a richer appreciation for the tulips on their kitchen table or the roses on their desk at Valentine’s Day. That’s why I wrote Flower Confidential.

Along the way, I’ve gotten to know a lot of retail florists. They shared their stories with me, telling me what it was that first got them excited about flowers, and helping me to understand what kept them going in spite of the long hours and the frantic holidays. I met florists who cater exclusively to celebrities; florists who create extravagant arrangements for hotels like the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan; neighborhood florists running businesses that their grandparents started; and young, energetic flower farmers growing unusual, organic varieties that they sell at farmers markets or arrange for a select group of clients.

blue iris flowers in a vase - Fluer-de-lis
So what can you expect to find when you visit your hometown florist? Here are just a few examples of what florists all over the country are doing this year:

Getting to know you. If there’s one thing the florists I’ve met have in common, it was their human touch. Florists are with us at some of the most emotional moments of our lives – weddings, funerals and celebrations of all kinds. They get a feel for what’s right in a given situation. Rather than call and order a dozen red roses, just tell your florist something about the person who’s getting the flowers. “These are going to my mother; who after returning from France remodeled her kitchen in blues and yellows to remind her of the French countryside.” A florist will do a fantastic job of choosing exactly the right flowers for that situation. Giving the florist some room to make his or her own choices, also, means that you’ll get the freshest flowers and the best values for your money.

Taking you behind the scenes. Wineries give tours of their winemaking facilities and vineyards. Chocolate factories open their doors to tourists. Five-star restaurants set up a table for their best customers in the kitchen. (That’s right – people make reservations months in advance for a chance to eat in the kitchen and watch the chefs work at world-class restaurants). But people in the flower industry often told me, “You know, we forget how interesting this business might be to people who’ve never seen it before.”

Florists have realized that their best customers are the ones who enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek at the workings of a flower shop. In fact, many of us fantasize about opening a shop of our own someday! I’ve met florists who give their customers a chance to “play florist” for the day. Here are just a few of the approaches I’ve seen:

  • Setting up a flower-arranging station on the sales floor so that customers can make their own bouquets using the tools “the pros” use.
  • Leading a tour through the local wholesale market, letting customers see how they make buying decisions for the store and select the highest quality products.
  • Offer flower-arranging parties for bridesmaids, garden clubs, or other groups. One florist hosted a “guys only” event on February 13, complete with beer, pizza, and a visit from a local pro football player (who just happened to be the brother of one of the employees). Next year, they plan to host it off-site at a local barbershop, another guy-friendly location where the sinks and tile floors will make clean up easy.

Going local and going green. Many florists I met were very involved in the “local first” movement in their hometown. Locally owned bookstores have taken the lead in this movement that encourages people to shop local first before hitting the big box stores. Studies have proven that locally owned businesses provide more jobs and help grow the economy as compared to the chains. Shoppers are taking the “buy local” message seriously, and many of us try to shop locally whenever we can.

One florist stays open late, one Thursday night a month, to be part of his downtown’s Art Walk, a monthly event in which local businesses hang art by local artists on the walls, serve wine and cheese, and chat informally with their customers. The florist displays floral-themed art, hands out free flowers, and pours Champagne.

Another florist saw the connection between “buy local”, “support local farmers” and “go green”. She approached local, small-scale flower farmers about offering a 100% organic, locally grown bouquet of fresh field flowers in summer, and potted blooming plants or dried wreaths in winter. That local connection attracted people who loved shopping at the farmers market, but wanted a way to buy those flowers for special occasions, too. Many florists are also starting to highlight bouquets from around the world that are grown with eco-friendly and worker-friendly practices and even offering “green wedding” or “green event” packages.

It’s been a real gift to get to spend time in flower shops over the last few years. Even now, when I’m traveling around the country speaking to garden clubs and industry groups, I still look for an opportunity to drop in at the local flower shop and see how things are going. I continue to be amazed and inspired by the creativity and passion that florists put into their work. I don’t know where my next book will take me, but I doubt I’ll find another business as dazzling and intoxicating as the flower industry.

Guest Contributor: Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart
is the author of Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers (Algonquin Books, 2007) and Dirt (her blog).

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The Mystique of Chocolate & Flowers

Create the Ultimate Romance with Chocolate & Flowers

Photo of a heart shaped box of chocolates and four pink roses

Love. Romance. Desire. Yearning. Expectation. Think moonlit walks on the beach, candlelit dinners for two, a bed of rose petals. Think chocolate-covered strawberries, a dozen red roses, a romantic card. It’s Valentine’s Day, the time of year when the heart expresses its affection and couples gather together to rejoice in their relationships. Whether the love is young or more seasoned, flowers and gifts abound on Valentine’s Day in an ever-increasing effort to celebrate true love. Want to make this Valentine’s Day unique and special? Think it’s too boring to send flowers and chocolate? Don’t be afraid to put a new twist on an old favorite and make flowers and chocolate a romantic and exciting expression of love. These seemingly universal Valentine’s Day ideas can be unique and personal with just a little bit of thought and advance planning. Satisfy both halves of your Valentine’s daily life: send traditional flowers and chocolate to work during the day and then surprise with personal flowers and gifts at night.

Keep romance alive and interesting by adding an element of surprise. This Valentine’s Day, turn traditional flowers and gifts into a heightened expression of love and commitment by adding a bit of flair and creativity. Remember, first, that roses and assorted chocolates in a heart-shaped box are not the only options for St. Valentine’s Day. Each flower connotes a unique meaning, and an individualized bouquet specially selected by a Valentine means more than a generic arrangement. Florists carry all sorts of exotic and beautiful flowers; visit a local flower shop well before Valentine’s Day to see both its selection of flowers and to explore its more specialized options. Choose blooms that reflect cherished traits in a Valentine – beauty, compassion, love, delight, loyalty – a bouquet that would melt any beloved’s heart. Have these flowers delivered in a public place so that the recipient can be the center of attention (and you’ll be the center of attention when your Valentine returns home!)

Sweet Gourmet Chocolate Treat With A Touch Of Beauty

Many florists also provide gourmet chocolates that are sure to make a Valentine feel special: dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate in all sorts of truffles, fudges, cheesecakes, brownies, and chocolate desserts. Chocolate can even come in special forms perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts – consider a stunning arrangement of chocolate roses and hearts interspersed with Baby’s Breath filling and decorative ribbon, or a tray of gourmet chocolates arranged to spell “Happy Valentine’s Day” in chocolaty goodness. Plan to deliver a large selection of chocolates to a Valentine’s office or work place just after the romantic floral bouquet arrives. Not only will the additional Valentine gift be unexpected, it will be well-received: the sweet treat can be shared with coworkers and allow them to share in the Valentine’s Day revelry.

As much fun as it is to celebrate true love publicly, Valentine’s Day is ultimately a celebration meant to be shared between two lovers alone. Once again, the traditional Valentine’s Day ideas of flowers and chocolate can be specialized to make this evening unique. After the chocolate and romantic flower delivery at work, treat your Valentine to a candlelit dinner. Place a rose or special arrangement on the dinner table and dine over its aromatic perfume. Don’t forget dessert; tempt the sweet tooth with a small piece of gourmet chocolate fudge, chocolate truffles, or even sip a chocolate martini beside a flickering fireplace. Afterward, lead your Valentine down a path of rose petals to a private room lit by candlelight and filled with flowers that uniquely reflect your Valentine’s personal traits and preferences, and draw attention to a small tray of chocolate-covered strawberries. Here the traditional gift of flowers and chocolates during the workday is complemented by the personal attention to flowers and chocolates at home. To complete your Valentine’s Day surprise, read a love poem or personal note that enumerates all the ways in which your Valentine is beloved and special. Then linger to receive the reply.

Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. So many Valentine’s Day ideas are expensive and impersonal. Your local florist can work within your budget to help you plan the perfect Valentine’s gifts. Be sure to visit the flower shop early; love is in the air this season and your florist is bound to be overwhelmed come February fourteenth. To help save time and effort while in the shop, learn your Valentine’s favorite flowers and chocolate preferences in advance, and then seek your florist’s advice in the arrangement of the details. Both you and your Valentine will be happy with what can happen when the traditional Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts become a celebration of your own unique love.

Contributor: Beth Roberts

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The Meaning of Roses

A Rose By Another Name What Does It Mean?

Sqaure vase of orange roses with goldenrod & leather leaf - meaning desire, enthusiasm

There are few flowers that hold the allure and enchantment of a rose. They grow wild in almost all parts of the world and have been hybridized and cultivated to an overwhelming 7,500 varieties. They grow in short or tall bushes, climb walls, fences, and terraces, and appear in long-stemmed bouquets. Old World roses bloom prolifically at the beginning of the summer, while varieties that descend from China frequently bloom well into the autumn. A rose can come in practically any color, from the ever-popular red rose to all shades of white, pink, yellow, peach, orange, green, lavender, and even hues that approach black and blue. They have an equally diverse composition: the blooms can be small or large, tight or open, and consist of five or many petals. Even the fragrance differs widely amongst the species, from heady musk and damask scents to lighter fruit and sweet smells.

The Popularity and Meaning of Roses

With such a wide selection, it is no wonder that roses are the most popular flowers to give as gifts, both in bouquets and as solitary flowers. It is curious, however, that so few people know about the complex history and meaning of roses. The oldest fossilized remains of roses date to 35 million years ago, and they are featured in the early artwork of Greeks, Romans, Persians, Asians, Indians, and Egyptians. It is said that Nebuchadnezzar included roses in his famous Hanging Gardens and Cleopatra strew rose petals at the feet of her love, Marc Antonius.

Single stem of a red rose
People of the Middle East valued roses for their beauty and their scent, which they sought to capture and make into extravagant perfumes. The Romans associated the rose with Venus, their goddess of love. Later Catholics appropriated the rose as the symbol for the Virgin Mary, who became the “rosa mystica”. Governments incorporated roses into their national emblems and even made them symbols of war. The Victorian Era refined the meaning of roses even more, as lovesick suitors used the language of flowers to communicate secret messages to their beloveds.

As in Victorian times, color is the most commonly identified characteristic that distinguishes one rose from another. Most people know that a red rose symbolizes romantic love. Some remember that yellow roses represent friendship and white roses stand for purity, but few recognize the subtle and varied meanings that roses of all shapes, sizes and colors have developed over time. Indeed, roses convey almost as many meanings as they have forms, and seem capable of encompassing every facet of human emotion. Besides love, friendship, and purity, rose colors can convey desire, fascination, thankfulness, innocence, mourning, and just about every nuance in between. Every shade carries its own unique message, and combining colors in a bouquet can send an intimation all its own. In February 2005 Roses and more Roses discussed the meaning of rose color.

Although color is important, there are other factors that contribute to the meaning of roses. Sometimes the presentation can send a stronger message than any other factor. Professional florists are experts in the art of presentation: they know when a single rose can be more dramatic than a rose bouquet and are knowledgeable about color and spread of the bloom. Generally, the more diminutive a rose, the newer or fresher the feeling it represents.

Rose buds convey innocence and youth: a gift of a single rose or rose bud tells of young love or a new friendship that promises a hopeful future. Roses and rose bouquets in full bloom convey a feeling of love that has reached maturity and is at the height of its passion. Larger, more developed blooms show continuing, deepening love or commitment. Mixing buds and full rose flowers into one bouquet can represent the stretch of a relationship, from its infancy and promise to its culmination and fulfillment. Such a bouquet can be given at the beginning of a relationship to indicate the hope of what is to come or in the midst of a long-lasting relationship to show appreciation for the time spent together. Taken together with hand-selected colors and an intoxicating scent, appropriate attention to the blooms in a bouquet can help send just the right message.

Vase of 12 lavender roses with leather leaf

Roses – A Scent Like No Other

It seems impossible to separate the mental image of a rose from the sensory memory of its scent. Though by no means uniform, roses have long been famous for the perfume that attracts even the most harried passerby to “stop and smell the roses.” The scent alone has the power to captivate and entrance and thus sends a message all its own. Too often this power is underestimated; be sure to select rose bouquets according to their fragrance as well as appearance.

Roses with a strong aroma of damask or musk are associated with serious feelings of intimacy, deep love, and dedication. The damask scent is often considered the essence of the rose: the heady aroma of a Kazanlik or Centifolia clings to the rose’s pedals and creates an aura of mystique surrounding the flowers it favors. The musk scent of Pax, Felicia, and Daphne, however, is free on the air and is capable of bathing an entire room in fragrance. For a lighter scent more appropriate for friendship or get-well bouquets, try roses that have a sweet or fruity side, such as the Hybrid Tea or Old English Garden varieties. These roses emit the scents of youth, jollity, and innocence. Whatever the fragrance, know that the scent of a rose lingers in the memory long after the bloom has wilted. Remember that the meaning of roses is not based on appearance alone, but also relies upon their unique and invigorating perfumes.

A professional florist knows how to expertly choose roses of the correct color, shape, and scent to make a bouquet that sends the perfect message. Utilize his/her advice and knowledge of the meaning of roses to create a floral gift that says more than words: call a local florist today and send that special someone a unique message from the heart.

Contributor: Beth Roberts

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The Perfect Christmas Gift – Flowers, Flowers & More Flowers

It’s that time of year again. This time, you planned ahead and did everything right: the house is decorated with twinkling lights, the tree is strung with every imaginable ornament and the kitchen is full of candies and baked goods. Even the weather has cooperated, and a light layer of snow covers the ground. Flowers sit on the table and adorn the front door, welcoming all who come near. The holidays will be perfect this year. You purchased Christmas presents in advance for all of your friends and family, and they all lie neatly wrapped beneath the tree. There’s just one thing missing. It was not through lack of love, care, thought, or even preparation, but one person remains gift-less. Maybe this is your first Christmas together, and you’re looking for a present that will set the precedent for years to come. Perhaps you’ve celebrated fifty Christmases and anniversaries together and you’re searching for a Christmas gift idea that will be unique and surprising. Why not astound your loved one with your Christmas attentions by sending flowers not just once, but year-round?

Christmas Gift Basket with Fruit
The tradition of giving gifts on December 25th hearkens back to pre-Christian days when peoples celebrated the Winter Solstice as a turn toward the longer days of spring and summer. As Christians spread their religion across the European continent, they incorporated this ancient celebration of sunlight and filled it with their own religious significance. In the Middle Ages, the Christmas celebration included twelve days of revelry, beginning with Christmas evening and continuing through Epiphany on January sixth. These days represented the purported time that passed between the birth of Christ and the coming of the Magi. Each evening was celebrated with a feast for which great halls were decorated with colorful Christmas flowers. Often, the revelers would give flowers or fruits, both expensive and hard to find in the winter months. In some areas, friends and family exchanged a gift every night. In other areas, all the gifts were saved and given on Twelfth Night, along with great celebration. Many modern societies still celebrate forms of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and even those that do not still retain vestiges of the practice.
Christmas gift of roses & a love poem
Most Americans have returned to celebrating a single-day Christmas, but there is no reason that this must always be the case. Why not revive the extended gift-giving traditions of Christmas in your home? If you are searching for a great Christmas gift idea, consider spreading the spirit of Christmas into the rest of the year by giving your loved one floral gifts once a month for the entire year. On Christmas Eve, present a single long-stemmed rose and attach a note detailing your plan. Continue to give flowers every evening for each of the twelve nights of Christmas. For a romantic bent, give red roses and a love poem until you’ve amassed a bouquet of a dozen roses. There are also a wide variety of Christmas flowers and plants to choose from, like Poinsettias, Christmas Cactuses, Paperwhite Narcissi, and Norfolk Island Pines. These plants can be kept year-round and, with proper care, several will bloom again the following year. You could also “deck the halls” a bit more each night with creative Christmas wreaths, door swags, holly, or mistletoe. Whatever option you choose, fill your home with holiday flowers throughout the entire Christmas season.
Halloween Arrangement with Ghosts & Pumpkin
Your local florist will be happy to help you provide the rest of your gift. Turn the Twelve Days of Christmas into Twelve Months! Plan fun and creative ways to surprise your special someone with flowers each month throughout the year. Feel free to incorporate other holidays into your Christmas gift: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other special occasions are times to give more elaborate or romantic arrangements. Make the other “ordinary” months extraordinary by sending flowers. Vary the delivery location to keep the surprise alive: send flowers home one month and to work the next. Does your wife volunteer in your child’s school classroom? Send flowers to the school that will both surprise her and delight the kids. Does your husband take frequent business trips? Arrange to have a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered to his hotel room, along with a “Missing you” note. A professional florist can deliver flowers to health centers, golf clubs, beauty shops, local businesses, and restaurants – anywhere your loved one frequents. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Choose flowers, potted plants, or gift baskets that express your feelings or cater to your loved one’s taste. Send flowers in vases or wrapped in brightly colored ribbon; combine them with balloons, candy, chocolates, stuffed animals or sweet notes. Have your florist include a new book by a favorite author or a recent movie or cd. Send gift baskets with a theme: a coffee mug combined with a collection of gourmet coffee or tea, stationary and pens, sports memorabilia, jewelry, or even candles and bubble bath. Make the monthly flower delivery a game by including a gift certificate to a restaurant with an invitation for a romantic meal that evening, or a clue to the location of a special hidden gift at home. Instead of fresh flowers, purchase a painting or framed picture of flowers and send virtual flowers via e-mail to announce the gift. Turn the monthly occasion into a time you both eagerly await!

For the person who has everything but who deserves even more, consider a Christmas gift idea that will extend the Twelve Days of Christmas into the next holiday season. Consult your local florist today for ideas about how to turn every month into Christmas and start planning the floral gifts that will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

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Contributor: Beth Roberts