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Avoiding Fraudulent Orders This Holiday Season

Red Holiday CenterpieceFlower Shop Network is catching wind of the newest trend in florist talk. The holiday gift-giving season is back which means there are a lot of fraudulent orders and scam orders floating around. Don’t be alarmed! We’ve heard the rumors too and want to make sure that you’re protected from sending/receiving a fraudulent order. Here are tips that will help keep you safe from scam this holiday season.

  • Scrutinize unusually large or hurried orders. Almost all fraudulent orders tend to be larger than average. Though some appropriate instances call for large orders, note particularly large and hurried orders.
  • Verify sender contact information. Make sure that the sender has listed a contact phone number, physical address (which can be verified on Google Maps), and other information that lets you know you are dealing with a REAL person.
  • Pay attention to the signature on the credit card. Make sure that the signature on sender’s credit card matches the signature of the sender. Also, make sure that the signature is a real name and not an obvious nick name.
  • Do not accept foreign (Non US or Canadian) credit card orders. Approximately 30% of all foreign orders are fraudulent.
  • Note the email address and corresponding mail server. Take particular note if the account is a setup under a free server such as Yahoo! mail, Gmail, and others or a very strange server as these can be obtained by anyone anywhere.

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